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Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Amazing Two Spirit Couple

Amazing Race Canada Winners | ED&I, Indigenous & LGBTQ Experts | Two Spirit Advocates

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Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

Humboldt Broncos Crash Survivor | Amazing Race Canada Winner | Resilience & Mental Health Advocate

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Deri Latimer

Deri Latimer

Neuroscience | Leadership & Change | Positive Psychology & Mindfulness | Resilience & Wellness

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Laval St. Germain

Laval St. Germain

Mountain Climber | Airline Captain & Extreme Global Adventurer

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Cherry Rose Tan

Cherry Rose Tan

Futurist | Entrepreneur | General Partner At Renew Venture Capital | Leadership & Tech Visionary

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Allison Graham

Allison Graham

Health & Peak Performance | Life Balance | Mental and Emotional Wellness | Workplace Culture Expert

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Joelle Tomlinson

Joelle Tomlinson

Leadership | Storytelling | Resilience | Overcoming Adversity & Using The Power of Storytelling

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Rick Denley

Rick Denley

Courageous Leadership and Change | Personal & Business Growth | Leadership Performance | Author

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Ross Pambrun

Ross Pambrun

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Innovation Expert | Métis | Fire Captain

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Chris Beaudry

Chris Beaudry

Resiliency & Mental Health Expert | Transformative | Embodied | Authentic | Overcoming Adversity

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Melissa DiMarco

Melissa DiMarco

Laugh | Learn | And Lead | Entertainment Luminary | Comedy Star | Actress | Award Winning Show Host

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Julia Fournier

Julia Fournier

Founder & CEO | Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategist | Leadership and Transformation Expert

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Why Work With the Speakers Bureau of Canada

Why Work With the Speakers Bureau of Canada

SBC is on a Mission to Inspire, Engage & Empower Canadians Through our Motivational Speakers.

Thoughts are at the foundation of identity and purpose. Ideas are the foundation of innovation and growth. We take the thoughts and ideas of what has worked in the past and bring you progressive ideas for the future. Blending inspirational stories with expertise, we engage the thoughts that prepare individuals for growth. We bring audiences real-life experiences with tailored messaging to empower the mindsets and behaviours that become shared values. We reshape perspective to find new purpose and present strategic solutions for sustainable change. Through the power of storytelling and newfound knowledge, our speakers assure new ways of thinking for the right ways of doing. Our speakers are experts at inspiring individuals to maintain the foundation of who they are, engage them to see who they can become and empower them with tools that will transform them to reach their full potential.

Trending Keynote Speaker Topics

Search for a Canadian Keynote Speaker for Topic Themes that Aligns With Your Audience & the Event Program.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada has positioned our speakers into category types as leading authority, subject matter expert or expert at presenting for specific industries and audiences. They all share two things in common: Authenticity and Expertise. Our keynote speaker types have been carefully selected to showcase the expertise of each speaker based on their educational backgrounds, work experience and previous clients. A leading expert gives credibility to the speaker, establishing the bond between them and the audience. By using relatable stories and having unique insights based on their experiences they can inspire audiences to overcome industry and organizational challenges and engage them with a new strategy as a competitive advantage. Our speaker types empower audiences with the ideas and trends that shape Canadian industries and the tools for acceleration.

Search Speakers by Type to Find Industry Experts

Searching to Hire a Canadian Conference Keynote Speaker for a Confernce or Convention in Canada.

It all starts with a topic. The mindset to pivot and adapt. The tools to relieve stress. The habits of peak performance. The tools to overcome. As knowledge and ideas evolve, so do the Speakers Bureau of Canada and our roster of speakers. We adapt our list of speakers to match the needs of our clients, often shaping their industry and Canadian culture. As the topics vary, so do our speakers, but the outcomes remain the same. We provide insights for relevant topics, aligning the needs of employees with the needs of the organization. Through researched and customized presentations, we craft a motivational message that instills the education to improve with a strategy for the application. We offer the keynote speaker topics that inspire breakthroughs for Canadians, engaging them to meet the challenges of the now and empowering the endless possibilities for what lies ahead.

