Sajel Bellon

TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Trauma, Stress and Wellness Expert

Sajel Bellon (Ed.D, CTSS) is an Occupational Stress and Trauma Specialist and Mental Health Professional. She is a professional speaker who specializes in the sciences of well-being, human connection, positive transformation and growth for individuals and organizations. Bellon has developed and delivered programs around the globe for a variety of postsecondary institutions and organizations, educating and inspiring others about the benefits of “Co-Creating Cultures that foster Psychological Safety and Connection”, “The Permission to be Human” and “Whole Systems Thinking for Extraordinary Change” to help organizations and families re-define their approach to mental health and its stigma.

Sajel Bellon is an expert in cultivating the space and conditions to improve work-life experiences and relationships, using the sciences of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Development and other modalities. She has created a series of programs, talks and workshops on Personal & Occupational Well-Being, Human Connection, Resiliency, and Rising from Trauma & Stress. Her hope is to assist the First Responder community by creating the necessary systemic change to better support their mental wellness, while also minimizing the incidence of occupational stress injuries and loss of life to suicide. As an adult educator and curriculum developer, Sajel Bellon created Canada’s first Positive Psychology Certificate and Positive Education Certificate programs for Wilfrid Laurier University, where she currently instructs. Internationally, she continues to design, facilitate and lecture at institutions, such as Central Queensland University, and Champlain College.

She has partnered with global organizations (SAHMRI, WPEA, IPEN) to create highly-innovative and collaborative initiatives. Her philosophy to cultivate human connection fosters success and well-being for those under her leadership and with her in partnership; Together promoting mental well-being as a foundation for better and stronger communities and organizations, cultivating human connection and meaningful conversations. Sajel Bellon is a member of the Association for Registered Psychotherapists and Mental Health Professionals (O.A.C.C.P.P), Association of Trauma Stress Specialists (A.T.S.S) with designation of Certified Trauma Service Specialist, International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and Global Speakers Federation.

She has served as a Board Director and Conference Chair for the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA). Her passion and research spans various organizations including the Emergency Services, on the topics of Resiliency, Post-Traumatic Growth and Mental Wellness. She offers services for individuals, teams and leaders to leverage their strengths and resources when it comes to addressing and promoting mental wellness and preventing occupational stress injuries and trauma within their organizations. She is a pioneer in creating links in integrating families and community partners to enhance support and healing for the prevention and recovery processes. This includes networking, educating and helping other mental health professionals and therapists, to gain a better understanding of the unique culture of the Emergency Services.

Sajel Bellon believes that mentoring and collaborating with other mental health providers to enhance their services and deliverables to better suit the needs of the Emergency Services population will increase accessibility to better meet increasing demands. Her vision for an integrated mental health, education and systemic culture change has been proven to be innovative and designed to be systemically sustainable. Beyond her professional capacities it’s Bellon’s personal experience of being the spouse of a Professional Firefighter and having extended family members belonging to Police and EMS which brings a high level of connection and understanding. Seeing the realities of these unique workplace cultures firsthand as well as the associated occupational stress and post-traumatic stress injuries that can result from the consistent exposure to trauma gives her an authentic perspective which resonates with her audiences and workshop attendees. She shares her story along with proven strategies on how to navigate this journey successfully, while keeping your most important relationships intact, and moving towards a life of flourishing.

Topic Presentations

This talk exposes the ripple effects and realities of occupational stress and trauma that many high-risk sectors, like first responders and their families face. Interweaving personal experiences through evidence-based practices to enhance human connection, HEROIC conversations offers audiences simple, effective ways of de-stigmatizing their mental health cultures at work and home.

Positive psychology is the science that seeks to explore 'what's works', while traditional psychology has had a predominantly deficit focus on 'what's wrong'. Positive psychology can bring a much needed balance to the field of OD by bringing attention to individual and organization strengths and capacities.

Many business leaders are turning to this emergent evidence-based research to answer the question, "How can I bring and benefit from sustainable well-being to my organization?"

Using a positive psychology lens, this interactive session will provide tools and strategies that will not only enhance the well-being of your people, but also assist in identifying and leveraging their strengths to optimize performance outcomes. Learn about how recognizing the 'positively deviant' assets within your organization will keep you on the cutting edge of being an Innovation-inspired Positive Organization Development (IPOD) professional.

This high energy session takes the audience on a experience of Rethinking our perception of well-being and its impact on us as individuals and our organizations. It provides tools and strategies to Renew our resources so we are Re-energized perform and produce better! Audiences leave feeling more empowered and motivated to enhance their resiliency to face the daily challenges in the personal and professional lives.

This 45 minute presentation will introduce Positive Psychology and evidence-based interventions that are applicable across various industries and environments from education, corporate, healthcare and many more. Well-being matters in our personal and professional lives. Where there is human interaction, there is dual purpose to enhance our well-being. It not only benefits us as individuals but also those around us. The audience will learn about how positive psychology can impact our perceptions, awareness and open the door to new possibilities.

This interactive discussion will explore how human connection influences our well-being, resilience and recovery. We will discover the characteristics and benefits of "high-quality connections". Participants will leave with an new appreciation and awareness for the positive lasting impact we can have on each other in a matter of moments.

This discussion will explore what compassion looks like in our personal and professional lives. We will define what compassion is and why it is important. Participants will leave with a personal commitment for exercising self-compassion and demonstrating compassion for others within the workplace.

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