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12722=name=Dart It! (The Amazing Race Canada S6)=id=22smN4kG4Cc
12722=name=Meet Dylan and Kwame (The Amazing Race Canada S6)=id=5y40r-RZRiw
12832=name=How to Ikigai | Tim Tamashiro | TEDxYYC=id=pk-PcJS2QaU
12832=name=Channel6.ca - Tim Tamashiro receives RDC Honorary Degree=id=gM4v_4S8V3M
12676=name=Make a new status quo | Hayley Wickenheiser | TEDxYYC=id=OiUCeMgS9Uc
12596=name=Paralympic gold must be worth the same as Olympic: Benoit Huot=id=AtYBgz2AcfE
12705=name=Coming full circle | Josh Dueck | TEDxYYC=id=kFa4wnIOWxU
12705=name=BC Sports Hall of Fame Inductee: Josh Dueck=id=D_LYqFygq1k
23044=name=#OurVoice: George Couros at TEDxBurnsvilleED=id=kZQKD83rsPw
12744=name=Chief Commissioner's speech during National Inquiry's closing ceremony | APTN News=id=iUxJaDe86Zs
12696=name=Here s The Winning Attitude That Makes The Biggest Organizations Thrive=id=H0Ubl7Q_hKc
12761=name=Grief Happens | Mike Shaw | TEDxStanleyPark=id=wiqL0TPHn58
12761=name=Mike Shaw's MIRACULOUS RECOVERY | Skiing 1 Year After Paralysis | Unstoppable=id=EPdguJLarwI
12739=name=Trans And Native: Meet The Indigenous Doctor Giving Them Hope | AJ+=id=MSnvtj0G3cA
12601=name=TEDxUofC 'Building a Legacy' - Brian Keating=id=gQi28-lgoG0
12601=name=World Adventurer Brian Keating - April 25th=id=DsuGbd1SWFY
12687=name=Jason Cyrus | Keynote Speaker | Speakers Bureau of Canada=id=bV5I4IgxKCU
12687=name=Jason Cyrus | An Extraordinary Show Experience | Speakers Bureau of Canada=id=aGoFN-WJQyc
12687=name=Jason Cyrus | Meet and Greet (Moncton NB) | Speakers Bureau of Canada=id=_RlWB1F9_QE
12770=name=How to read, use body language=id=4J18h2VG9UY
12745=name=TEDxQueensU - Mark Black - Living Life=id=XfWKXZcfMSc
12745=name=Mark Black TEDxMoncton 2013=id=hJ7eb4Ch2Gs
12683=name=Jake Peacock- Muay Thai, K1, Kickboxing Highlight=id=iLaPGSZGsi8
12833=name=Survivor of sex trafficking tells her harrowing story in new memoir | Your Morning=id=E-4OjrtZe60
12833=name=Sex Slavery Survivor & Freedom Award Winner Timea Nagy Profile=id=f3Xlew5Fd-0
12833=name=Timea on the Economist=id=t3MUFtIThvU
12801=name=That’s What the Girls Are Saying | Sally Armstrong | Walrus Talks=id=xM4EwJJ64nQ
12823=name=It's not too late to get this Indigenous-Canada relationship right | Susan Aglukark=id=ePvb2wD-NKs
12823=name=Is this the Nunavut our Ancestors Fought For? | Susan Aglukark | Walrus Talks=id=d0goP34NPv4
12621=name=This Paralympian overcame a 14, 400 volts accident and is on his way to PyeongChang | Your Morning=id=fYNeTHs7IRI
12621=name=The Paralympian: Curt Minard=id=vfg9o5Yu_2c
12621=name=Curt MINARD VS. Andrew GENGE|Snowboard cross | Snowboard | PyeongChang2018 Paralympic Winter Games=id=0NQ5RtdxZ8Q
12621=name=Curt MINARD | Snowboard cross | Snowboard | PyeongChang2018 Paralympic Winter Games=id=0V_P01JNWTA
12808=name=Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness: 35 Daily Reflections for a Calmer Life=id=6eIPzlYNjiQ
12808=name=Becoming My Best Self: My Shero Attributes=id=eDanYj1fZR8