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Top Conference Keynote Speakers in Canada

Searching to Hire a Canadian Conference Keynote Speaker for a Conference or Convention in Canada

A conference brings people together to network, share knowledge and learn new skills. The force of human connection is at play. A good conference will leave a lasting impression on attendees by shifting perspectives and discovering solutions to problems, which advance them in their careers. With inspiration and high energy, powerful storytelling and tailored messaging, the featured speaker is meant to engage the audience for the learning and networking at hand. They spark the emotion to engage the audience through their personal experiences with humour. They blend the theme of the conference with the purpose of the gathering, connecting attendees to one another with the knowledge and ideas that empower their future. We bring you conference speakers who curate the life-changing experiences that organizations desire and the memories that keep the attendees coming back every year.

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Find a Local Keynote Speaker Near You

Search for Local Motivational Speakers From the Same Location as the Event.

Event planners can sometimes jump a step to look outside of the event location to look for the best speaker on the topic before searching a directory of local speakers. Local speakers may be overlooked and collaborating with a local motivational speaker can be a rewarding experience. If you book a local speaker, you can support the local economy, give new speakers a chance, or find a credible local speaker that attendees may be familiar with. Local speakers become an asset to your planning, having a grasp of the geographic, demographic, and socio-economic situations. The Speakers Bureau of Canada specializes in assisting organizations in finding local speakers through our search engine to access a large network of speakers in close proximity to the event. We focus on Canadian event professionals and meeting planners to find the perfect speaker by city, province and region.

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Find Engaging Virtual Speakers in Canada

Looking for a Virtual Speaker for a Webinar Meeting or Online Event.

Some say that virtual event is not as impactful as in-person…and in some cases this is true. It is a fair comparison but measuring the impact can become challenging. We see virtual events and virtual speakers as one thing. DIFFERENT. The Speakers Bureau of Canada was at the forefront of virtual events and has been at the core of how to successfully hold an online event. and have found consistency and many advantages to going virtual. Through learning and development, trial, and error and by going back to basics, SBC was able to find consistency and we discovered some advantages virtual events offer that in-person events do not such as recordings and delivering a presentation to multiple locations to hear the same message. We carefully created a list of qualified virtual speakers for our clients who are able to deliver timely and impactful virtual presentations at online meetings in Canada.

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Organizations We Have Served

“I have been working with Gordon and Roger with the Speakers Bureau of Canada (SBC) since the turn of the millennium! (Which was formally known as the Speakers Bureau of Alberta). They have been a solid player in the meeting’s industry mainly in Alberta and now throughout Canada. SBC is not only the top bureau I choose to work with they are (and always have been) my favorite since they are always going the extra mile for both their clients and their speakers combined. They are by far the most responsive bureau to meet client and speaker’s needs consistently. We speakers all have great things to say about SBC and in their short time in working as a national bureau, they have become one of the top speakers bureau in Canada for many reasons. “

Valerie cade, MA, workplace culture speaker

National Professional Associations, American Bar Association National Professional Associations, Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association National Professional Associations, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of Canada National Professional Associations, Canadian Citizens on Patrol Association National Professional Associations, Canadian Association of Midwives National Professional Associations, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering National Professional Associations, Canadian Standards Association National Professional Associations, Coaching Association Canada
“SBC team has supported me for multiple events every year for over 6 and they have been a major resource for me and the other municipalities I work with to find and book speakers for events. Whether virtual or in person, the SBC has been able to supply speakers that have played a significant role in helping our communities, business owners and our team members by hiring speakers who can motivate and drive impact through their experience and expertise. The SBC team is always quick to respond, able to understand my needs and are always there when we need them.”

