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Speaker Last Name:

Scott Armstrong

Entrepreneur, Productivity and Innovation Expert

Dr. George Ayee

Leadership, Change and Transformation Expert

Rachel Baptiste

Business Leadership - Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Joanna Barclay

Mindful Conscious Leadership Consultant and Organizational Culture Change Expert

Christopher Bauer

Ethics, Values and Trust Expert

Mark Bentz

Paralympian - Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness

Tim Breithaupt

Communication, Negotiation and Customer Service Expert

Jeremiah Brown

Olympic Medalist, World Record Breaker, Best-Selling Author, Business Leader, Transformation Expert

Thomas Budd

Mental Health, Emotional Health, Suicide Prevention and Overcoming Adversity Expert

Marion Buller

First Nation and Indigenous Expert

Alizabeth Calder

Business Leadership, Innovation & Digital Tranformation Thought Leader

Tony Chapman

Futurist & Emcee - Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Disruption Expert

Jon Cornish

Canadian Football Hall of Famer and CFA Charterholder

Jessica Correa

Climate Action Engagement Expert

The Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Sabrina Craig

Director, Doris Anderson Woman of the Year Award Holder

Alfonso Cuadra

Kidnapping Survivor - Leadership, Tranformation & Resilience Specialist

Dennis Cuku

CEO, Inner Peace and Social Enterprise Expert

Kristen Cumming

Communication, Leadership, and Change Expert

Keita Demming

Leadership, Disruptive Innovation and Performance Management Expert

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