12764=name=How to Negotiate and Innovate on the Fly in the VUCA World? - Part1=id=OUW-9Mkxs40
12764=name=How to Negotiate and Innovate on the Fly in the VUCA World? - Part2=id=yZ3MdJBAtvw
12680=name=Private video=id=JcGmEFM2ekg
12797=name=5 Minutes with... Rob Hawke=id=pT2ecqvHQCI
12605=name=Little Yellow House Book TRAILER=id=BJwP_x3GOMc
12673=name=Is Safe Supply a Viable Option to the Overdose Crisis? | Guy Felicella | TEDxBearCreekPark=id=jFDt_s7JDkQ
12673=name=I Died Six Times … Let’s End the Stigma of Harm Reduction | Guy Felicella | TEDxWhiteRock=id=5uQxbh5mSPs
12673=name=Guy Felicella | Nirmal Raniga | Journey Of Healing=id=fDTyTdoB3JM
31167=name=U.G.L.Y. is Still Beautiful | Kelly Falardeau | TEDxUAlberta=id=KMBZvjetRqQ
12667=name=Diversity: Evolution Of The Unthinkable: Gobinder Gill at TEDxStanleyPark=id=CsQwfBMp0Bo
12715=name=Ken Larson=id=Ymi_7XyW6lQ
20844=name=The Power of a Dime | Frank O'Dea | TEDxOttawa=id=_X7fmgyrVWQ
12747=name=Finding Courage, Conquering Fear | Marni Panas | TEDxYYC=id=vSAk32W_wg0
12747=name=Marni Panas Interview with CNN's Zain Asher May 17, 2016=id=7EoSOqHcFEg
12749=name=Life is a Relay | Martin Parnell | TEDxYYC=id=xjtmADFne4k
12749=name=Martin Parnell interview on Tony Harris CNN about Marathon Quest 250=id=k7G8dCB0Rv0
12767=name=Being Present in Relationship with Others | Nancy Lowery | TEDxYYC=id=Mjl1i13JKNM
12614=name=One-on-one with Chief Louie=id=QcnFKcdYzWs
12672=name=How Cities are Engineering Serendipity: Greg Lindsay at TEDxDumbo=id=8ernFpFAFzQ
12768=name=The Principles of Trust | Natalie Oldfield | TEDxHalifaxWestHigh=id=cPVb75ujkr4
12657=name=Webolution: TV Interview=id=UaQE87UAtMY
12660=name=S'élever plus haut que l'Everest | Gabriel Filippi | TEDxYouth@Montreal=id=vKoN7KlKlCk
12641=name=By 29, she’d had two strokes. Now, she’s running marathons | Your Morning=id=7lKxRu_QztA
12641=name=Do You Love Yourself? | Dina Pestonji | TEDxHarveyStreet=id=xB7IfUTuXRc
12591=name=Trans And Native: Meet The Indigenous Doctor Giving Them Hope | AJ+=id=MSnvtj0G3cA
12591=name=Anthony Johnson | Keynote Speaker | Speakers Bureau of Canada=id=UrOXWtnROwE
12591=name=Amazing Two Spirit Couple | Keynote Speakers | Speakers Bureau of Canada=id=bGW5_Qjuh1Y
12733=name=Breaking Busy: Changing our Culture from Chaos to Calm | Linda Edgecombe | TEDxKelowna=id=ycT3kyNOXbc
12849=name=The Rise and Fall of Erectile Dysfunction | Ven Virah | TEDxUnionville=id=JjY5cSUeilQ
12851=name=Vince Savoia - Honorary Degree Recipient - Humber College Spring Convocation 2016=id=7rd_QvQB6dQ
12826=name=Forget Passion - Purpose is the Real Spice of Life | Tanveer Naseer | TEDxConcordia=id=Z-EY84sFT4M
12724=name=Flames legend Lanny McDonald=id=bQErNkb5jRI
12661=name=Gair Maxwell TEDxMoncton 2013=id=Abdp8FqJX0Q
12850=name=TEDxEdmonton - Vik Maraj - Unstoppable Conversations=id=btc_Hib_Gns
12577=name=Reaching New Heights: The Power of Connection | Alan Mallory | TEDxLangleyED=id=I28lF-w98wo
12636=name=Choose Life: Deri Latimer at TEDxManitoba 2013=id=_mie1tkHbqE
12718=name=Leaders Who Make a Difference with Kevin Gangel=id=D9ERfBWEeAo