"Apply proven principles of success to grow your agricultural enterprise." "An audience cannot learn anything while it is sleeping".

Bruno Wiskel

Entrepreneur | Farmer | Business Growth Speaker

In 1998, Bruno Wiskel purchased a half-section of land 150 km north of Edmonton. On this land, he grew his farming business from a $30,000 a year to $30,000 a month business. His success came from his ability to diversify from traditional commodities, and inventing/implementing cutting edge agricultural and marketing techniques.

Bruno is also a syndicated columnist for several newspapers and magazines. He is a prolific author of six books. His latest, The Prosperous Farmer, lays out the plans for anyone working and living off the land to substantially increase their income.

Bruno is above all a successful entrepreneur. He researches the potential for growth in today’s economy and creates products and services that are relevant. He also uses inexpensive marketing techniques to generate sales and even more sales.

Bruno Wiskel graduated from University of Alberta in 1983 with a B.Sc. (Honours Geology) and winning the prestigious Tony Redunzo Award for “Academic Achievement and Zest for Life”. After receiving his professional accreditation with the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA), Bruno spent the next 30 years of his career as consulting geologist focusing on environmental law.

A syndicated newspaper columnist, Bruno is a Canadian best-selling author with six published books: The Prosperous Farmer, Pond Raising Rainbow Trout, Woodlot Management, Designing and Landscaping the Family Home and others. Bruno has also written dozens of newspaper, magazine and technical articles and papers on various agricultural and environmental subjects over the last 26 years.

Bruno has won certificates of achievement from Environment Canada in 1998 and 2003. He was also a finalist for the Alberta Emerald Awards of Environmental Excellence in 1996 and 2001. His 1996 film documentary, The Boreal Forest won him an Emerald Award in 1996. A Forest of Values was based on Bruno’s life and was shot on Bruno’s farm.

Bruno is an acclaimed speaker, giving numerous informative and entertaining presentations on environmental, agricultural and climate change topics every year throughout Canada.

Topic Presentations

Bruno Wiskel’s motivational talk for people that live off the land is a mix of his biography, innovative farming, and profitable ideas that you can put to work to increase your income through diversification.

Bruno’s real life experience is a lesson to all farmers that you can easily augment your profits substantially by thinking “out of the box” in your business. Bruno offers hope and the means to success in agriculture. Bruno's presentation, The Joy of Farming - The Prosperous Farmer will teach you to apply proven principles of success to grow your agricultural enterprise, combines knee-slapping humor with real life knowledge as an entrepreneur and small business owner. His method of success also provides audience members solutions to decreasing your workload from all day-everyday, to less than 40 hours a week for six months of the year.

Bruno loves living off the land and being independent. He is acclaimed as an expert in the joy of farming.

Bruno can deliver the Joy of Farming – The Prosperous Farmer as a keynote address or as a workshop. He also delivers other workshops specifically tailored for the agriculture industry:  The Rural Millionaire, - 21 Secrets to Marketing Agricultural Products, Diversify or Die, and The Art of Successful Negotiating.

Focused towards gardening clubs, horticultural associations and landscape organizations. This high energy and humourous presentation has included everything from building an energy efficient home for less to planting a vineyard.

Bruno's gardening/horticulture column "Time To Get Growing" has appears in four north central Alberta weekly newspapers "Athabasca Advocate, Barrhead Leader, Lac La Biche Post and Westlock News) for the past three years. As well, running a business that includes a market garden, tree nursery, greenhouse, landscape design and landscape construction has given Bruno a wide range of technical knowledge combined with hands on experience.

Bruno's presentations are not only educational, but they are a whole lot of fun as well. Whether relating a funny anecdote or just punning around, Bruno lives by the credo "An audience cannot learn anything while it is sleeping". His performances have wowed the crowds from Edmonton to Fort McMurray and just about everyplace in between.

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Boyle, Alberta

The Wealthy Farmer – The Complete Guide to Investing in Agricultural Land

Are you getting a little tired of savings accounts with interest rates that are less than the rate of inflation? Does the roller coaster of the stock market make you want to puke every time that it plunges? Would you like to get a little personal enjoyment out of your investments? If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then “The Wealthy Farmer – The Complete Guide to Investing in Agricultural Land” may be just what the doctor ordered!

Designing &Landscaping: The Family Home

This book is perfect for people who are thinking of building a new house in the next couple of years but don’t want to pay exorbitant energy bills. The book was based on author’s own 5500 square foot home located 150 km north of Edmonton, that cost less than $35 per square foot to build (In 2000) and uses less than $200 of natural gas per year to heat (averaged over the last seven years). Topics include principles of energy efficiency, how the weather affects your home, proper time to build, orientation, alternative energy and landscaping for energy efficiency. If you are tired of paying outrageous heating bills then this is the book for you. Chapters of this invaluable reference volume include: • Understanding the effects of weather • Techniques for weatherproofing • Heating your home for free • Alternate energy sources • Saving big money on construction costs • Timing building to save money • Integrating home and landscape design

Woodlot Management

A comprehensive guide to having fun and making money from small forested areas. Originally written as a reference text for Alberta-Pacific's Woodlot Management Program, the book is based on recognized forestry management practices used in Bruno's own 125 acre woodlot. The book would be of great interest to people who live on a farm, acreage or lake property who would like to maximize the financial and aesthetic benefits of small forested areas on their property. Chapters include: • A History of Forests in Canada • All About Trees • Evaluation of an Existing Woodlot • Improving the Woodlot • Harvesting • Reforestation • Marketing Forest Products • Animals in Forest Management • A Real Life Woodlot Example

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