If you know there is 'something more', but are not quite sure where to start, Stephanie Staples has got you covered!

Stephanie Staples

Revitalization & Psychosocial Wellness Expert, for people who are ‘nice for a living’!

Stephanie Staples (CSP),  is a recovering burnt-out nurse and a serial entrepreneur. She has founded three businesses (two successful – one a nightmare, you can’t win them all!) and is the 2014 Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Contribution to Community award winner. This award is especially meaningful to her as giving back to the community locally and globally is equally important as building a successful business.

She is the author of two books (soon to be 3), When Enlightening Strikes: Creating a Mindset of Uncommon Success and Your Life, Unlimited: A Guided Journal and a regular expert columnist for both print and online periodicals including nursetogether.com.

Oh and did you know she is also a … take a big breath it’s a long title …  ‘Specialized psycho-social employee-wellness & workplace-health services consultant’ for Health Canada. Her kids just think she’s ‘pyscho’ period. As a consultant, she works with hospitals, working with everyone from front line staff to physicians to the CEO’s, to help them grow themselves strong and serve their patients and colleagues with excellence.

Stephanie Staples is the Radio/TV host of Your Life, Unlimited. She is also the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success. Stephanie takes personal coaching on a grand scale! She creates an experience for her audiences to make them think, feel and act in a more positive and pro-active way. Stephanie’s mission is to connect with her audiences using humor, heart and passion. She speaks about real issues affecting real people. Her proven A5 Success Building Strategies have been called “life changing”. Simply put, they get to the mind and soul of audience members and build on their already developed leadership, communication and wellness skills. Her present career is influenced by her eclectic background of nursing, fitness, business and communications and her passion for personal growth.

Adding to her list of ‘things’ she does, Stephanie Staples is also professional MC (Emcee/Master of Ceremonies) and is the host/producer of momondays Winnipeg (Motivational Mondays) a super-fun and uplifting evening where real people get to tell real stories that help inspire others to make the world a better place. In 2013, Stephanie Staples became a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) because of her content rich presentations and unique speaking style. The CSP the highest earned designation in the speaking industry.

Stephanie’s speaking style is high energy, humourous, empowering and entertaining. With a professional background in nursing, personal coaching, fitness, communication and business and a personal background as a wife, a mom and chief bathroom cleaner, she is real and genuine and easily connects with her audiences.  Stephanie Staples combines a little from each arena to create exceptional take-away value for her clients. The perfect opening or closing keynote, Staples is also happy to oblige with  breakouts, half or full day workshops.  Above all, she will engage your audience and excite them tom implement practical, do-able skills from her presentations.  Stephanie Staples teaches the tools that will make them more successful in their personal and professional lives. Tools that will last long after the presentation is over.

Topic Presentations

Have you ever been tired, overwhelmed, stressed and it's not even lunch time yet? Do you have staff members, colleagues or even loved ones that seem disengaged and determined to find negative in even the best news? Are you thinking that there must be something more, but can't quite put your finger on what it is?

Never fear... help has arrived!

"Bring your 'A' game to work and life!" is a series of keynotes and workshops that are bringing rave reviews from both meeting planners and participants alike. Follow Stephanie's five strategic 'A' strategies for a life of success and significance and learn not only what it takes to W.I.N., but how specifically to do it!

What to do when it does...and when it doesn't!

To encourage, support and guide you as you navigate the challenges of moving from merely surviving to absolutely thriving.

Choose this program if you want to...

  • recognize personal roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving success in all areas

  • identify action oriented strategies to get reinspired and reengaged

  • learn key components to creating a healthy & resilient workplace

  • explore techniques for incorporating joy and appropriate humour at work and home

  • have a personalized take home plan with follow up implementation in place

In our busy world it is easy to lose not only momentum but the spark that keeps us going through the tough times. Spending an hour in Inspired Leadership will leave you with immediately actionable ideas to implement both at work and home to increase hope, happiness, and feelings of being valued and appreciated.

Get your group on your side, inspired to work together to the good of the team.

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Senior management

  • Middle management

  • Emerging managers

  • Everyone who leads - which is actually everyone in some capacity! :)


This program is perfect for ​every one who has a heartbeat, puts their socks on one at a time and secretly (or publically) wants a little more in their work & home life! The audience Experience The "Try" Angle philosophy.  To encourage others to explore ways, reasons and benefits to thinking of things from an angle that encourages curiosity, overcomes barriers and reaps unthinkable rewards. If you want your team to think bigger, wonder more, question their first negative response when it comes to trying new things, challenging new experiences and/or meeting new people, this will be a great investment!

To recognize, reinspire, reengage and reconnect you with your purpose and value. Choose this program if you want to:

  • recommit to your own personal wellness

  • create a vision, focus and plan for your future

  • identify individual strengths and values

  • feel empowered to create more

  • have improved communication and leadership skills

Far more than just introducing the next speaker, as professional Emcee Stephanie will set the stage for success from the first promotion of the event until the last person leaves with a smile on their face.

Partnering with Steph, you can expect:

  • pre-program consultation and interviews to customize the event

  • a powerful, welcoming opening to set the tone you desire

  • unique, well-researched introductions of speakers

  • warm, appropriate bridging between speakers

  • captivating, interactive activities to involve your audience

  • an event that runs efficiently; on task and on time!

  • energy and humour constantly infused throughout the event

  • integration of your theme

  • a fun, memorable and engaging event

  • a powerful, pertinent close to send your people home happy and excited to come back next year!

And…panel moderation is also available!

If you have ever been tired, overwhelmed, stressed and it’s not even lunch time yet, you will need to hear this presentation.  Stephanie has burnt out and bounced back and she knows firsthand that we can only do good if we feel good and we can only feel good if we are willing to look at our lives beyond our work.  Journey on this high energy, no holds barred presentation as Stephanie peels the layers back and exposes not only what you need to do to achieve uncommon success in your life and livelihood but how to do it! 

Have you been searching for inspiration to lead, but don't know where to find it? Do you have relationships you would like to improve personally and/or collegially? Would having a more engaged, pro-active and positive culture impact your life? You will find answers, insight and inspiration in this Keynote that will take your leadership level into a whole different sphere. Make the world a better place, get concrete ideas to grow yourself personally and professionally and learn how to take relationships, personal growth and gratitude to the next level in this is uplifting, fun and game changing program.  Your heart will be full and your mind will be racing with actionable ideas to implement immediately.  You may never be the same. 

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When Enlightening Strikes

To keep enthused, inspired and refreshed on an ongoing basis, look no further than this book. This captivating journey of life, learning and letting go will be the catalyst you need to create the mindset for uncommon success – today!

Everything Counts: The Kaizen Approach to Positive Change

Personal development just got a whole lot easier! Combining the power of Kaizen and capability of cues, Everything Counts, will be your guide as you enhance your relationships, shift your mindset and are empowered to live your life better than ever before.

The Try Angle A New Slant on Life!

When Stephanie Staples' big birthday was coming, she decided to meet the year in a very unique fashion. She created a 50/50 list, fifty challenges (Try's) in her fiftieth year. Covering all areas of her life including physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, community and even (gasp) sexual, she had the best year of her life and shares with you how to do the same. Buckle up for this hilarious, inspiring and surprising ride that will have you rethinking your own life and equipped to take on new and exciting challenges!

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