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The Makokis Family can work together or as an individual to draft up different types of presentations from a broad or technical perspective. The Makokis family has become one of Canada’s most recognizable Indigenous Families. Through their work in areas such as; activism, advocacy, education reform, human rights, government relations, health, legalities, social program access and many many more, they have become leading experts for a wide variety of organizations in providing an Indigenous perspective on any topic. Not only are they experts on so many topics, but they are also some of Canada’s leading social justice warriors that believe in a joint effort for equality for First Nation and all Canadians. They are humble, down to earth and have a true passion to create the change Canadians need, to rectify the past treatment of Indigenous Peoples as well as paving the way for our future.

Dr. James Makokis is well-grounded in all matters relating to Indigenous cultures, traditions, values, and customs. He is also experienced with the delivery of medical and social services to First Nation communities in Canada. As you probably know, Dr. James Makokis is a leading role model within the medical and Indigenous communities. He also recently was crowned the winner of the Amazing Race Canada with his partner Anthony Johnson. Dr. Makokis has one of Canada’s most unique LGBTQ@2 and First Nation perspectives. His progressive medical career focuses on delivering best practices for a client-first approach, preventative health, life balance and two-spirit resilience. His personal story is one that has overcome many obstacles and challenges he faced as a proud member of LGBTQ2 and First Nation communities. Please review his profile here (hyperlink his other page) to learn more about Dr. James Makokis and his topics.

Janice Makokis is an active lawyer, consultant and Indigenous leader in Canada, like her brother James and mother Patricia. Janice Makokis was active in participating in legal matters relating to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada from 2013 – 2016. Janice has also Co-chaired the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus (NAIPC) at the United Nations on the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Janice is also an active leader within and outside of the aboriginal community. Janice is often called upon to help Indigenous leaders and communities as a consultant on legal and social issues that many communities and individuals face within and outside of the aboriginal community. Janice has also overcome many obstacles to arrive where she is today, and her drive and passion for real change within Canada has taken Janice on a path to become a leader, peaceful activist, mediator, teacher, consultant, and role model within and outside of her career. She is an advocate for aboriginal rights, youth activist, education reform, social justice and acknowledgment for the past and current treatment of aboriginals today and represents a real change for aboriginals and Canadians, that so many individuals and communities are seeking for. Please review her profile here (link to profile) to learn more about Janice Makokis and her speaking topics.

Dr. Patricia Makokis, (Ed.D.) is acclaimed as one of Canada’s most outstanding Indigenous leaders and aboriginal expert. Her warm speaking style engages audience everywhere. She uses humour and relevant anecdotes to make her points. Dr. Makokis is internationally and nationally renowned. She is in demand as a speaker across Canada not only because she is an expert on Indigenous matters, but also because of her articulate and humourous presentations. The vital and necessary guiding principles of her Indigenous values are deeply rooted in the worship and respect for the land and the environment. She intimately knows the history of indigenous peoples and she practices their philosophy and beliefs in everything that she does. Dr. Patricia is authentic. Residing on the Saddle Lake Cree Nation She is a proud First Nation representative and member of the indigenous community. She is passionate about who she is, the knowledge she possesses, and the groups and individuals she represents. She has embraced both the Cree culture and the western world view. Patricia has addressed numerous audiences across Canada and around the world in the fields of education, justice and health. She is in demand as an authority and an articulate representative of “what can be achieved” and “how to build on Indigenous values and culture” to succeed in this highly competitive world. She is highly respected across Alberta for her knowledge, abilities and her passion to help First Nation Communities become whole again. She works closely with many different reserves, provincial and government agencies, healthcare systems and communities as a consultant. She is relied on by these organizations for her expertise. Patricia is dynamic, educative, funny and always receives high praise for her presentations. Dr. Patricia Makokis is an expert on multiple topics, which include Aboriginal Rights, Canadian – Aboriginal relations, First Nations History in Canada, and Indigenous education.

We have attached Dr. Patricia Makokis’ biography and her presentation topics to this email. Her speaker keynote speaker fee is $4,500 and her keynote with a companion workshop is $5,500, plus no expenses as she resides Edmonton, AB.

The Makokis Family can draft up a speaker series presentation specifically for the conference and your association. This half day session would include all three speaker’s presenting with each other, or each speaker can draft a presentation to follow up and expand on the other member of the Makokis family’s presentations throughout the session. Each member of the Makokis family has a very unique perspective and important information for all Canadians. This speaker series addresses the history, current situation, and future of Indigenous culture in Canada. It includes practical solutions for any matters related to First Nations in Canada. A truly unique presentation, there are not many sessions or presenters that can address the amount of issues that the Makokis family can. Their speaker fees for a speaker series from the Makokis family is $10,000 for all three members. This presentation is customized to each organization and association.

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