Vanessa Judelman

Leadership Development, Human Resources and Intergenerational Workplace Expert

Vanessa Judelman is the President of Mosaic People Development, an author, Executive Coach and engaging key-note speaker. As a noted leadership expert, Vanessa has trained thousands of leaders across the globe and is known for her dynamic style and practical approach to engaging her audience. Vanessa is passionate about developing leaders and teams. Her highly engaging style, plus 20 years of leadership expertise, leaves audiences feeling motivated and inspired to take action. Vanessa understands that leadership can be challenging. After all, it is common for leaders to have a lot of responsibilities, conflicting priorities and challenging “people” related issues. However, Vanessa also knows that leaders are made not born. Thus, her sessions focus on practical take-aways and tools that help leaders to be more confident and effective on the job. 

For the past five years, Vanessa Judelman has become well known for her expertise in Women in Leadership. She clearly understands how women rise and teaches them to put in place a few key building blocks to create a fulfilling career. Since Vanessa Judelman works across the globe, she clearly understands the challenges of leading a virtual team. She has trained thousands of leaders how to motivate their virtual teams so that they are engaged, accountable and high performing. As a noted leadership expert, Vanessa has been published and quoted in The Globe and Mail and the National Post and is a contributor to CKNW Radio. Vanessa is also a guest lecturer in the MBA program at Ted Rogers School of Management. Whether facilitating, training or coaching, Vanessa has achieved successful change outcomes with organizations such as Campbell’s Soup, Food Banks of Canada, Motorola, Star Media, Great West Life, Four Seasons, Points, Scotia Digital, the United Nations, BMO, Women in Food Industry Management and the Urban Land Industry.

Topic Presentations

"Congratulations you are now a leader!" These six words can be exciting and intimidating!

Being promoted into a leadership position requires people to learn new skills and develop new behaviors.

They need to learn to get out of the weeds and focus on more strategic tasks.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • The difference between doing and leading

  • The top 5 skills every leader needs to master

  • Practical tools that leaders can apply right away

Would you like to learn how to best lead change and transition with less disruption and sustained productivity? Whether you are navigating the “back-to-the-office” transition, a hybrid team or another big organizational change, the transition period can be challenging.  But it doesn’t have to be.

This session will help you prepare to handle personal and team transition with confidence and ease.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The difference between change and transition

  • What you can do to feel more content and grounded through any transition

  • Why transition is jarring for many people and why they might be resistant

  • How to coach your team through transition – whether you are managing a virtual, hybrid or in person team

The workplace is changing at an astonishing pace which requires a new kind of leader. Old business models are crumbling, and new ways of working are emerging. In this keynote, participants will learn the five key traits successful leaders are applying in the new world of work.

What is this new world of work?

How is it impacting leaders?

How can you navigate this environment successfully

Based on Vanessa’s popular book Mastering Leadership, this keynote will leave your group feeling inspired and excited to lead with action. This keynote explores the ups and downs of leadership. Vanessa will share her research with the audience and highlight the top 5 skills that all leaders should be implementing. But, she doesn’t stop there. Vanessa will then provide a practical tool for each leadership skill so that participants learn 5 tangible ways to become a more impactful leader. If you are looking for a practical, tool-based keynote, this is the one for you.

It’s clear that leaders today need to know how to run virtual and hybrid teams. If your virtual team is not running effectively, your people’s productivity and motivation will decline.

In this program, you will learn the four key elements that are critical to running a high-performing virtual team.

Learn how to R.A.M.P up you virtual teams by focusing on the following four areas:

  • R - Relationships. Learn how to consciously build high trust, connected teams

  • A - Accountability: Learn how to hold your people accountable without being able to physically observe their work

  • M- Motivation: Learn how to create an environment that motivates people to do their best work in a hybrid or virtual situation

  • P - Process: Learn how to put key systems and processed in place to keep your team on track and aligned


As the workplaces shifts once again, you now need to develop the skills to manage your hybrid team. These leadership skills will assist you in ensuring that your people are motivated and productive regardless of where they are working.

In this 90-minute program, you will learn the five key elements that are critical to running a high-performing hybrid team.

You will learn to:

  • Use a growth mindset to overcome challenges and develop yourself

  • Develop your self-awareness and leverage your strengths

  • Coach your hybrid team both formally and informally

  • Set clear goals and focus on your priorities as the workplace shifts

  • Communicate this big change and manage resistance effectively

Coaching is a critical skill to ensure that your team is aligned and performing at a high level.

In this workshop you will learn how to apply the two types of coaching, both formal and informal, to motivate and develop your people.

Formal coaching:

  • Learn how to run a quick and effective virtual check-in meeting

  • Learn how to use formal coaching to hold your hybrid/virtual team accountable

Informal coaching

  • Develop your listening skills to more effectively coach and engage your hybrid/virtual team

  • Practice asking the right questions to gain alignment with your team

  • Learn a tool to assist your team in making their own decisions more independently

The audience is invited to take a journey into the pitfalls and triumphs of women at work. In this uplifting and engaging keynote, women will learn why their work lives have become increasingly complex. They will understand the 3 common barriers for women at work and how to overcome each one.

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Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast Paced World

If you are like most leaders out there, you are likely facing constant change, a heavy workload, high expectations to deliver results and the expectation to coach and develop your team. Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast Paced World will provide you with the strategies you need to become an extraordinary leader, even under these conditions. This book is practical. You’ll hear countless stories of every day leaders who have applied her approach to achieve excellent results. Plus you’ll be able to assess your current leadership effectiveness as the book includes three assessments and an action plan. Vanessa Judelman also shares the wisdom of twelve executives who speak frankly about the challenging, yet fulfilling journey of mastering leadership.

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