"The ideal partner to guide you through an encounter with government" - Maurice Fritze

Maurice Fritze

Influence, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Expert

Maurice Fritze is a pioneering expert in matters relating to negotiation and conflict resolution. He provides conflict coaching to the leading mediation training organizations in Alberta and also mediates as a Member of the Roster at the Provincial Court of Alberta [with over 110 mediations to his credit]. Fritze took his training from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society. Since 2002, Maurice Fritze has had a private practice in mediation and resolving workplace conflict. Maurice also teaches three levels of conflict resolution at MacEwan University. Fritze is a member of Mediators without Borders and he has been granted SECRET security standing with CSIS.

Fritze believes: “Negotiations and managing conflict is both an art and science.  Mastering these skills is essential to advancing your career and succeeding both professionally and personally. Maurice Fritze is a Registered Lobbyist/Mediator/Lecturer, and represents a large amount of diverse types of clients from government, small business, municipalities, school boards, associations, non-profits and performing art societies. Fritze has worked on complex legal and legislative issues including education, infrastructure, the development of regulation, sports, legal aid services, health care and First Nation issues.

A recognized specialist on lobbying, Maurice Fritze teaches a seminar at MacEwan University called Lobby Government Effectively; this seminar has been presented to private clients and to Municipal organizations in Alberta. Maurice has been a presenter at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, the board of Directors at Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, and to the Local Government Administration Association.

Here are some of Maurice Fritze’s accomplishments:

  • Launched his working life in Radio and TV [CFCW, CFRN AM & TV]
  • Produced entertainment shows on four continents featuring Canada’s newest and most exciting talent, regarded as Western Canada’s “Bob Hope” for his tours to places the Canadian Forces are serving
  • Raised millions of dollars for leading charities: Northern Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, Easter Seals, Alberta College Conservatory of Music and Alberta Ballet.
  • Awarded a medal by the Canadian Government for service to the community
  • Developed a successful national tour company specializing in eastern Mediterranean destinations; recognized by the Israeli government for “outstanding tourist activities”
  • Mediates civil disputes, contractual disagreements and communication breakdowns, mediated over 100 disputes at Provincial Court

Topic Presentations

For more than 15 years, Maurice Fritze has partnered with clients to make social and legislative. His clients have successfully advocated to protect the environment, improve public education, build a children’s hospital, receive disaster relief and advance human rights and social justice.

As a leading provider of seminars and workshops, the Institute for Resolving Conflict takes pride in offering high quality and contemporary personal and professional development instruction for adult learners. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day.

Maurice Fritze is one of Alberta's leading seminar speakers and has taught at MacEwan University for seven years in the School of Business program. His seminars receive very high marks from participants and the actual evaluations are available for viewing.

A customized relationship will be crafted to meet your unique needs. Lobbying or government relations agreements are 3 months, 6 months and 12 months in duration with exit clauses and notice requirements. Both parties agree to protect the reputation of the other party and to maintain agreed upon aspects of confidentiality. An initial retainer will be asked for upon agreeing to work together. Client will receive an invoice on a monthly basis.

In every agreement, there is a period of time where the consultant lobbyist needs to become familiar with the file; this includes getting to know the client’s people, the client’s issues, previous work on the file, and familiarization with the ministry — specifically in regards to the goals of the client. Depending on the complexity of the file, this can be as little as a few hours to a few days.

List of Services Provided for Government Relations

  • Identify supportive interests and initiate contact

  • Develop programs to educate and motivate members and employees to be politically engaged and active

  • Develop key messages and communications methods to mobilize supporters

  • Mobilize supporters to express themselves to politicians and officials thorough mail, e-mail, fax, telephone calls and personal meetings

  • Establish a virtual campaign organization using social media

  • Identify key government contacts and build champions within the system

  • Develop caucus & legislature committee presentations and related media programs

  • Establish regular contact program for key political supporters

  • Use Cabinet and Standing Committees to advance client positions

  • Create coalitions in favor of the client

  • Build support within cabinet, caucus and in the Legislature

  • Prepare all necessary support materials – letters, briefs, talking points, & applications

  • Project-manage any necessary legal, environmental and economic impact studies and industry consultation processes [billing extra]

  • Track legislative and committee proceedings

  • Work with Cabinet Committees

  • Prepare briefs, opening statements, Q & As and speeches

  • Create coalition and grass roots mobilization campaigns

  • Provide crisis management or issue management tactics & advice

  • Research Canadian/Albertan legislative acts and regulations

  • Monitor issues, public policy, legislation and regulation

  • Advance strategies and tactics that add value to client’s goal

  • Ensure your organization’s voice is heard and understood by government – by the right officials at the right time

  • Chart a course for your organization to inform the direction taken by government.

