“The best way to thrive in our modern world is to live like the ancient past.” - Patrick Owen

Patrick Owen

Health, Nutrition, and Stress Management Expert

Patrick Owen, Ph.D. uses a functional approach to health and nutrition based on evolution and ancestry. He has helped hundreds of people struggling with their weight or trying to manage a metabolic imbalance using strategies that encompass stress, sleep, environment, physical activity and genetic individuality. His expertise stems from his nutritional research in such remote places around the world where diet plays an important role in health, community, and emotional well-being. Owen’s research has shown that most metabolic diseases stem from a mismatch between the environment and a person’s genetic alignment. His research also suggests that Canada’s current health recommendations are far removed from the ideal way humans should eat and live.

Patrick Owen holds a doctorate in Human Nutrition from McGill University, has co-written two books, published more than a dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, and is host of AskMen.com’s THRIVE web series. He’s also a certified personal trainer and lifestyle consultant, able to provide his clients with comprehensive strategies to achieve optimal health. Combining his education with his experience as a certified personal trainer, Patrick is able to provide a holistic viewpoint on the human condition. He hopes to educate, consult, and encourage others to live a life that is in line with their own unique bodies. He delivers modern-day solutions to improve health using traditional, culturally relevant dietary strategies. He was awarded a National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship and a Fonds de Recherche du Québec -Nature et Technologies Scholarship to study the bioactive properties of medicinal plants in Tibet, Himalayan India, and Papua New Guinea.

He was the first recipient of the Ecosystem Approach to Human Health Graduate Training Award, launched by the International Development Research Centre of Canada in 2004. He investigated the role of local food systems of Papua New Guinea in protecting against the development of Type 2 Diabetes caused by the introduction of Western foods. Patrick Owen was also the first recipient of the prestigious Richard Evan Schultes Award granted by the Society of Economic Botany. In 2010, he was awarded the Elsevier Reviewer of the Year Award – Pharmacology Division, for the large number of manuscripts he reviewed for various medical and biochemical journals.

Patrick Owen combines his knowledge of nutrition with various modalities of human movement to promote health and wellness for individuals.  He currently operates a functional nutrition consultation clinic in Montreal, Canada and continues to help people achieve optimal health through personalized approaches that encompasses circadian rhythm imbalances, stress management, exercise, and even ancestral heritage. Owen has ample experience talking in front of large groups from all industries and types of organizations. He provides entertaining anecdotes while explaining complex biochemical pathways. His subject matter is catered to the interests and relevance of the audience and almost always involve animated question periods. Patrick can present in English or French.

Topic Presentations

  • Understand the commonalities that all humans share in their diets, despite differences in environment and cultures.

  • Identify what aspects of our modern society differ from traditional societies and their implications on health.

  • Learn the origins of the human diet and how it applies to our current understanding of nutrition.

  • Identify apparent health paradoxes in cultures who eat diets that are considered unhealthy by modern nutritionists.

  • Learn how some cultures can thrive at the extremes of nutrition - from an all-meat diet to an all-plant diet.

  • Implement the nutritional and lifestyle habits from traditional cultures to your own way of life.

  • Learn to try new foods, or ancient foods that were once common to our species.

  • Learn how your ancestry determines your particular nutritional and physical activity needs.

  • Understand how moving to a different climate or latitude will affect your disease risk - based solely on your genetics.

  • Learn of the wonders of human adaptability and how disease arises from our inability to adapt, based on a person’s origins.

  • Learn about circadian rhythms and how our late-night habits are causing us to become stressed and sick.

  • Discern the difference between the way our digestive system was designed to eat versus the way we’re actually eating.

  • Implement a functional approach to health by using tricks and tips to live according to the way your body was designed.

  • Learn how to prepare food, cook, and eat according to your unique heritage.

  • Learn why stress is the number one silent killer in developed countries and how it has gotten out of control.

  • Understand the regulation and metabolism of cortisol - the stress hormone - in human evolution and its crucial role in keeping us alive.

  • Learn about the HPA-Axis and how dysfunction of this important stress-signalling pathway is at the root cause of all our worries.

  • Understand the gender differences in how we perceive stress, whether it’s real or not.

  • Learn the health complications of stress, including an increase in body fat, even despite a perfect diet and exercise plan.

  • Learn about the tight association that stress has with sleep, your circadian rhythm, your immune system, and the foods that you eat.

  • Implement my 13 tips and tricks to control anxiety, get better sleep, and reduce stress.

  • Apply proven scientific-based strategies ranging from mindfulness meditation to eating more butter.

  • Learn about the incredible advances in gut microbiology and how gut bacteria run our lives.

  • Learn about the evolution of our gut bacteria relationship and how we could not have become human without them.

  • Discover the growing popularity of stool implants (it’s exactly what you think it is) as a cure for obesity.

  • Explore the very real possibility of consuming someone else’s stool as a future health remedy.

  • Learn why gluten has become villainized and why it’s actually a health concern and not a fad.

  • Discover what foods you thought were healthy are actually causing harm to your digestive tract and your gut flora.

  • Learn how to minimize your risk of developing colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, Celiac and other diseases of your digestive tract.

  • Implement my recommendations to optimize your gut health through proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

  • Discover how the current obesity epidemic arises from a mismatch between our genetics and our environment.

  • Be able to answer the question "What is more important for fat loss - nutrition, exercise, or sleep?"

  • Understand the hormones responsible for gaining weight and how we can manipulate them to reverse the process.

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