Kristy tuts, economic development, government of alberta

Large Retail Corporations, Best Buy Large Retail Corporations, Microsoft Large Retail Corporations,Loblaws Large Retail Corporations, Porsche Car International Large Retail Corporations, Purolator Large Retail Corporations, Rexall Pharmacy Grou Large Retail Corporations, Samsung Large Retail Corporations, Staples
“Gordon and the SBC team at Speakers Bureau of Canada have consistently been a major resource for me while demonstrating responsive, flexible, and professional services with partnership mindset at hand. I have worked with Gordon Breault and Roger Breault through the Speakers Bureau of Canada (formerly Speakers Bureau of Alberta) for close to 20 years. I often recommended their services to both clients and to many fellow speakers who are now part of their growing roster. Clients that I have worked with through their bureau have nothing but positive things to say about their entire experience working with them. As one of their foundational speakers, I have seen them grow as they have greatly expanded their outreach and explored innovative new ways to partner with speakers. SBC has a passion for the speaking business and their clients, team and speakers shines through in every interaction. They constantly look for new ways to improve their business model and serve their clients and they get me in front of the right audience every time.”

Mike kerr, B.S.F, CSP, hall of fame business speaker

Federal Government and Provincial Governments, Government of Canada Federal Government and Provincial Governments, Government of the Province of Alberta Federal Government and Provincial Governments, Government of the Province of British Columbia Federal Government and Provincial Governments, Government of the Province of Ontario Federal Government and Provincial Governments, Gouvernement de la Province de Quebec Federal Government and Provincial Governments , Government of the Province of Prince Edward Island Federal Government and Provincial Governments,  Government of the Province of Saskatchewan Federal Government and Provincial Governments, Government of Yukon
“It has been a pleasure to work with the SBC team to find and book speakers for our clients events. They have emerged as a major resource for us when researching speakers and are flexible in supporting each of our clients and the unique processes they have for their events. They have also been able to provide speakers that provide a lot of value to our clients, and we trust their speakers to deliver high level content, tailored for each group we work with. “

Jennie avram, owner, CSP, avram communications & events

Battle River Treaty Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians First Nations Health Authority Okanagan Nations Alliance First Nations University of Canada Grand Council Treaty Number 3 Northern Inter-tribal Health Authority Okanagan Nations Alliance
“I am honoured to have been working with the Speakers Bureau of Canada for many years. The SBC family care about the work they do and have always been there to support and serve me when booked for different events. They are professional, flexible and easy to liaise between myself and the client, to ensure the success of the event. They are consistent to the industry standards in Canada, with the added bonus of having an authentic passion for what they do.I have recommended several speakers become members of SBC, and some of my most valued colleagues are now on the roster”

Deri latimer, bmgt(HR), CSP, conscious leadership & wellness speaker

Scotiabank Cooperators insurance Farm Credit Canada TD Canada Trust Fidelity International Prospera Credit Union Conexus Credit Union Royal Bank of Canada
“I have been working with the SBC team to find and book speakers for over 10 years. They have been excellent in providing support in our needs in researching speakers, connecting us with speakers and coordinating with us for our events with great success. We especially appreciate their connections to Canadian and even more local speakers for any type of event at a variety of price points. They are well networked with a strong reputation in the industry, and we trust them and their speakers at the highest level.”

Stephen allan, executive director, alberta recreation and parks association

Canadian Association of Energy Contractors Association of School Business Officials International Canadian Construction Association Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Canadian Information Processing Society Canadian Patient Safety Institute Canadian Pensions Benefit Institute Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the amazing roster of SBC since 2013. I’ve witnessed their growth and expansion for almost a decade. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s team are highly knowledgeable, personable, professional, relatable, and accountable. They work very hard to ensure that each event has the best and brightest speakers present. I very much appreciate that, as a speaker, I always know that SBC has not only the clients’ interests in mind but also my own which I very much appreciate. SBC remains relevant when it comes to industry trends, standards and ethics and works hard to collaborate within the industry.”

