Liz Gleadle

Three-time Canadian Olympian in Javelin, High Performance Habits Specialist, BSc. Kinesiology and Motivational Speaker

Liz Gleadle has represented Canada at three Olympic Games (London, Rio, & Tokyo), won ten Canadian Championships, holds the National Record at 64.83m (212.7 ft), and competed professionally for the last decade. Although Liz Gleadle was blessed with strength and height (183cm / 6’1), Liz Gleadle was in no way “naturally” athletic or coordinated: as a javelin thrower, this made Liz Gleadle an outlier. Javelin is an explosive combination of precise movement, steps, applied force, torque, extension – it’s frequently dominated by some of the most athletic people in track.

Liz Gleadle’s desire to become a better athlete led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. This learning kindled a fascination in everything “high performance”.

In 2011, the potential to make her first Olympic Team was on the horizon. Determined to work with her strengths, she began to implement new habits and routines off the track, to enhance her ability to improve her technique. Through these efforts, Liz not only made the team, but smashed the Canadian Record by over 3 meters, throwing her way into the Olympic Finals at her first Games!

This was only the beginning. Over the last decade she has become an avid learner expanding her knowledge of nutrition, sleep, active recovery, mental training, meditation and yoga. From these deep dives, Liz has been able to curate routines to optimize her physiology and psychological states, as well as strategies to boost adherence and consistency.

Liz shares her favorite, most effective strategies though online events:

  • Win the Morning: teaches the science and strategies of her 5-step, science-backed, “minimum effective dose”, morning routine.
  • The Art of Recovery: teaches the science behind rest and recovery, and helps to reframe them as an integral part of performing at our best.

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Do you feel slow, half awake, or unfocused in the morning? Or maybe you grab your phone upon waking, get lost in it, and then end up scrambling to get ready?

In this online event, Liz walks you through her science-backed, minimum effective dose, morning routine. This routine is curated to optimize mental and physiological performance - within 15-20 minutes.

Win the Morning involves:

  • Drinking water, mixed with Salt & lime

  • Reclaiming Your Blank Slate - choosing your first thoughts

  • Meditating - 1 minute

  • Movement - 90 seconds

  • Cold Shower - 1 minute

After this event, you'll get a cheat sheet filled with how-to's, the science behind each action, and links to articles, podcasts, and books with more info!

In this online experience, Liz teaches and inspires how to strategically integrate rest for better performance and wellbeing.

Many go-getters live by the mantra "I'll never be outworked!", and although this can be a great mantra for getting started, it often leads to injuries or illness, burnout, and loss of excitement for what we do.

After a back injury sidelined Liz for a year, she started to see rest and recovery integral to producing high quality work.

During this event, we go through science-based recovery strategies, including:

  • How to get a more effective night's sleep (and how to get out of that awful habit of watching tv to fall asleep)

  • Breakfast dos and don'ts

  • How to prevent and clear mid-day brain fog

  • How to use nature to reset your stress levels, and boost your immune system

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