Martin Lesperance

Ambition, Achieving Goals, Leadership and Purpose Expert. 

Martin Lespérance is a keynote speaker, trainer and host. Martin Lespérance has spent his entire career in the field of coaching and training, working as an artistic gymnastics coach, a Canadian Armed Forces Reserve soldier, a high-school teacher, an advisor for the Quebec Government Secrétariat aux Loisirs et aux Sports, a national trainer at Bayer, and a director of training and development at Essilor Canada. He is an expert communicator and an extremely passionate speaker. He knows how to light up a room full of participants and rouse their emotions. He is enthusiastic, forthright, humorous, pragmatic and intelligent.

In recent years, Martin has focused on giving motivational conferences and workshops to help teams achieve their goals and get inspired. He has motivated entrepreneurs in China, Thailand, France, United States and across Canada. Martin Lesperance uses his creativity and sense of humour to lead national sales meetings. He also hosts keynotes with a great deal of intensity and generosity. Martin Lesperance objective is to inspire people to act so that, together, we can live in a better world.


Topic Presentations

Are you ready to reach that long wanted ambitious goal, dream, aspiration and to grow into your best self, but aren’t exactly sure where to begin?

I have done the work by transferring the recipe from sports to the business world. Let me stimulate your motivation to make the profound change you are seeking to reach the impossible.

I’ve boiled it down to 7 steps that shift a goal from the impossible to the possible category.

Today, I want to share those with you.

INSPIRE is all about choices and awareness.

We are at a tipping point and we need to make the right choice, right now.

What impact do you want to have on others?

What kind of person do you want to be?

It's easy to forget these things when we're busy, stressed-out or self-absorbed, but they make all the difference in the culture we create for ourselves and our organization.

The INSPIRE Philosophy gives us a new language to talk about how we want to treat each other, how we want to impact others and how to keep these ways of being in the front or our minds each day.

We are always looking for inspiring leaders. What is a leader? How can you be an inspiring leader?

Leadership is like a muscle, we can work it so it gets better. During this keynote, we explore the definition of an inspiring leader and their attributes so can make a self-assessment.

We look at tricks and tips on how to inspire teams to elevate your level of success.

We close it off with an action plan and a best practice sharing session.

How can you develop a successful and sustainable company? How can you do what it takes to build your team’s confidence? How can you stimulate engagement in your team?

During this conference/workshop, we explore how to create a team that both arrives at work and leaves the workplace with a sense of accomplishment because of a clear and well-defined “WHY”.

What is the difference between your WHY and your Passion?

Let’s take time to discover WHY of your team, organization, etc.

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