Ruggero Romano

Documentarian & Homelessness Expert

Meet Ruggero Romano, Inspiring Italian documentarian, facilitator and show host with a dynamic and passionate outlook on life and all its challenges. Ruggero’s expertise derives from years of on-the-field work through his long journey of collaboration with under privileged and under-represented communities making his film “V6A”, Ruggero Ramano has come to listen to, interview, and support a wide range of individuals at risk, getting to experience first hand individual and collective resiliency.  collaborating with under- privileged and under-represented communities during the making of his film “V6A”. It is from that experience that Ruggero draws substantial messages that complement the individual experience though collective awareness, team building and socially-relevant storytelling.

In 2016, Ruggero Romano landed as an new immigrant to Canada and his first job as a dishwasher connected him to the struggle of everyday life.  It was then that he devoting himself to filmmaking and storytelling for transformational purposes. As a skilful storyteller driven by authenticity, enthusiasm and optimism, he has been called to engage with businesses, organizations and educational institutions after releasing his feature film “V6A”, designed to dissolve the stigma projected onto homelessness, addiction and mental health. After releasing the film,  Ruggero Romano has been asked to talk at over 30 events in just one year to communicate and educate the meaningful values associated with mental health, resiliency and motivation across a multitude of groups, teams and communities. Ruggero’s engagement meets the balance between education, entertainment and inspiration, where interactivity, film and anecdotes ground the most important attitudinal values of our time.

Topic Presentations

Through this “Home redefining” journey, Ruggero will dissolve the stigma projected onto Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health: this is the ultimate bias-dissolution activity. The message explores de-stigmatisation in innovative ways rooted in play, storytelling and connectivity. Showcasing, commenting and interacting with the most substantial scenes from “V6A”, Ruggero will take the audience on a journey of stigma recognition and dissolution to create a space for meaningful connection with under-privileged communities.

While dissolving the stigma projected onto Homelessness, the audience will also get to shape their own concept of Home, to apply it in their own individual and professional life. What differentiates Ruggero’s approach to the topic at hand is the intimacy, awareness and trust he built with the under-privileged community in DTES Vancouver: we believe and support his authentic, truthful and enveloped sensibility towards homelessness and its surrounding themes.

Through this presentation, the audience will achieve 2 incredibly important milestones for personal and collective functionality:

  • Destigmatisation of Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health

  • Redefinition of Home for individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Meaningfully define individual and collective “Home”.

  • Familiarize and integrate the concept of Home for the individual and collectives in the workplace.

  • Finally destigmatize the mainstream unhealthy narrative on homelessness.


The answer lies in what Ruggero calls “The Diet of Self”: we eat emotions, we drink energy, we breathe stories. Ruggero sees this diet as the invisible that makes us visible. It’s what makes us human. Through this multi-faceted, yet simple outlook on individual and collective health, Ruggero explores the elements of human understanding and functionality to redefine the narrative of groups, teams and communities.

You will learn:

  • How to integrate the 3 aspects of individual and collective health into the workplace

  • Why these 3 health languages impact your lifestyle on a daily basis

  • The Diet fo Self as a language for integrity, innovation and optimism

  • Through this carefully studied presentation, Ruggero will create a healing space and
    prevent future burnouts through the simple, relatable and applicable language of the Diet
    of Self.


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