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Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Disruption and Emcee Expert

Tony Chapman is one of Canada’s leading communication experts. The media has labelled him a Marketing Guru and he is an authority on how to build brands and sell strategically and profitably in today’s volatile marketplace. Tony has been at the forefront of pioneering innovative marketing and sales tactics, including social media, and many consider him a trailblazer for the strategies he has deployed to reinvent how companies engage with their consumers and customers and navigate the changing landscape. He has founded and successfully sold two internationally renowned advertising agencies, Communique and Capital C, and co-founded Fresh Intelligence.

Tony was the driving force behind such campaigns as Land of Cadbury, Pepsi Pop Life, PepsiCo Wal-Mart USA Growth Strategy, Bridezilla, Kraft Hockeyville, Dove Sleepover for Self Esteem, Sun Life Money for Life and the Nissan Innovation Challenge. His agencies have collectively won over 100 national and international awards including the much-coveted Agency of the Year. Tony has worked with organizations locally and globally, in the private, public and not for profit sectors.

Beyond his role as a Founder and CEO, Tony’s body of work includes being a host, facilitator, strategic creator, provocative debater, ideator, and keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He is also a noted contributor on television and radio, with weekly appearances on prime-time television and radio, and has been featured in documentaries on the CBC, the BBC and Australian Television. Passionate, provocative, opinionated and relevant, with an engaging personality, he speaks on a range of issues including consumerism, business strategy, politics, the economy, as well as branding and marketing. He is a mentor who shares his knowledge with students and invests in the next generation of media entrepreneurs. A visionary and builder, Tony’s cumulative contributions to the industry over three decades were recognized when he was inducted as one of the youngest members into the Marketing Hall of Legends (2008).

Tony is passionate about his work and enthusiastic about sharing his experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs. He is sought after as a motivational and keynote speaker at major conferences around the world. When Tony delivers a presentation, the audience benefits from three decades of experience in the industry, and a breadth of knowledge that comes from working with global brands from a variety of sectors. He is a vital resource for Toronto marketing consultants. He has the ability to help individuals and organizations tap into their resources and position themselves for growth. Using his ability to hone in on the target audiences, he creates customized and individualized talks designed to inspire and motivate. Most importantly, attendees leave Tony’s presentations with actionable strategies that they can apply to their work and marketplace immediately.

Topic Presentations

Attention is the oxygen of most human endeavour, but in the Age of Noise most brands, ideas and proposals are starving for attention. Too many choices and too much content are competing for a finite amount of our audience’s time. So how do we get heard? We stop telling our story and become part of theirs.

Tony Chapman will draw upon his three decades of crafting powerful stories that engage the ‘head, heart and hands’ of audiences across all industry sectors. He uses entertaining and enlightening case studies to show why any audience-employees, customers, prospects and investors and all face to face and digital channels respond to this powerful and emotive platform.

Your audience will learn how to craft their message and value proposition into stories and more importantly, why success can only happen when you position your audience, not your offer as the hero, and establish your role as the enabler, helping to bring about the desired outcome.

Audience Takeaway:
• Learn why attention is the oxygen of your business – Leadership, sales, marketing, operations, service and supply chain.
• Learn why most brands, ideas initiatives and marketing campaigns are starving for attention.
• Learn shy storytelling is the best way to be heard in the age of noise.
• Learn what are the essential pillars are to crafting a story, and what the four human motivators are to get audiences to respond.
• Learn to identify the critical roles in the story, and why your audience is always the hero.

The five P’s that guaranteed our past success, our Product, Place, Promotion, Price and People are under siege by those competing in the platform economy. This fourth wave, powered by digital matchmakers like Airbnb with Tourism, Uber with Taxis, Netflix with content, Amazon with retail, Zillow with real estate Skip with Restaurants, and thousands more. Applications that are disrupting sectors that were recently thought of as too big to fail.

The disruptive competitors access our mobile phone as their Trojan Horse to offer the consumer “More and Less’. More of what matters to each and will less friction and pain points. They disrupt entire sectors through their ability to curate competitive offers, aggregate pricing, marginalize if not commoditize brands and to use data to ‘fly fish’ directly into the consumers’ wallet.