Tina varughese, bcomm, diversity and inclusion speaker

University of McGill University of Alberta Dalhousie University University of Ottawa University of Toronto University of British Columbia Saskatchewan Polytechnic Queens University

What are Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do we do
  • How do we help
  • International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB)

what to expect in working with speakers bureau canada?

Speakers Bureau of Canada offers 30 years’ of experience in collaborating with event planning teams to find, search & book keynote speakers & guest speakers for conferences & events. As Canada’s speaker bureau & talent agency, we interact and work with the worlds and Canada’s top speakers on a regular basis. We can assist organizations in generating ideas for the topic themes or the speaker types that will bring an innovative approach to the event. As a small business, we support each stage of your planning process with effective communication with organizers and our motivational speakers. We care about each speaker with each audience and the success of the event. You can find a speaker on any topic within any budget as we are a one stop shop for organizers to search and book the perfect speaker for the event. Our goal is to understand the needs & expectations of the organization before hiring the speaker – Speakers Canada bureau’s team members and offer an elevated level of professionalism to guide organizing teams to find the right speaker for the right audience. We offer full support and maintain high standards for the services we offer – from the first time you contact us, up until the event takes place. We know event organizers and event professionals are often working full time, while asked by their leaders to find engaging speakers on top of their everyday workload. Collaborating with Speakers Canada saves you time by aligning our services and speaker recommendations with what you hope to achieve in hiring a speaker. Our reputation and our relationships depend on the positive outcomes of each event, and we work hard to maintain trust with each organization and our speakers as a reliable resource for searching, finding, and booking speakers for events.

what role does speakers canada have with the speakers and organizations we work with?

We play many different roles with our clients such as; supporting them with their speaker research for accredited speakers on every topic within different price points, sourcing out speakers for full programs at events, holding funds on behalf of the client until the event takes place, protecting all parties in our agreements, adhere to industry standards for all processes, streamline processes for a smooth process in working with the speaker and act as a mediator to support speakers and clients in case of any discrepancies. We become an extension of your team by getting to know the purpose of the event and what each organization is looking for when hiring the speaker. Most importantly we guarantee a pleasant experience in collaborating with the speaker and the success of the event. We take a small commission from the speaker’s end, as we market them for new opportunities, help them build their marketing materials, manage their schedules etc.

connecting with speakers canada agents & talent

If you are interested in one of our speakers or if you would like us to connect you with a speaker directly, please provide us with your event information, let us know about your audience and if you are looking for a virtual speaker, keynote speaker or workshop speaker. Connecting with one of our talented bureau agents will be the quickest way for us to contact the speaker regarding your event so please email us or if you have time, place a call to us so that we can put you in touch with the speaker to discuss the event details and them speaking at your event. We have one of the largest selections of speakers in Canada, and we can often connect you with one of our speakers within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on quick, timely and efficient communications in support of each organizer throughout their research and decision-making process. We can put organizations in touch with speakers quickly for events coming up on short notice or that require a decision in a brief time frame. We “enable” an accelerated process in researching, finding, and selecting speakers for an event. Collaborating with Speakers Canada brings you an efficient, evaluated and proved process and speaker, which will exceed the expectations of the audience and deliver a powerful life changing keynote or virtual presentation. Our talented bureau agents are here to take your call or request at any time, and we are available for you from first email until after the event. We want to ensure our speaker was a success at your event, and we make sure that all the right processes are adhered to by speakers and the host organization leading up to the event date. it does not matter if you are a corporation, government or association, our mission to serve each organization for any event in Canada.

what can a talented bureau agents from speakers canada do for you?

