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Jennifer Bitner is a mental health warrior, successful entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and author. She was diagnosed with a severe anxiety and panic disorder at the age of 22, she spent the next decade of her life living with two identities. At this time, Bitner was at the top of her career, climbing the corporate ladder and excelling in her role – all while battling chronic anxiety, covering up multiple panic attacks daily and self medicating with alcohol to escape her struggles and challenges.

Through her resilience and determination, she recovered from this mental health state of dis-ease with a holistic and lifestyle approach to mental wellness. She now has dedicated her life’s passion to educating on emotional wellness and ‘Mind Fitness’ (a term she trademarked in 2012.

Jennifer Bitner is on a mission to educate others on tools for positive emotional, mental and physical wellness to increase productivity, relationships and success. She presents this through a holistic approach to the connection between the mind, soul and body. Bitner has just published her first book, MindFit: A Journey Towards Mental Health, and is partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association to speak on her story to Youth.

Bitner is a Certified Professional Coach, Elite Speaker (accredited by the Think and Grow Rich Institute through Elite Speakers Academy) ranked top 7% globally in her leadership rank and is the successful owner of 3 businesses. Jennifer brings purpose and passion for raising awareness and positive steps to gaining new perspectives and busting through limiting beliefs and believes as we elevate our community with bringing a voice to our cause, we all rise together.


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Havving spent 10 years of her life with severe anxiety + panic disorder, and a long list of practitioners supporting her healing process, Jennifer Bitner uncovered key elements to lifestyle and mindset changes that fully transformed her recovery + is confident will transform those who she connects with.

Jennifer is here to share her inspiring story of going through the deepest valleys of mental health, and rising up the other side, all while trying to manage a successful career and demanding lifestyle. She educates on mental health, what is stress in our bodies and how it shows up in our day to day living. Her passion is to teach her key steps for detoxing stress from your life, as well as how to bring your mind/body back into connection for a state of ease and balance.


Jennifer focuses on 6 Principles to Mind Fitness Mastery. Having spent 11 years of her career in upper management, working 60 hour work weeks, while running a business on the side, Jennifer knows all too well the effects of burnout and adrenal crashing. She has been there twice (the last time winding up in the hospital on one of her biggest business training weekends she had ever put on).

She had been known to be a workaholic in her past, and because of this, lost touch with the importance of work-life balance. In her presentation, she offers the audience takeaways on how they can start creating this balance to live a happier, healthier life. Having recovered from this space, she has an amazing story to share and great golden nuggets for the audience on how to achieve mastery when it comes to emotional balance. Straight out of her self published book, MindFit: A Journey towards Mental Health, these are the 6 key elements that keep your Mind/Body connection working optimally:

  • Brain Fuel

  • Movement

  • Rest + Managing Stress

  • Reduce Toxic Load

  • Support System

  • Meaning + Purpose

Jennifer is the co-owner of a Global selling Planner + business organization company. One of the keys to her success in business is properly planning, prioritizing and scheduling her days. She swears by Stephen Covey’s time management matrix to get her day organized and tasks completed efficiently and effectively. Being the General Manager for the largest chain of fitness clubs in Canada, running a business on the side and balancing all other things life threw at her, she developed a passion and knack for the art of delegation and choosing where her attention would go, to get the job done!

She has further developed her skills in this area throughout the years as her responsibilities and projects grew, but her 24 hours in a day did not. She now teaches other leaders and aspiring ‘time leveragers’ the art of owning every hour of your day so not a minute goes wasted. Where there is an intention, there is value. This seminar is perfect for businesses looking to engage their employees in a fun, interactive and productive learning experience that will grow their skills in time management and the get-it-done mentality!

In this presentation Jennifer talks about her journey from the age of 5 starting her own business. Her whole life she knew she was destined to be an Entrepreneur. She spent 11 years climbing the corporate ladder, was very successful, but left to pursue her dream of owning her own business.
She is now one of the top-ranked independent Educators for the leading Global Aromatherapy + Essential Oil companies, she co-founded and operates a global selling Planner company with her sister, and she and her husband recently took a leap of faith and purchased + operate a motor Speedway (racetrack)! She is also in the midst of opening the first chain of Canada’s Premier Mental Health Centres, Mind Fitness Studios.
She has invested over $30,000 in the past year in professional coaches, programs + certifications to learn about online marketing strategy, empowerment speaking and how to position yourself as a successful business owner. She also runs a meetup group called Canadian Women Entrepreneurs, where she offers free workshops on how women business owners can grow their own empire.
She doesn’t stop there! She also is a volunteer High School Business Mentor with the Learning Project, teaching and coaching Canadian Youth to create start-up businesses. Get inspired and learn how to build your own empire!

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