  • Train and mentor in-house government relations staff and strategic process that are integrated with client’s goals

  • Providing assistance and advice on preparing, and following up on meeting

Who should take this seminar?

  • Anyone who deals with government

  • Any organization who is affected by legislation, policy or provincial budgets

What will participants leave the presentation with?

  • A complete, step by step process to lobby government - effectively

  • An understanding of who has the power and authority

  • Learn how decisions are made

What are the benefits of improving your lobbying skills?

Lobbyists contribute to the democratic process and protect interests that are important to society or a group of people. Advocates learn how to motivate legislators. Lobbyists are government relations specialists who learn how to access decision-makers.

 Over 200 Mayors, Councillors, Trustees and business leaders have taken this program.

Issues management refers to unique, critical challenges that often impact on a person, organization or corporation that can only be managed to a successful outcome through careful planning, using proven steps to execute a carefully designed plan and by the involvement of multiple parties and stakeholders.

What qualifies as an issue? Any event, report, or combination of events and information that negatively impacts a person, product, corporation or group of people. This issue [as defined] can put at risk one’s ability to fulfill its goals, dreams or ambitions.

This presentation is popular within Safety in the Workplace, Influence and Negotiation, Workplace Culture, Conflict Resolution, Social Media, Sales & Customer Service, Marketing & Branding, and Accountability Topics.

Who should take this seminar?

  • Leaders, managers, supervisors, the self-employed, directors, trustees, administrators and front line workers.

  • Anyone who struggles with how to approach a difficult conversation.

What will participants leave the seminar with?

  • Knowing what to do and what not to do

  • A structured approach that gets results

  • Improved communication skills for use in tough situations

  • Confidence that "you can do it"

What are the benefits of having that difficult conversation?

Challenging yourself to have that conversation leads to increased performance, productivity and motivation. Overcoming the challenges of difficult conversation frequently means enhanced workplace communication, team functioning and effectiveness.

Who should take this seminar?

  • Contractors, supervisors, engineers, business owners, site managers, project directors, trades overseers, administrators, deal closers, bosses and chiefs.

  • You should if you are involved in contract bargaining.

  • Individuals such as HR officers, managers and supervisors, bargaining agent representatives, classification officers and business development officers will find the seminar useful.

What will participants leave the seminar with?

  • Steps for successful negotiation

  • Negotiation "cheat sheet"

  • How to increase the overall value of a deal

  • Best practices in negotiation

  • Your own negotiating style

What are the benefits of improving your Negotiation skills?

You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. If you aren't a born negotiator, it can feel like the dice are loaded against you. The good news is that you can become a more powerful negotiator. With the right coaching, you can start closing contracts, solving disputes, and getting cooperation - all without creating enemies.

Who should take this seminar?

  • Leaders, managers, supervisors, the self-employed, directors, trustees, administrators and front line workers.

  • Administrators in health, education and the arts.

What will participants leave the seminar with?

  • Understanding how conflict is structured.

  • Tools to make disputes productive.

  • A self-assessment of your own role in conflict situations.

  • A read map to positive outcomes.

What are the benefits of good conflict resolution skills?

Improved problem solving, stronger relationships, reduced tension and increased understanding. The development of conflict resolution skills brings respect from colleagues and enhances self-image.

Who should take this seminar?

  • Business and organization leaders, those who want to leave a legacy, executives concerned with a succession plan, community leaders and those involved in social causes and charities.

  • Already a mentor? Upgrade your skills.

What will participants leave the seminar with?

  • Mentoring foundations overview

  • Exercise manual for individuals and groups

  • Sample mentor-mentee agreement

Why become a mentor?

Mentoring gives you the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate a protégé's personal and professional growth. Mentoring enhances your skills. It develops and retains talent in your organization, and it create your legacy.

  • Establish a virtual campaign organization using social media

  • Project-manage web site design, content and promotion and any required functionality (fund-raising, feedback, e-mail and letter campaigns and action centre, etc.)

  • Arrange other supportive advocacy advertising.

  • Create coalitions in favor of the client [utilizing virtual campaign strategies where appropriate

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