When looking through the list of speakers on our speaker bureau website, keep in mind that our speaker & talent agents align with each organizations unique event planning & speaker selection process. Speakers Bureau Canada offers transparent, open, and timely communications with clients and event planning teams to support meetings and decisions that support each stage of each process. We work for the event planners & organizing event teams around the clock to be able to coordinate with speakers & decision makers so that we can service Canadian organizations from coast to coast. We take pride in our work & understand the key role we play in supporting event organizers or department leaders at each stage of their planning & decision in selecting the speaker. Speakers Bureau Canada has qualified industry experts that meet speaking industry standards – Take out the risks in planning & holding an event with a speaker by working with a top Canadian talent bureau like the Speakers Bureau of Canada. We streamline each stage of your planning process in selecting and collaborating with the speaker. Our event coordinators and speaker agents can advise on best practices, provide recommendations for the best keynote speakers or virtual speakers, and manage the expectations to meet speaking industry standards to for a smooth process leading up to each event. Our talent and bureau agents are experts at helping event organizers find speakers for events and enable and efficient process in sourcing out and booking speakers for each event.

about our keynote speaker bureau talent & speakers

Originating as a small family business and now a small team set out to continue our path to emerge as Canada’s top place to find speakers & experts, Speakers Bureau of Canada continues to grow our team and our reach within the corporate speaking industry. Our speakers understand the cultural differences of Canadians in each province which enables the audience to feel like the speaker is someone they know or trust, with an internal perspective of the organization and have an established connection with at each conference or event We collaborate with Canada’s leading talent, emerging speakers, industry experts & conference speakers that have the unique ability to combine their experience, personal journey, areas of expertise & maintain a professional approach to deliver powerful keynote presentations that inspire the audience for the unique results that individuals and organizations require in today’s business world. We represent Canada’s top speakers and showcase one of largest network of Canadian professional keynote speakers, guest speakers & public speakers. In collaborating with Speakers Canada, we offer event planners & organizing teams’ opportunities to receive a list of qualified experts & engaging speakers for an event. As one of Canada’s most popular national speaker bureaus, Speakers Bureau Canada has been in a large stage of growth as we work hard to continue to expand our network and curate a speaker roster to offer a fresh perspective that his from Canada for Canadians. We have emerged as a major resource for event planners in finding great keynote speakers and virtual speakers for corporate conferences, events, and meetings.

looking for a speaker you can’t find online or outside of canada?

Canadian partnerships & collaboration for events – As an emerging and well-established motivational speaker bureau in Canada, we have established key relationships with other Canadian talent agencies & speaker bureau’s to be able to access all types of professional speakers & guest speakers for an event. Speakers Bureau Canada has been on a mission to recruit exclusive speakers that we offer clients and bureau partners for their events. SBC’s industry partners focus on speakers at the $20,000 + price points, Speakers Canada can contact Canadian speaker bureau partners and their speakers to learn the speaker fees or check availability of a speaker outside of our network. We have built our roster from the “ground up” per say and are working to continue to build our roster to represent unique speakers that are not on every bureau. We are continuing to establish strong relationships with other talent agencies in Canada while at the same time searching for new speakers that can deliver inspiring results for each audience at conferences & events. International partnerships & speaking industry trends – We are a member of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus’ (IASB). IASB offers Speakers Canada the opportunity to sample motivational talks and speeches from the most in demand speakers. Through our membership, we network, collaborate & partner with speaker bureau’s & talent agencies from all around the world to access a network of over 7,500 speakers to collaborate for event opportunities with each other’s speakers. How do i book a famous speaker or get a celebrity to talk at an event? Need big name keynote speakers for a big corporate conference or event? No problem. Speakers Canada can find you any speaker for any event no matter how popular the speaker or how hard they are to contact if they are a celebrity. We network with the world’s leading celebrity talent & sports agents to give us access to Canada’s trending speakers & the world’s top celebrity keynote speakers, political speakers, famous speakers, influencers, Sports speakers, Actors, Celebrity speakers & icons around the world. We access insights on the latest trends within the events industry & hottest keynote speakers, so that we can continue our role in bringing the most recent knowledge & education that draw a large audiences & impact organizations for each large conferences & trade shows in Canada.

why use the speakers bureau of canada?

