“When two or more minds come together a third invincible intangible force, likened to a third mind is created.” - Michael Garska

Michael Garska

Teamwork, Communications and Mentoring Expert

Michael Garska is the President of Novacom International, SuccessToolChest.com and FindAMentor.com. He is also a successful entrepreneur, author, business/ life coach and a business consultant. He has experience in the oilfield, construction, forestry, agriculture, wireless communications, IVR communications, industrial rentals/supplies and retail industries.

Michael Garska has been self-employed since 1987 and lives with a devoted purpose in life of bringing people together for mutual benefit to grow rich through peace of mind. Furthermore, Garksa is an expert in Masterminding and effective communications. He effectively creates masterminding groups within companies, families and organizations. As a result, he helps organizations resolve issues, generate teamwork, and make them more effective and efficient.

Michael Garska has over thirty years’ experience focusing on the structure and positive effects of Masterminding in business. For the last fifteen years, he has helped structure and coach masterminds to increase sales, improve customer service and improve communication/information flow. Michael Garska has also facilitated strategic conflict solutions, developed accurate accounting systems, improved production facility and construction site productivity and safety, developed human resources systems, and help streamline business acquisitions/sales. He masterfully creates co-operation, enthusiasm and focus within groups.

Garska helps participants expand their awareness and desire to develop new healthy work and life habits. He will provide your participants with the techniques needed to improve the workplace environment. From the acquisition of practical discipline to the use of imagination, Michael can help you structure a proven positive masterminding process for continuous improvement.

Are you using your greatest powers? Are you sharing the right words at the right time, in the right way to influence the right people? Michael Garska provides you with the tools and skills to help you achieve at a higher level through presentations.

Topic Presentations

Give your people a system for communicating. They have one for all other aspects of their job. Do they have a standard system for communicating where they’re all on the same page with the same effective process? Get them there with CONTACT.

In this program you’ll learn about the Human Interaction Process (the HIP) and how to use it as a tool to navigate difficult conversations. You’ll gain some techniques for effective anger expression. You’ll learn about some words to avoid and some habits to break.

Mike will guide you to learn a simple easy to follow, and remember, seven step framework for how to approach crucial and difficult conversations with peace of mind and ease. You will learn about how masterminding with others can help you achieve any goal quicker and easier — including developing effective communications skills.


Learn how to implement and measure the effectiveness of a mentoring program. Learn about 4 types of mentoring that make a stronger, progressive and successful work environment. Mike will give practical solutions to develop a strategic plan to get your team committed to each other and your organization. Best mentoring practices develop new workers, create new leaders and create synergy and inclusion for all team players. Best masterminding practices generate new ideas, get individual commitment and lead to a more productive workplace. Take advantage of  strategic mentoring within your team and get the most out them through effective masterminding.


Learn how feelings and emotions work and how to navigate the scientific process of influential connection.  Advertisers tap into people’s emotion to motivate. Your leaders learn how to do it in the Science of emotion to lead effectively.

Training plans for the future leaders and getting the team on board to accept them. Have you identified your future Leaders? Are you thinking of passing the business on to your kids? Maybe you want to sell it to the employees or someone else? Perhaps you still want to be involved but you. Mike is a specialist in family business coaching. In this presentation, he’ll talk about the people part of succession planning and the best practices in preparation and delivery of business transfers. Mike will talk about the process for each person involved and how to succeed in the people part of succession planning and training the future leaders.

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