Shamena Maharaj

Happiness & Mindfulness, Personal Change & Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Expert

Shamena Maharaj is an award winning Human Resources Professional, Scholar, Author, Philanthropist, Coach and Speaker. Shamena is the author of two books Becoming my best self: my shero attributes and Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness. Shamena Maharaj is passionate about coaching others and provide them with the tools to transform their lives holistically within their profession, community, personal and organizational. Shamena delivers powerful keynotes and workshops that have an impact on all participants with her caring and compassionate nature. Shamena Maharajhas over 20 years of experience to share and with her audience. Shamena shares her experiences from her own personal and professional life and the lessons that she has learned that has contributed to finding joy, happiness with mindfulness and falling in love with herself all over again. Shamena Maharaj shares her story combined with proven strategies on how to navigate life journey and keep your most important attributes of love, safety, wholeness and self-worth as you move towards a life of self compassion and success.

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An emotionally intelligent person is aware of their emotional states by identifying and managing those emotions.  By being in tuned with your emotions it is harder to be hijacked by those emotions and could make you a better person overall and reduce your stress. 

Self care and Self compassion are the activities that we do that is essential to our wellbeing – mental, emotional and physical health.  By falling in love with yourself you learn to put self care and self compassion as a priority in your life 

Learn the road map to dealing with personal change and building resilience.  In our lives we will have trauma, adversity and stresses.  We want to find ways to be resilient and focus on love, wholeness, safety and self worth 

Leadership is about taking care of the people in your care.  This is a three step process to help you reflect on how you approach the most fundamental work of leaders: creating a vision of new possibilities for the future through exploration, communicating with clarity and engaging in dialogue. Provide inspiration so everyone can move along with the vision.  

Improve your interactions in your daily life and work by navigating your work and personal relationships with more insights and effectiveness and successfully manage the everyday conflicts and stresses that life may bring 

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"This book was written during a time of reflection. It takes the reader through my reflective journey of 35 days of practice and reflection. The readers are invited read the reflections and then write their own reflection of the day. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness is being donated to a charity: The Women’s Executive Network (WXN)."


I have heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. That is true for all the parents and teachers, coaches, friends, families and anyone who have the pleasure and responsibilities of inspiring our children. This book came as an inspiration and reflection on the important attributes that helps to shape our children. It is about all of our SHEROES and HEROES. Studies have shown that the happiest, most successful children are those who practice gratitude, kindness, compassion and inclusion.

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