Jeremiah Brown

Professional Speaker, Olympic medalist, World record breaker, Best-selling Author, Business Leader, Transformation expert

Jeremiah Brown won an Olympic silver medal as a member of the Canadian men’s eight rowing team at the London 2012 Olympic Games. A young father with a big dream, Jeremiah Brown is one of few Olympians ever to have started learning his sport only four years before winning a medal at the Olympics.

Jeremiah went on to lead the Canadian Olympic Committee’s athlete wellness and transition programs for 3000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Whether supporting elite athletes reinvent themselves, or helping people adapt to change, Jeremiah Brown is known for his deep insights into the psychology of high performance and human transformation, both from an individual and leadership perspective.

Jeremiah’s book, The 4 Year Olympian, spent five weeks as the #1 bestselling sports memoir in Canada. His story has been featured on CBC, CTV, Roger’s Sportsnet, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and USA Today. A top keynote speaker, Jeremiah Brown has helped thousands of people find the courage to reach their goals and overcome the psychological traps and emotional pitfalls that lie hidden along the way.

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What does it take to overcome adversity and achieve your biggest goal? In this keynote, you’ll experience a rollercoaster journey full of insights on working through uncertainty, forging self-leadership, blasting through doubt, staying resilient, and building and inspiring team trust from one of the fastest Olympians ever to go from his parents’ couch to the Olympic podium. Jeremiah Brown challenges common notions of what it means to lead and be led in the pursuit of excellence, how to adapt to forces outside of one’s control and stay the course when the pressure is on, all while encouraging a healthy dose of self-compassion and humility. Using vivid real-life Olympic setbacks, failures, and ultimate success, Jeremiah illuminates the true measures for success in the face of overwhelming challenge.


  • Redefine resilience to strengthen one’s ability to cope with major change and setbacks.

  • Deepen understanding of the human transformation cycle: commit, adapt & grow.

  • Discover key mindset shifts that will keep you committed to your goal through mental fatigue.

  • A powerful demonstration of how to adopt optimistic resignation to relieve burnout.

When Jeremiah travelled across the country to learn how to row and take his moonshot at Olympic glory, the Canadians were defending Olympic rowing champions. By the time he earned an opportunity to compete, the team had fallen to ranking seventh in the world. With the unique perspective of an outsider who joined the team at its lowest point in decades, Jeremiah takes audiences through the dramatic turnaround that saw the team climb back onto the podium. Ripe with lessons on the psychology of performance, and how to maintain great results, and combining real organizational applications as a business leader, Jeremiah masterfully articulates the key difference-makers that helped a rebuilding team row its way back to the podium.  

We are all tasked with responding to adversity and embracing change, or risk being left behind by disruption and market forces outside of our control. Constant learning and reinvention are the new normal. From the Olympic laboratory to the workplace, Jeremiah uses masterful storytelling to carefully deconstruct how to perform and execute in the face of overwhelming challenges. Known for his deep honesty, humour and relatability, Jeremiah deconstructs common misconceptions between resilience and high performance, vividly illustrates the human side of transformation, and provides actionable steps that individuals and organizations can take to improve one’s performance in times of change and disruption. 

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The 4 Year Olympian

Jeremiah’s book, The 4 Year Olympian, spent five weeks as the #1 bestselling sports memoir in Canada.

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