Georgette Reed

Former Olympian - Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Productivity Expert

Georgette Reed has had a keen interest in Sport, Fitness, Health and Wellness all of her life. She is a former Olympic athlete and is a certified track and field and strength and conditioning coach. She has over 43 years of competition and experience under her belt in the sports of athletics, bobsleigh, swimming and water polo. Georgette now puts all of the knowledge and expertise to good use as the Health and Wellness Coordinator for Edmonton Fire Rescue Services and Mental Health First Aid, Psychological First Aid and R2MR (first responder) instructor for the City of Edmonton. She holds a MA in Coaching Sciences, a BPE in Physical Education and a BA in Communications and is a mental health first aid instructor for the City of Edmonton.

During her athletic career, Georgette Reed represented Canada in the Olympic Games, the World Athletics Championships, the World Bobsleigh Championships, the Pan American Games, the Commonwealth Games and many other international events. As a competitor, Georgette won 17 national titles (15 in the shot put and two discus titles). Upon retiring from competing, Georgette was the head cross country and track and field coach for the University of Alberta for 10 years. As a result of her education and competitive experience, she was able to develop provincial, national and international champions. Georgette also mentored/coached Special Olympics Athletes.

Reed’s presentations are inspirational and genuine. Her enthusiasm and optimism shine through her as she shares the positive lessons, values and virtues of sport. Through relevant and humourous anecdotes, Georgette Reed demonstrates and brings to life the trials and tribulations of her sporting life and how they have influenced the way that Georgette Reed deals with the challenges of everyday life that she faces today. She also incorporates practical solutions from her experience as a consultant in dealing with home or workplace health and wellness challenges.

Georgette Reed’s presentations motivate audience members to frame an individual vision to overcome obstacles and barriers in order to succeed in whatever they decide to accomplish. Her presentations are transformational. It will present attendees with the opportunity to alter their own destiny through hard work and perseverance.

Topic Presentations

This Presentation describes any event, good or bad, positive or negative. Convert experiences into a turning point! When you seize the day, ask the big questions and make a commitment to transform that moment into an opportunity for altering your own destiny. These moments occur more often than we realize. Georgette teaches us how to recognize them and that it is not the time to become immobilized by them. On the contrary, it is time to capitalize on them.

How do you do it? By changing your perspective, recognizing “Your Moment of Truth” and overcoming all roadblocks to find new and more effective ways of working, living and achieving excellence. Excellence is within your reach! Georgette shows us the way.

“The real value of sport is not the actual game played in the limelight of the applause but the dogged determination and the self- effort carried out alone, imposed by an exacting conscience”.

She demonstrated her ability and understanding of achievement through hard work, adaptation to change and being determined when she was the number one shot put and discus thrower in Canada for over a decade. It still shines through today. Georgette will deliver practical solutions for audience members on how they can overcome personal and work challenges to accomplish what they set out to accomplish, leading to success.

It’s about more than winning and losing - it is about succeeding. There is “No Finish Line”. Succeeding is to be your best and do the very best that you can in everything that you do, no matter what challenges come your way.

This presentation deals with the synergy between physical and mental health. Many of us are in positions to help others and spend a lot of time and effort doing so…but when we are helping others who is helping us. Georgette’s presentation discusses some of the pitfalls we all come across leading busy lives and she discusses ways in which participants can make and create a more balanced approach to being of service. Georgette can also deliver a powerful keynote address or an engaging practical workshop on the subject.

Mental illness can be called the invisible illness. Often, the only way to know whether someone has been diagnosed with a mental illness is if they tell you. Throughout her athletic and coaching career, Georgette has seen first hand the damage that neglecting your mental (as well as physical and emotional) health can do. Georgette aims to enlighten participants so they can leave with a better understanding and knowledge of mental health related issues.

“A person cannot cling to anything unless she believes in it; belief always precedes action, therefore a person’s deeds and life are the fruits of her belief.”

This presentation draws awareness to the power of our thoughts…both good and not so good. Thoughts are powerful and negative thoughts if left too long, can derail even the best of intentions

Did You Know That…

  • “Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thought. Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body.”

  • Only 16 percent of people who visit their physician for common maladies like nausea, headache and stomach upset are diagnosed with a physical, organic cause. That means that a whopping 84% are suffering from an illness that originated in THOUGHT! The evidence suggests that in most cases today we are thinking and talking our way to sickness and disease

Since belief always precedes action, simply changing your beliefs can change your actions to those that will result in living our wildest dreams — like being an Olympian. Georgette’s presentation will take you through some of these steps and assist you in being able to shift your thoughts and perspectives.

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