Our representatives are experts at keeping up with conference events, podcasts, creative content, previous presentations & event formats such as in person, virtual or hybrid events. As we book engaging Canadian speakers for a wide variety of organizations, we collect, research and share speaking industry trends for presentation topics, event formats and have unique insights into which speakers will be the best fit for each audience. We bring continuously search for the top talent and motivational speakers to add to our roster to offer Canadian audiences a fresh perspective for all types of Canadian events, organizations, and audiences. We also find unique speakers & thought leaders that keep up with the latest research on different topics so that when working with one of our speakers we can provide audiences with progressive, relevant, and practical insights that work for today’s fast paced business operations. Speakers Bureau of Canada shares current ideas and guide event organizing teams to maximize their investment for each opportunity when hiring a keynote speaker or virtual speaker. We connect you with any speaker at an early stage, to ensure that planning teams get a full understanding of the approach to the content, iron out any logistics and most importantly, make sure that the speaker you work with is the right fit for the audience and will meet the session requirements. We keep up to date with trending speakers, new speakers, and industry experts to find Canada’s top talent and speakers to hire them to our bureau We are on a mission to impact every Canadian through our inspirational speakers that motivate, educate, and inspire mindset shifts and behavioural changes that organizations require, which we believe plays a role in shifting the direction of our nation.

why book a speaker from speakers bureau canada?

SPEAKERS’S BUREUAU CANADA HAS TOP ENGAGING CANADIAN SPEAKERS FOR CANADIAN AUDIENCES. We only collaborate with qualified experts so that we can offer clients a proven list of talent & speakers for any topic or presentation format. Our Keynote Speaker Bureau offers meeting planners & event organizing teams a credible resource of Canada’s most successful speakers & proven talent for different topics. Our motivational speakers a fresh perspective to inspire audiences to make the changes required for the future of the organization. We continuously transform & adapt our roster of speakers to meet the unique needs or each organization & the current events in Canada. Our keynote speakers, virtual speakers, workshop facilitators, training seminar leaders, event hosts/emcee’s, moderators & panelists are some of Canada’s most unique individuals that inspire positive impact for results that audiences can implement at work and in their lives. As a Canadian speaker bureau, we have stuck to the roots of current events, industry trends & hire speakers that speak to the needs of each audience. We carefully curated a unique roster of Canadian speakers & talent for events for any topic or event theme. Through this work, we continue to work with leading motivational keynote speakers that address audiences of all sizes at conferences & conventions in Canada. Through their powerful storytelling, authentic presentation style, appropriate humor, ability to research to understand the organizational challenges and the professional approach leading up to each event, our motivational speakers engage the audience to draw them so that they can emphasize the learning objectives and outcomes within the presentation. Furthermore, our motivational speakers in Canada understand the current events, geographic locations, and organizational needs of Canadian organizations.

