Tom Morin

Leadership in Critical Moments and Meaningful Work Expert

Tom Morin’s mission to redefine leadership development and meaningful work is inspired by his own challenging and dangerous career.

During his military service, he was shelled in the former-Yugoslavia. While working on a drilling rig, he just missed being chopped in half. But it was only after surviving a high-altitude mountaineering accident that Tom began to understand how we can make our working lives deeply meaningful and build thriving organizations.

After his military career, Tom worked as a project manager and people leader in multi-national corporations in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Toward the end of his corporate career, he co-founded Work Innovation Partners before providing consulting and coaching services through Work Feels Good.

Tom is a trusted advisor to senior leaders across industries. He consults on leadership development, strategic organizational development, and employee engagement. He has completed graduate studies in the social sciences and has researched various topics in leadership and organizational behavior. He is Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University, where he is also a recipient of the University Founders’ Award, and he is an instructor at Mount Royal University.

As an engaging, inspiring, and entertaining speaker, Tom energizes and empowers his audiences with customized presentations and offers actionable solutions they can implement immediately. To learn more about Tom Morin go to

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Every year, North American organizations spend nearly $20 billion on leadership development. In spite of this spending, between 30% and 70% of leaders fail in their roles.  And, when leaders fail in critical moments, their teams, companies, and entire industries can crumble.

Tom Morin has had his own critical leadership moments in the military and in his corporate career. He’s helped leaders and organizations recognize their own critical moments and succeed when it matters most.

Tom relates inspiring stories from his dangerous military career and challenging corporate career, and provides an innovative approach to leadership development. He provides a solution for the Number One failure of most leadership development programs: lack of organizational and role context.

This presentation inspires effective leadership and employee engagement, and challenges the status quo in leadership development.


Gripping, personal story of leadership in a war zone

Refreshing and engaging story of business leadership in a critical moment

Innovative and actionable recommendations for effective leadership development

This keynote presentation

Is suitable for any audience

Can be customized for any level of organizational leadership and for human resources professionals responsible to develop and implement leadership programs

Can be presented as a customized, multi-hour, interactive workshop designed to empower leaders to succeed in their own critical leadership moments.

We know that senior leaders make decisions that contribute to the success or failure of their teams, organizations, and, sometimes, entire industries. But every day we learn that individuals much lower in an organization’s hierarchy make those same, critical decisions.

One night, during his military service in the former-Yugoslavia, Tom Morin made a decision in a critical moment that could have resulted in lives being lost. After that night, Tom made it his mission to never let default behavior and biases put anyone in harm’s way.

Tom Morin relates his gripping story of a soldier’s night patrol gone-wrong to how many organizations now ensure that everyone can make the best decision in a critical moment.

This presentation inspires accountability, employee engagement, and effective leadership.


Gripping, personal story of a critical decision in a war zone

Examples of positive and negative consequences of critical decisions in business

Actionable recommendations for improving decision-making in critical moments at all organizational levels

This keynote presentation

Is suitable for any audience

Can be customized for any organization seeking to engage their workforce in effective decision-making in critical moments

Can be presented as a customized, multi-hour, interactive workshop designed to interrupt default behaviors and biases in critical moments in order to contribute to effective decision-making.

For decades, workplace disengagement and dissatisfaction has ranged between 30% and 50%. These workers are burned-out, lonely, and bored. Although many of us have experienced these feelings at least once in our careers, understanding how we can make our own work meaningful is the first step toward helping others do the same.

Tom Morin has had a diverse, challenging, and sometimes dangerous working life. In this presentation, he takes the audience through a mortar attack in the former-Yugoslavia, a knee-weakening accident on a drilling rig, and his life-changing experience while mountaineering at high-altitude in Peru.

Each time he nearly died at work, Tom was challenged to find meaning in his work. It was his brushes with death that showed him how doing the work we love, and contributing to wellbeing through our work, creates a deeply meaningful working life.

This presentation shows how all work can be deeply meaningful, inspires each of us to contribute to wellbeing through our work, and empowers leaders to engage their teams in the important tasks they do every day.


Gripping and motivating stories from Tom’s challenging and dangerous career

Audience participates in defining engagement at work

Actionable recommendations for improving our own and our teams’ engagement at work

This keynote presentation

Is suitable for any audience

Can be customized for leaders seeking to engage their teams, or for individuals seeking to identify how their current work contributes to wellbeing

Can be presented as a customized, multi-hour, interactive workshop designed for leaders seeking to engage their teams.

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Your Best Work

When Calgary-based author Tom Morin tells people he was almost killed twice at work—and then a third time, trying to escape the stress of his job—they usually react by saying, “That must have been terrifying.” His response? “It was. But it was also the best thing that ever happened to me.”Today, Tom is a successful speaker, workplace consultant, and writer redefining meaningful work and leadership development. But it took three brushes with death for him to get there: He survived a mortar while serving with the Canadian Armed Forces in the former Yugoslavia. He narrowly missed being crushed in an industrial accident on a drill rig. And he almost succumbed to high-altitude cerebral edema during a mountaineering trip to escape the stress of his corporate job.Those experiences forced Tom to critically examine his own working life, and compelled him to help others do the same. In Your Best Work(March 2020), he shares his own story and those of others who have discovered how to find meaning at work—and, using his powerful three-step process, shows how you can find the courage to shake off stereotypes and expectations, and create a working life that’s uniquely right for you. In Your Best Work, Tom helps you: · appreciate the meaning of work in your life, and discover the work you truly care about; · recognize and address what’s holding you back from feeling good about the work you already do; · contribute to the well-being of others, regardless of the work you do; and · take steps every day to create the career that’s right for you. Whether you’re seeking a new working life, or simply seeking to reconnect with a job you once loved, Your Best Work gives you permission to love the work you do, and do the work you love.

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