Small Business Development Speakers

Richard Monette

Strategic Leadership and Performance Enhancement Expert

Paula Morand

Entrepreneur, Sales, Leadership and Communication Expert

Patricia Morgan

Resiliency, Happiness and Seniors Expert

Frank O'Dea

Inspiring Entrepreneur, Humanitarian And Innovative Business Expert

MacDonald Oguike

Business Strategist, Executive Coach, Workforce Development Expert

Rocky Ozaki

Business Transition, Innovation & Future of Work Expert

Marty Park

Sales and Customer Service, Entrepreneur, Business Strategy and Business Growth Expert

Bailey Parnell

Workplace Culture, Soft Skills Development, Digital Wellbeing & Social Media & Mental Health Expert

Sabrina Prioletta

Brand Transformation Specialist, Business Growth Expert, And Marketing Strategist

Michelle Ray

Leadership, Management, Change, Workplace Culture and Influence Expert

Terri Ann Richards

Seasoned Entrepreneur, Community Leader, And Overcomer

Joe Roberts

The "Skid Row CEO" - Leadership, Overcoming Adversity, Change Expert

Adam Rodricks

Canada's Top Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert

Michael Rogers

Futurist, Technology, Media and Trend Forecasting Expert

Darryl Sangster

Business Transitions, Strategic Partnerships & Franchising Expert

Byron Smith

Expedition Leader, Adventurer and Excellence Expert

Jennifer Spear

Change, Uncertainty, Resilience, Creativity, Innovation, Improv, Problem Solving Expert

Bruny Surin

Olympic Gold Medalist - Attitude, Performance and Leadership Expert

Keren Taylor-Hughes

Former CEO - Agile Change Advisor & Transformation Expert

Eric Termuende

Best-Selling Author, Renowned Speaker on The Future of Work, Leadership and Workplace Culture

Yvonne Thompson

Leadership, Transformation and Workplace Culture Expert

Norm Trainor

President & CEO - Business Strategy & Business Growth Expert

Evan Weselake

Change, Workplace Culture, Teamwork, Performance and Business Expert

Alice Wheaton

Sales, Customer Service, Influence and Negotiation Expert

Massey Whiteknife

Award-Winning Indigenous Entrepreneur & Indigenous Two-Spirit Inclusion Expert

Azadeh Yaraghi

Thought-provoking Speaker, Brand Strategist, Marketing Expect, And Bestselling Author

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