types of organizations we work with in canada

We provide speakers for corporate business, government, association & non-profit events At Speakers Bureau Canada, we are a reliable and reputable resource for organizations in Canada to find and book speakers for their events. We focus on high-quality services and offer a diverse range of talent, allowing us to support a wide range of organizations. We continuously update our roster to represent the speakers and topics that are shaping our industry. By building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, we have established a strong foundation of trust and mutual benefit, which helps to ensure the success of events with our speakers. As a client-focused organization, our team has a passion for the important role we play, and we are committed to equipping ourselves with the knowledge and skills to improve the services we offer. We are a credible and dependable resource for organizations to find speakers who can bring fresh perspectives and positively impact the learning and development of attendees. Speakers Bureau Canada (SBC) is a full-service speakers bureau and talent agency that exclusively represents the interests of event professionals, event organizers, and meeting planners. We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you find, search, select, hire, and book in-person and virtual keynote speakers for conferences and events. As a top Canadian speakers bureau, we have developed strong relationships with a wide range of organizations and are a major resource for all Canadian businesses seeking speakers for their events. Whether you are a small business or a large international corporation, our corporate motivational speakers and corporate keynote speakers can help to create mindset shifts and behavioural change for your corporate audience. We value relationships and are constantly seeking out talent and speakers to support event professionals to continue to provide speakers for their events. We have helped human resource professionals, CEOs, and leadership teams to find and book speakers for annual general meetings and conferences. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible speakers for your event, helping you to create a successful and impactful experience for your attendees at corporate meetings. We have experience in the speaking industry and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support to help organizations find engaging motivational keynote speakers in Canada. Our team is enthusiastic to expand our knowledge, reach, network, and services we offer for our industry. We have successfully booked thousands of events with our speakers and are committed to helping our clients find and book the right speaker for each event and their audience. The Speakers Bureau of Canada is a major resource for businesses and corporations as it provides access to a wide range of high-quality speakers and talent who can deliver engaging presentations and workshops for a variety of events. Our team has experience in the speaking industry and is dedicated to helping businesses and corporations of all sizes find the right speaker for their needs. We have established strong relationships with clients and have a reputation for providing exceptional customer support, making us a trusted resource for businesses and corporations looking to book speakers for their events. We have also successfully collaborated with many North American, Canadian, Provincial, and Regional Professional Trade Associations and membership organizations to provide motivational keynote speakers for their annual conferences. Our conference motivational speakers, virtual conference speakers, and conference keynote speakers are popular choices for association conferences, such as those for Professional Engineers, Accountants, Agriculture, and Teachers. We also have the privilege of serving Municipal, Provincial, and Federal government agencies, departments, and programs to find motivational speakers and virtual keynote speakers for their events. We provide speakers for government agencies, departments, and programs, with a range of options including keynote speakers, virtual speakers, and bilingual speakers to meet the needs of public servants and public workers in the public sector. Our team is dedicated to maintaining an updated roster of talent and speakers to appeal to any Canadian organization, to inspire, engage, and empower individuals for positive change. As a professional speaker agency, the Speakers Bureau of Canada has been supporting organizations to find motivational speakers for their events since 1999. Our mission is to inspire, engage, and empower Canadians through our speakers, and we have worked with international, national, and regional audiences to achieve this goal. We have emerged as one of Canada’s most trusted resources for leading organizations, and we are dedicated to helping our clients find the right speaker, at the right time, with the right message for the right audience. Whether you are planning a conference, corporate event, or business meeting, our team at Speakers Bureau Canada is here to help connect you to speakers who can inspire your audience, engage them to new outcomes and empower them with solutions and insights that will shape their careers. Our speakers help bring the employee to commit to the personal and organizational success. They help teams and leaders discover their full potential, with a synergized approach to commit and perform to achieve the goals of the company. At Speakers Bureau Canada, we believe that the right speaker can leave a life-changing impact, with measurable results for years after each presentation. Our experienced team of agents has a wealth of knowledge in the speaking industry and is committed to providing exceptional customer support from the first inquiry up to the day of the event. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, budget, location, and theme in order to find the right speaker for the audience at each event. We are confident that we can find the perfect speaker for your event and booking our talent will ensure the success of the event.

we have speakers for virtual events, hybrid events & in person meetings.

No matter what type of event you are planning for, Speakers Canada’s has been able to curate a roster of professional speakers that are expert presenters for virtual events and in person conferences. We are always hiring and finding Canada’s leading talent & speakers that deliver practical insights to motivate, educate and engage the audience to make the change in their lives and at work. Whether you are hiring a virtual speaker, motivational speaker, or guest speaker, we can offer a list of qualified experts that are trending within different topics or with specific audiences. Our virtual keynote speakers are engaging, our motivational speakers are entertaining, and our guest speakers are informative giving you a wide variety of choices of the approach to the event format and to assist organizations in deciding on how to plan their event.

what makes the speakers bureau of canada different than another talent bureau agency in canada?