Tony Chapman, a competitive strategist, and one of Canada’s leading media authorities on ‘cause and effect’ will take apart the Platform Economy to show what we must do to counter these disrupters, stay relevant and give our consumers a reason to visit and spend. He will draw upon case studies from around the world to encourage ‘bricks and mortar’ to shift from a place to buy, eat or visit, to one that also offers personal experiences that are value-based, emotive and transformative, and that let people be who they want to be.

Audience Takeaway:
• Learn why the 5 P’s – Product, Place, Promotion, Price and People are all under siege by digital based disruptors in the Platform Economy.
• Identify the two points of entry where you are most vulnerable to disruption.
• Take a deep dive into the experience economy and how and why it is driving consumer spending.
• Mind your 5 P’s but learn how to identify your ‘Be’s’ – the intersection between your brand and the consumers you covet where can be emotive and transformative.
• Learn how focusing on the right ‘Be’s’ will enable you to attract guests, increase spend, develop better talent, and guide your messaging and offer, and spark innovation.

Attention is the oxygen of endeavor, yet many ideas, brands, people and even Leaders struggle to be heard. Why? There is ‘too much and too many’ chasing a finite amount of time, and personal devices and social media are commanding more and more of it.

In Stop Telling Your Story, Become Part of Mine, Tony Chapman will show how to get the attention of those who matter most to you. Learn the secrets of master storytellers, but with a twist that both engages and persuades the ‘head, heart and hands’ of your employees, peers, customers and key influencers.

Tony Chapman was the Opening Keynote for Google’s Think 2018 Conference. Tony premiered A Brand New World to rave reviews. Drawing upon the last five years, where he has delivered transformative keynotes in China, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Scotland and across North America, and his weekly contribution to the conversation on national television and radio, he offers the following point of view on the future.

Tony outlines the critical forces of change that are rendering much of what we know about leading businesses and even societies obsolete. A growing divide has collapsed the middle ground. You are either making things happen or wondering what happened, there is no status quo. Tony looks at how to make things happen by first identifying then giving the people that matter most to you – employees, customers, prospects, influencers, and investors ‘More and Less’. More of what matters to each of them – value added personalization, with less friction and effort. He shows how do dot the three ‘I’s’. Insight, Imagination and Intention.

In this Brand New World there is no middle ground. You must make things happen versus wonder what happened.

Humans are social creatures who survive and thrive through reciprocal experiences. We give, learn, go and grow. We pull together, and in doing so, we build communities, countries, collaborative cultures and the human spirit.

Reciprocity, the lifeblood of humanity, is being challenged by many of today’s’ technologies. Humans are being conditioned to promote themselves in social media and are obsessed with finding their 15 megs of fame. Often, we do this, with little regard for others. We clamor to push forward our stories, ideas, content and selfies with the sole purpose of finding others who can give us ‘likes’, while we offer little or nothing in return.

Conferences that bring people together must now serve an even higher purpose than education and networking, they must combat this insular ‘selfie ’behaviour. To do so, we must create reciprocal experiences where attendees come engage and share together. Experiences that make our collective minds ignite, eyes shine, and hearts beat. In doing so, we fuel the positive psyche of each attendee and the collective spirit and culture of the organization they belong to. We learn that by giving unconditionally can we gain and earn the trust and loyalty of our peers, customers and our greater community.

Tony Chapman’s inspirational keynote uses powerful graphics, video content and stories to bring to life powerful examples of Reciprocity and why it is the lifeblood of humanity. Only by giving and sharing, by pulling together, can we gain as individuals and as a species, and in doing so earn the trust of others. The same holds true for reciprocity in Leadership, Human Resources and Marketing and Sales.

The challenge is that the principles of Reciprocity are being challenged by today’s ‘selfie’ technology where giving to get likes and social media validation is overruling ‘giving to gain and earn.

Tony then talks about the need to combat an increasingly insular society. He shares his thoughts on why success will come to Leaders and Individuals who go beyond quotas and transactions to create a greater purpose, to build corporate, sales and marketing culture of reciprocity. A culture where people freely give, share, create and collaborate with generosity and humility gain the trust and loyalty of each other.

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