Natalie Doyle Oldfield

Customer Service and Power of Trust Expert

Natalie Doyle Oldfield is a Tedx speaker and a 3x awarded of the world’s Top Thought Leaders in Trust by Trust Across America. Natalie joins other recipients of this award including: Sir Richard Branson, CEO Virgin  Group, Howard Schultz, Chairman, former CEO of  Starbucks, Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, internationally renowned authors Tom Peters, Stephen M.R. Covey and John Spence. This honor is based on her work with clients to build, measure and protect customer trust: specifically, for the research and science behind her Building and Protecting Trust Model, The Client Trust Index as well as the content of her seminars and a Gold Sealed Accredited online course called Becoming a Trusted Advisor.

Her Building and Protecting Trust Model is part of the curriculum of the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and is published in the Canadian Journal of Communication, a
peer reviewed academic journal. In 2018 she was invited to present her research and science behind The Client Trust Index in Prague, Czech Republic at the world’s largest academic
communications and research conference, the International Communications Association (ICA). She holds a Masters in Communications and Public Relations, a Certificate in Management
(Georgia Institute of Technology), a Bachelor of Public Relations and a Bachelor of Arts. Her graduate studies focused on How Organizations Build and Measure Trust with Stakeholders.

Natalie Doyle Oldfield works with companies to grow their business and build customer loyalty. She understands the importance of using trust as a catalyst for building brand recognition, market gains and business credibility in today’s face paced communication and social medial platforms. Often, businesses fall down because they have not earned or maintained trust with their customers or their employees. Earning and maintaining trust in relationships is where businesses often fall down. Companies use promotions or client-based events to build relationships, and while these activities might boost short-term sales goals, they fail to have a lasting impact on client loyalty or retention. Oldfield presents insights for leaders, teams, leaders and any service department to establish and maintain trust, increasing productivity and business growth.

Research has shown that trust is the key predictor of future success. Five years ago, as a communications graduate student, Natalie Doyle Oldfield began studying and measuring how clients and stakeholders decide to trust organizations. This research included in-depth interviews, testing and surveying over 19,400 people. The results revealed that we trust organizations based on how they communicate, behave and how they serve clients and stakeholders. From this research, eight key principles emerged that, when applied, build, strengthen, and protect trust. Testing shows that applying these principles creates greater client loyalty and commitment, increases the number of referrals, strengthens sales predictability and improves business results.

Natalie is the author of The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage and Protect It,  named one of the Top 5 Business Books of 2017. She has had the privilege to advise some of
the world’s most successful companies, leaders and business owners on how to grow their business, increase their revenue, and improve customer experience while increasing and protecting customer trust and loyalty. A former Chief Marketing Officer, Natalie has spent 25 years in business. She is a passionate keynote speaker and presenter to companies and conferences throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Natalie Doyle Oldfield is driven by a passion for customers – and results. A successful leader for over 20 years, she understands the challenge business leaders face in building, strengthening and protecting trust in relationships and improving results in today’s competitive marketplace. Customization of all programs is included to ensure they produce results and meet your most pressing business need. This unique approach ensures that participants are engaged and more open to learning techniques and strategies that effectively translate into positive outcomes.

Topic Presentations

Erosion of your customer base, fewer referrals, declining sales and shrinking margins are not necessarily signs of a slowing market. They can be symptoms of low levels of customer trust. Natalie inspires participants to create action plans that enable every person in your company to play their unique role in growing the business and improving the customer experience. Audiences are given practical how–to's and are inspired to put new policies in place to improve business performance.

Natalie will share with you the science and the evidence behind how all trust decisions are made. She will share case studies of how top companies are using the power of trust as a competitive differentiator and a key performance indicator. Audiences will leave saying “she changed our customer view”, “Natalie’s session helped complex and vague concepts, such as integrity, become both tangible and actionable.”

Build and maintain loyalty with customers and clients in a fickle market. Natalie delivers a powerful message with real-world future forward strategies. With the right combination of strategic insight that is both practical and relatable, Natalie will have your audiences saying “she changed our thinking,” “we can do this!”

Natalie’s presentation will cover:

  • How customers decide to trust you and your company

  • The “language” that triggers attention and respect from customers, suppliers and employees

  • Real life case studies of companies who have differentiated themselves from the competition... and behind the scenes of how they did it.

  • The checklist Natalie uses with clients to ensure they are considering questions and concerns customers often have on their minds when they are working with companies

  • Practical steps and ideas you can implement

  • The proven system and methodology top companies follow to motivate customers, colleagues, and project teams to earn loyalty and repeat business

Respect and Trust go hand in hand. Employees who trust each other outperform. Natalie inspires audiences to create a work culture and environment that dramatically improves organizational performance which is based on trust. An organization that trusts each other and the goals set by their leaders increases productivity, engagement and innovation. Natalie offers insights on how to regain, maintain and develop trust between leaders, teams, clients and working partners. She will offer strategies to increase workplace moral, employee engagement which will ultimately increase the bottom line. She teaches individuals and leaders to harness relationships and put trust at the forefront of business practices which increases accountability and creates a synergized workplace focused on results.

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The Power of Trust

Trust is the most basic quality at the heart of every relationship. We understand it naturally and our inner alarms go off when trust is damaged or absent. But most business leaders consider trust to be something intangible and difficult to quantify. This book clearly demonstrates that trust is both measurable and manageable. It offers a practical guide to building and protecting trust, and making it part of the balance sheet of every organization. Natalie Doyle Oldfield has spent years studying trust. She lays out a practical, step-by- step approach that will enable everyone from the CEO to the front line employee to thrive in a culture of trust. By taking a look at the science and research, case studies of trust broken and rebuilt, and the reflections of leading business figures, this book will show you how to create trusting relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders. It will show you how to make trust part of your core business strategy and how to make it pay off on the bottom line.

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