We work hard to educate and motivate each audience at each event through the speaker. Most public speaker agencies in Canada focus on the highest paid speakers in our industry who only book speakers for a one-hour keynote, or work with speakers from all over North America which does not achieve the outcomes for each organization. Our focus is to connect Canadian audiences with Canada’s top speakers and bureau talent. Our motivational keynote speakers share Canadian perspectives that resonate with the current trends for events in our nation. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s team and speakers understand the regional differences within Canada. Our focus is on hiring Canadian talent and to represent speakers from Canada that appeal to all audiences for any topic within budget no matter what size the audience or organization. The Speakers Bureau of Canada offers you engaging speakers, emerging talent, qualified experts, interactive webinar speakers and high-level keynote speakers to be able to support each organization, each audience at each event. Our speakers represent the diversity of Canadians and speak to the needs of each Canadian at virtual/webinars or in person keynote or conference events. Speakers Canada’s speakers offer the value that organizations require when they hire a speaker, and each professional speaker will deliver a tailored presentation for each audience. Our speakers can also deliver follow-up webinars, board meetings, round table discussions and breakout sessions to give your audience members life changing and long-lasting impact. Through our talent and speakers, we are set to change the lives of every Canadian at each conference, corporate meeting, and event in Canada.

how we are experts at finding the right speaker for the right audience?

We hire speakers that combine an external perspective with the internal objectives for each audience and organization. Keynote speakers & motivational speakers in Canada that use their personal journey, education, experience, areas of expertise, prominent level of professionalism & powerful presentation ability to share practical insights that speak to inspire the results each organization has planned for to create a shift in their people or culture through an external perspective. We can access the highest level of sports celebrity speakers, public figures or Canadian icons and we also have Canada’s top selection of upcoming speakers, consultant speakers and professional speakers for conferences and events. Our speakers offer tailored experiences for the audience at each event, and we do not hire a speaker unless they have the capability to customize the content of their presentation. Our Canadian motivational speakers work for and with you leading up to each event. They will incorporate today’s lates research that meet the needs of the organization with an elevated level of knowledge, expertise, and presentation ability to make a great presentation. We work with department heads, leaders, and supervisors to guide them through their speaker selection process, put them in touch with any potential speaker at an early stage and play the role of professional matchmaking between Canadian speakers, audiences, and organizations.

speakers breuau of canada members of the international association of speaker bureaus?

Yes. The Speakers Bureau of Canada are proud members of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB). The International Association of Speakers Bureaus, a global network that brings together the leading speaker bureaus in Canada, USA, and Europe. As a nonprofit trade membership organization for speakers, agents, managers, and CEO’s, IASB connects speaker bureaus, speaker management companies, talent management agencies, with one another to strategize, partner and collaborate to better serve the speaking industry in Canada, North America and around the world.

who is the international association of speakers bureaus?

The International Association of Speakers Bureaus are a niche group of leaders in the speaking industry. IASB offers a global network of speakers, agents, and talent to provide leadership in the talent and speaker bureau industry, advice on speaking industry trends, ethical standards, education, resources, and bureau partnerships with other organizations in the meetings and events industry worldwide. Through our partnerships, we are able to locate the best speakers for any event in Canada or around the world.

what are the advantaves of working with speakers buraus who are members of the iasb

There are many advantages to working with a speakers bureaus in Canada, especially of they are a part of IASB. We are Canadian agents, with the exclusive representation the top and best professional speakers in Canada. We are consultants, meeting planners and event planners, with high ethics, providing our organizations and speakers with sound advice in selecting the best and most relevant speaker for their event. We are brokers, partnering with the most important speaker bureaus in Canada, United States and Europe. We access and help you find great speakers for corporate events with more than 39,000 international speakers from all around the world. We are experts and executors, handling the speaker booking process from start to finish, ensuring a flawless execution and a successful and engaging presentation with each audience. We work hand in hand with the speaker, providing them with comprehensive information and a personal service to ensure that they can focus on delivering a powerful keynote presentation to create a memorable experience with each audience. We manage logistics, data and research industry and trends for topics, and innovative ideas, to ensure the topic and speaker is the right fit, for the right audience at the right time.
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