Sylvia Marusyk

Injury Prevention, Occupational Therapist, Stress Management Expert

Occupational therapist Sylvia Marusyk is an entertaining speaker who gives her audiences the tools to build healthy lives and work places.  She’s fun, she’s sassy and she’s passionate about safety, health and wellness! Her lively presentations focus on a proactive approach to creating vitality, personally and corporately. As an Occupational Therapist with years of practice in the field of work place safety and personal health, Sylvia Marusyk knows prevention is the key to creating happy, healthy individuals, employees and businesses.

Sylvia Maursyk’s entertaining presentations focus on a proactive approach to building healthy lives and work places. Her years of assessing and treating injuries as an Occupational Therapist offer Sylvia a unique insight through which she has developed a proactive approach to preventing stress and workplace injuries. Because she is an active Occupational Therapist her practical insights and strategies are relevant, current and incorporate solutions to overcome today’s challenges.

Stressed employees make more mistakes, take more time off work and are less safe on the job due to preoccupation, poor judgment and fatigue. Recognizing we are a mind-body, not a mind and a body, has helped her educate people on truly effective ways to change their health. Sylvia Marusyk’s presentations invite audiences to laugh while learning practical, powerful tools to handle stress, reduce repetitive strain injuries and prevent burn out. She always brings relative and up to date information from her consultation practice to every presentation. Furthermore, Sylvia Marusyk will take you and your organization to become healthier, happier and less stressed, She will inspire your audience and ignite productivity and performance for individuals. She can also work with safety coordinators and tams to create a workplace culture that puts health at the forefront for their employees.

Sylvia Marusyk is a high energy speaker who gets top marks from audiences, meeting planners. As a result, she often returns to organizations for repeat engagements.  Her message is both practical and inspiring.  This occupational health therapist is passionate about maintaining health and safety in the workplace and it shows. Sylvia Marusyk rated in the top 1% of public speakers by Dr. James Reese. Above all, Sylvia Marusyk is passionate on helping individuals discover the power of the mind and body so that they can make health a priority and live their best lives.

Sylvia Marusyk’s certifications include:

  • Certified Master Clinician in Functional Capacity Evaluation, Job Demands Analysis, Office Ergonomics and Industrial Ergonomics
  • Sahrmann Certificate for Upper and Lower Extremity Assessment and Treatment
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Scale Certificate

Topic Presentations

With mental illness on the rise, everywhere you turn people are ready to blow their top! In “Stressed to Kill” Sylvia takes a deep look at the effects of stress, shares her powerful tools to reduce it (the legal and moral ones only….) as well as personal strategies for becoming the “boss“of your stress.

Stress is the next health epidemic and it tends to be contagious; infecting entire teams. Stress leave costs businesses over 50 billion dollars a year. Not mention the cost in the loss of human potential. Discover better health and a dramatically improved quality of life. And if that’s not enticing enough, how about learning the secret to slowing the aging process? Sylvia shares that with her audiences too!


  •  The powerful biochemical impact stress has, as well as its strong and indisputable link to illness.

  • How to identify all the components of stress – physical, cognitive, emotional and environmental – and avoid or modify many of these.

  • The mind-body connection to stress and how you can stop it in its tracks with these techniques.

Work is the number 1 stressor reported by Americans (along with finances, closely tied in to work). For most, it’s not work load, type of work or work space, it’s relationships that cause stress at work. This interactive and collaborative presentation will focus on the old fashioned value of respectful treatment of others. We will explore practical and concrete ways to build a respectful, happy, engaged and supportive team of people who actually WANT to be at work.

Happiness at work….an oxymoron, an idealistic fantasy or a real possibility? Happy workers are more productive, take less sick time, are more engaged, and let’s be honest, are nicer to be around! This presentation deals with several significant Deadly Sins that can kill the happiness of a work place, things like technology, competing demands from work and home (work-life conflict) and relationships at work. Learn how to transform your work place into a happy, healthy, productive place to be!

Employee engagement is one of the hallmarks of a successful team or business, and a significant determinant of employee retention. Who doesn’t want to keep good workers? The cost of turnover can be high and very taxing on workers who are always making concessions for the “newbie”. Learn strategies to create a team of engaged workers who want to be at work and stay at work.

Well, at least length does……of your telomeres that is. Telomeres are the protective end caps of chromosomes and shortening of them is associated with aging and disease. Great news though, there are several life style changes that have been shown to reverse this process, preventing disease and slowing the aging process. Learn how you can transform your life with these few small changes. Live long and prosper!

Safety is so much more than machine guarding and hearing protection.  It’s about Mind, Body and Work.

Psychological wellness and safety impacts workplace accident and injury rates significantly. One study showed that 80% of workplace accidents happened to workers who reported being stressed. The price could be life! Alternately, for those who know how to manage stress, especially workplace stress (the number one stressor for Canadians!), the prize is life.

A healthy strong body also impact safety at work. Feeling tired, being deconditioned or lacking enough strength to use good body mechanics directly impacts a worker’s ability to safely do their job. Again, the price could be life! For those who look after their physical wellness (diet, exercise, sleep, body mechanics, posture, healthy lifestyle), the prize is life.


The human body is hard-wired to move but modern man has engineered the movement out of our lives. The effect has been frightening – we move less, eat more, and suffer more life threatening diseases! Find out how to thrive, not just survive the epidemic of disease, obesity, and early aging by returning to your biological imperative. Learn how to create your own “miracle grow” and change your life!

Stress related illness costs North American companies $35 billion annually!  Find out what the symptoms of work place stress are, what the hazards are, and how to stay safe using PPP – Personal Protective Practices. Practicing safe stress could save your life!

This interactive and engaging seminar takes the pain out of changing your ways! You will learn why poor posture and poor body mechanics can lead to pain and injury. With her entertaining style, Sylvia! will provide the proper strategies and tools that will assist you to improve your quality of life.

Safety and Health for Organizations and People

How much are employee injuries and strains affecting your bottom line?

Do you even know?

FACT: 63% of time-lost absenteeism is directly related to repetitive strain and/or musculoskeletal injuries! (Source: Safe Work Manitoba)

FACT: You can reduce time-lost injuries and the related costs by up to 50% and reduce absenteeism by 25% by implementing a properly developed symptom identification, job coaching and injury prevention strategy. (Source: Occupational Health & Safety Association – OHSA)

Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the budget for an in-house occupational therapist or physiotherapist who is typically highly paid and who demands appropriate benefits and resources.

The S.H.O.P. program by Sylvia Marusyk of MindBody Works is Your Solution!

The S.H.O.P. program is a comprehensive on-site 7-Point strategy that includes:

  • Physio/Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment

  • Work Site Assessments

  • Ergonomic Assessments for individuals or groups in office or industrial environments

  • Return-To-Work consultation

  • Work site modifications to accommodate injured or symptomatic workers

  • On-On-One consultations with injured workers to meet medical restrictions and support return to full work

  • Injury Prevention and Body Mechanics training for individuals or groups

The goal of the MindBody Works S.H.O.P. program is to proactively address symptoms before they become syndromes, keeping your workers safe, healthy and productive … and keeping your bottom line profitable!


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