Peggy Gizen

Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Self-Empowerment and Personality Dimensions Expert.

Peggy Gizen is a pragmatic, reality-based facilitator that connects and engages her audience immediately. She “lives what she speaks and speaks what she lives”, impacting individuals on a human level. Peggy’s natural ability to connect with people stems from her colourful past. At the age of 15, she left home because “she knew it all” and now at 40-something years young, she has realized that she knows nothing! She recalls the wisdom of an elderly mentor who once said, “too old, too fast; too wise, too late!” Through the School of Hard Knocks, Peggy understands the true magnitude of this statement and weaves humble and humorous examples of her shortcomings into all of her workshops.

Peggy’s professional career began in the hospitality industry, where she started as a front-line worker and then evolved into a successful entrepreneur. Her passion for excellence in customer service, creative problem-solving, genuine desire to work with people and five years of formal education at Medicine Hat College, led Peggy into the field of human services and employment. Former colleagues would say that as a facilitator, she played a major role in creating life-changing experiences for their clients. She has the uncanny ability to perceive people’s attitudes and motivations and skillfully relates to people exactly where they are. As an “in the moment” speaker, Peggy has the ability to adjust her presentation style to meet the needs of the immediate situation.

Peggy is a continual learner. Since graduating from Medicine Hat College she has become a qualified instructor for Myers-Briggs, a certified Personality Dimensions Trainer and a certified life-coach skills trainer, taken an emotional smarts course, a facilitators’ training course and a course in family and divorce mediation.

Topic Presentations

Your service team may represent the first, last or only interaction point between your customers and your company. Your front-line service professionals make or break countless opportunities, leads, sales and relationships everyday. With customer service training your employees will be left with proven techniques for creating unforgettable customer service experiences.

Train your employees how to get into ‘the driver’s seat’ of their life and they will learn techniques to make new, empowering choices. In return your employees will feel they are given the opportunity to do what they do best everyday, believe their opinion counts and will make a direct connection between their work and the company’s mission.

Emotional Intelligence – Business experts agree: Emotional Intelligence is a better predictor of your success than IQ or technical capability. It’s the one attribute that can help you work more effectively with all types of people in all types of situations. And no, Emotional Intelligence isn’t about being a “people person” or simply playing well with your peers. FAR from it. I’m talking about the ability to make people respect you and see things your way. EI is about working with less frustration and stress. EI helps people at all levels and in all industries acquire an uncanny ability to understand what makes people really tick. Yes, Emotional Intelligence is anything but “warm and fuzzy.” In a nutshell, it is POWER. You need to increase your Emotional Intelligence. This training will help you do just that! The good news is that Emotional Intelligence CAN be learned. You CAN feel comfortable working with anyone. You CAN effectively influence the nice guys, the mean guys, the oddballs, and the new department head. And yes, you CAN acquire the skills to rise above the worst office adversaries, win over bosses, and create a professional network so strong that your relationships fuel more success in your life than you’ve ever imagined.

This sophisticated workshop is especially suited for businesses and professional groups who want to delve more deeply into understanding personality types to maximize benefits of team performances. The original developers of the personality inventory were Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers. The best, the most popular and the most trusted personality tool available today, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI) assessment will offer you insights about yourself and your team that will be empowering and profound. Through a new understanding of individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others, it will help you create happier secure team members who can work together more collaboratively.

Personality Dimensions experience is a half day or full day workshop designed to provide employees, with a basic awareness of how their personality can influence their experiences. Unlocking the mystery of human behaviour is one of the most puzzling topics of our time. Personality Dimensions is an easy and entertaining concept to help individuals self identify their innate and unique character to better understand themselves and others.

Personality Dimensions® is the vehicle by which educators can become aware of their own strengths and values, as well as the strengths and values of their students. Educators will be able to design and implement curriculum components to more effectively work with their students and help students to gain a greater sense of self-worth as well as an ability to recognize and maximize their natural preferences in a variety of school experiences. The ability to work well in groups and teams, as well as independently is more important than ever in preparing students for their life path.

Personality Dimensions® can help any organization design effective sales and marketing campaigns and customer service programs that recognize and accommodate the diverse preferences and communication style of customers.

The trend in the developed world is to get skilled workers into the workforce as fast as possible in order to fill the needs of our growing economy and diminishing supply of skilled employees. Gone are the days of the ‘well rounded’, student who is adept not only in his/her area of expertise, but possesses the skills to work within the framework of a team. This workshop is invaluable to Corporate Employers whose success is derived from not only having highly skilled employees in their technical areas, but employees who can work together collaboratively, and build a team based on trust. The ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ workshop is based on the lighthearted and humorous approach of renowned author Patrick Lencioni. Get to the root of why dysfunction happens in the workplace. Is your group working together as a team, or working against each other? The workshop includes a ‘Team Assessment Tool’ to help you analyze where your team is at, and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Do you know your personality type? Do you prefer being organized and following a schedule or playing it by ear? Are you energized by being around people or by spending time alone? Whatever your personality type is, it affects all aspects of your life. Find out your type and how knowing more about it can gel you in communicating with people, planning your future and even getting to know yourself better.

Why do we go through life blaming others for our problems? Why do we make the choices we make? Why do we believe what we believe? Often we ask ourselves these questions and there are times that we are unable to find the answers. This program will help you understand why we do the things we do and why we react the way we do in a given situation. It will challenge you to sit in the driver’s seat and make the choices that will help you take responsibility for your life, actions, career and feelings. It will teach you that you have the free will to live your life the way you choose to live it, to set goals you want to meet, and then meet them!

Ever wonder why your partner/friend/family (although you love him/her) can so annoy you? Why do you fight over the silliest things (like which way the toilet paper roll should be placed)? Ever wonder if your partner/friend/family was from another planet?This incredibly informative workshop will help you to understand why these differences are apparent, why you were attracted to your partner in the first place and how to understand your partner in a new light. You will leave feeling empowered with new insights to rebuild, to rekindle, to understand and embrace your uniqueness. No matter how great or difficult your relationship with your partner/friend/family is now, this workshop offers a gold-mine of enrichment to participant.

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