John Davidson

Order of Ontario & Guinness World Record Holder. Vision, Planning & Action Expert

John Davidson considers himself as an ‘accidental’ professional speaker and author. His first career spanned 30-years in radio and television in London, ON and with Vancouver CBC Radio and Television. His second career, the one he hadn’t planned on, began to unfold in 1995 when he went from being a news reporter to a newsmaker.

John’s career path and life took a hard turn when he learned the news that one of his sons faced a life-threatening illness, Muscular Dystrophy for which there was no cure. John left the security of his job and comfort of his home to set on an incredible 3300-kilometre journey pushing my son Jesse across Ontario in his wheelchair.

But this was just the beginning. Three years later he found himself still working on keeping his promise to his son to find a cure. And so, at the age of 52, John set out to walk across Canada. He spent 286 days on the road walking 33 kilometres a day. In those ten months his journey spanned six times zones as he walked more than 8300 kilometres. He found Himself driven by inner strength and sheer determination.

He certainly never once dreamed that what he started would end up raising millions for medical research, targeted at finding a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Faced with many challenges and enormous difficulties he faced throughout his journey across Canada, John Davidson can tell you that he would make the same commitment and do the same thing. Quitting was never an option. He Felt he had no choice. John was prepared to do whatever it took to help his son and others with the same disease.

John Davidson discusses the power of promise and the importance of commitment for success. He has discovered that our most rewarding relationships rest on a solid foundation of trust that is built by keeping your promise. Successful business people, the ones who make it to the top, know that their promise is that unbreakable contract they are going to keep. I’m not suggesting that it’s easy to keep your promise. In fact, it’s often difficult and demanding and it can sometimes take a very long time to fulfill. Keeping your promise tests your character and determines who you are.

Along life’s road, Jesse and John Davidson have received several honours, such as the Order of Ontario, the Government of Canada’s Meritorious Service medal, a Guinness Book World Record, and an opportunity to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

John Davidson draws from the tumultuous times on the road and the moments of joy and support throughout his journey with his son and their travels. John inspires audiences by drawing on the importance of doing the right thing always no matter the situation. His story is one of resilience, trust, hope, moral guidance, self accountability,

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Toronto, Ontario

The Right Road

The Right Road is an adventure story, a story of courage and determination, the story of a dream and how to make it come true. What makes a 52-year-old man so committed to a dream that he would decide to try to walk across Canada? In The Right Road you will read how he took the first steps of this 8,300-kilometre journey exactly 50 years from the day he arrived in Canada when he was two years old. You will be caught up in a story of valour and perseverance. You will feel like you are on the road with John as each morning he sets out to conquer another 33 kilometres of highway. You will meet his team and learn how his dream became theirs. Like John, you will experience the natural and man-made wonders of Canada from coast-to-coast, along with scorching sun, blizzards, penetrating rain and loneliness. But you will also meet many of the thousands of Canadians he met along the road. The Right Road is their story, too, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.

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