Russ Dantu

Business Growth, Customer Service and Sales Expert

Russ Dantu is an internationally renowned speaker who has been delivering workshops, seminars and keynotes on customer service, presentation skills and successful trade shows since 1997. Dantu has over 30 years of management, sales and customer service experience. Russ’s presentations imparts the lost art of internal and external customer service through his highly entertaining, inspiring keynote presentations and workshops. He is passionate about helping others elevate their customer service practices to stand out from competitors.He can guide your executive team to new heights through his consulting services. Russ can help you design effective solutions to solve employee issues, create a positive culture, build customer relations and increase customer retention.

He is described by his followers as energetic, inspiring, and completely different with the way he teaches! His sessions are described as entertaining, enlightening and highly interactive. He delivers workshops, seminars and keynotes on customer service around North America. A partial customer list includes Volkswagen, Subway, Manulife, Investors Group, and SAIT. He has helped thousands of people increase their company’s overall health, teaching them to not only survive, but thrive!

Russ Dantu has been teaching the Lost Art of Customer Service since 1999. He believes it truly is a lost art and that companies can stand out from their competitors by being the best in their chosen fields by increasing their effectiveness in customer service. Russ is an expert in the areas of trade shows, customer service, and presentation skills. His workshops and seminars are known to be highly entertaining and filled with group activities to drive the message home and leave your audience with the tools they need for immediate results.

In 2009 and again in 2010, Russ placed in the top 1% out of over 30,000 . Russ Dantu placed in the Top 10 out of 30,000 people at the finals for the people competing for the coveted title of Toastmasters World Championships of Public Speaking World Championships in Las Vegas. Whether you are looking for a break-out session, a 2 hour or half day workshop, a full day seminar, or a keynote to open or close your upcoming event, find out what this award winning speaker can offer your audience!

Topic Presentations

Do you ever wonder why some businesses barely survive and others thrive?

Do you ever wonder why 80% of businesses aren’t around within 5 years of opening their doors?

Do you ever wonder why your competition is doing so much better than you?

Delivering exceptional customer service on a consistent basis is the key to success.

This keynote will have your people looking at customer service in a whole new light! Packed with stories, stats, tips and techniques, your audience will leave equipped to stand out from their competition and exceed their customers’ expectations immediately!

Long before the TV show came out, this session was designed to help you stand out from your competition, help you differentiate yourself in your marketplace and show people the benefits of you being different!

Whether dealing with an unhappy customer or your staff, learning how to effectively communicate with them is paramount! There are many different communication devices we use to reach people and each one must be done properly in order to be effective.

How we handle difficult situations with our customers will determine how much repeat business we actually receive. Learning the E.N.D.E.A.R. method and understanding the different types of customers will ensure we take care of their needs immediately and keep them happy!

Ideal for new employees or people just entering the workforce. Basic in concept but of the utmost importance. It’s going back to the basics….something all professional teams do when things aren’t going right!

This is all about CHANGE! Change has to happen and if you won’t, you will get left behind! Learn some effective techniques to help even the most stubborn employees shift easily into new situations!

Learn how to build the ultimate team and keep them happy and loyal. Having this advantage in your specific industry will make you the envy of all your competitors!

Every person and every department believe their jobs are the most important in the company. Learning how to work together I harmony is the key. This session will teach you some easy solutions to make it happen!

Whether you are emceeing a Wedding or other event, asked to present a toast, delivering an impactful eulogy, or delivering a speech to a group of 5 or 500, learning some basic tools for success on the platform will make you look like a professional!

These workshops can be fully customized to fit your specific needs and we can even add video analysis to really take your presentation to the next level!

This session will include:

  • Being heart smart

  • Connecting with your audience,

  • The use of powerful personal stories

  • Adding dialogue and characters

  • Vocal variety

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of PowerPoint

  • Moving with purpose

  • Becoming a conversation officer

  • Dealing with nerves

  • Practical practising techniques

  • Pre-event planning

  • Mastering the art of impromptu speaking.

This presentation will inspire your school or youth group to look at their own lives, make the right choices and help others find their path in life! Several personal stories, videos, music and a simple formula are delivered in a lively and entertaining way to keep their attention.

Topics covered are:

  • Bullying

  • Racism

  • Drugs & alcohol

  • Acceptance

  • Peer pressure

  • Suicide

  • How find your V.O.I.C.E.

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