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What is the Speakers Bureau of Canada?

What is the Speakers Bureau of Canada? SBC is a speakers’ agency that represents and networks with Canadian speakers and Canadian Clients. We are committed to auditing speakers before we put them forward for an event, so that we can get a personal understanding of their speaker ability and their presentation material. The Speakers Bureau […]

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7 Bad Habits for Public Speaking and the #1 Secret to Successful

7 Bad Habits for Public Speaking & the #1 Secret to Successful Presentations

7 Bad Habits for Public Speaking & the #1 Secret to Successful Presentations Imagine you’ve just concluded your keynote speech as a professional public speakers. You’ve done the prerequisite vocal exercises, your notes are committed to memory, and you know your target audience’s exact demographic. You know your message is going to resonate within the […]

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4 Ways to Promote Your Keynote Speaker

4 Ways to Promote Keynote Speaker

4 Ways to Promote Keynote Speaker   Whether you’re looking to attract a crowd for your annual charity event or work on team-building within your organization, one of the largest attractions to your event is the centerfold: the keynote speaker. Proper promotion can drive a ton of foot traffic to your event and build excitement for […]

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4 Vital Tactics that Improve Public Speaking

4 Vital Tactics that Improve Public Speaking

4 Vital Tactics that Improve Public Speaking   No matter who you are, or what you do for a living, you’re going to make mistakes.  It’s part of human nature!  Luckily, we’re also very adaptable.  Which means even if you forget your lines during a keynote presentation, you can recover and become a better keynote […]

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The Best Time to Hire a Public Speaker

The Best Time to Hire a Public Speaker

When is the best time to hire a public speaker? When you Hire a Public Speaker for your event it can get expensive if you aren’t prepared, and getting the speaker you want can be difficult. Worse yet, hiring a speaker last minute can easily turn the best motivational speakers into an eyesore for the […]

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How Hiring a Speaker Early Saves You Time and Money

How Hiring a Speaker Early Saves You Money & Time

How Hiring a Speakers Early Saves You Money & Time The earlier you contact your speaker the better.  Everyone needs time to plan, so hiring a speaker early saves you time and money. Like most industries, you’re paying top dollar for last minute presentations.  Booking times directly affect the price the you pay.  The more […]

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Speakers Gold

News Release - Speakers Gold and Speakers Bureau of Canada

News Release The Speakers Bureau of Canada (SBC) and Speakers Gold (SG) announce that we have agreed to collaborate to offer a well-rounded array of expert presenters on relevant topics for our bookings. The Speakers Bureau of Canada is the nation’s newest bureau. We were formerly known as the Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©, one of […]

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Dr. Patricia Makokis is an expert on Indigenous matters in Canada

Dr. Patricia Makokis is an expert on Indigenous matters in Canada.  She has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of San Diego. Patricia is an Indigenous Cree and proud of it. She lives on the Saddle Lake Reserve in North-East Alberta. As a graduate in Education at the University of Alberta, she was recently […]

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Steve Foran Receives CSP Designation

Steve Foran of Nova Scotia and Member of the Speakers Bureau of Canada has recently received his designation as a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speaking Association. The CSP designation is the speaking profession’s highest international measure of professional platform competence. Clients can reliably hire Steve as being one of the best of the […]

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Paul Verhesen Knows the Construction Business Like No Other

Paul Verhesen knows the construction business like no other. Paul is the CEO of Clark Builders, one of the largest and most successful industrial, commercial and institutional construction companies in Western Canada.  Clark Builders has been active in throughout Canada including in Toronto, Nunavut, the North-West Territories, Calgary, BC, Saskatchewan and Edmonton.V Verhesen is a […]

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Charmaine Hammond Earns the Certified Speaking Professional Designation

    CSP Charmaine Hammond Earns the Certified Speaking Professional Designation (CSP) May 15, 2017–Charmaine Hammond, professional speaker and bestselling author  has earned the CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional) designation. Established in 1980, the CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. About 12 percent of the speakers worldwide hold this professional […]

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Jim Hole is an exclusive Member of the Speakers Bureau of Canada

JimHoleis an exclusive Member ofthe Speakers Bureau of Canada .  Jim is co-owner of The Enjoy Centre in Saint Albert, Alberta. The Enjoy Centre has won numerous awards including the 2015 Venue of the Year, the prestigious (International Horticultural Producer) IHPH Award  for its horticultural and environmental innovations. The Enjoy Centre is world renowned. It […]

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Charmaine Hammond Earns the Certified Speaking Professional Designation

Charmaine Hammond Earns the Certified Speaking Professional Designation The Speakers Bureau of Canada  (SBC) is pleased and proud to announce that professional speaker, Charmaine Hammond and member of the Speakers Bureau of Canada has earned her Certified Speaking Professional designation in May of 2017.  Congratulations from SBC and our speaker community!   Established in 1980, […]

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Valerie Cade is recognized world-wide as one of the top experts on the subject of Workplace Bullying

Valerie Cade  is recognized world-wide as one of the top experts on the subject of Workplace Bullying. In Canada, one in six employees are bullied, according to the Canada Safety Council. Employers are beginning to take steps to make bullying as unthinkable as sexual harassment or drunkenness. In addition, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan have made […]

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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Blog for Patricia and Janice Makokis   The Spring 2017 issue of the University of Alberta’s Alumni Magazine, New Trail, features contributing editors, Dr. Patricia Makokis and her daughter and lawyer,  Janice Makokis on the subject of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Together they ask readers to face the Truth. More than 150,000 Indigenous […]

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Truth First: Before Healing, Before Reconciliation

Truth First: Before Healing, Before Reconciliation The Spring 2017 issue of the University of Alberta’s Alumni Magazine, New Trail, features contributing editors, Dr. Patricia Makokis and her daughter and lawyer,  Janice Makokis on the subject of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Dr. Patricia Makokis Member Speakers Bureau of Canada   Together they ask readers […]

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Andrea Holwegner Won The Peanut Bureau of Canada Award For Her Recipe Of a Cocoa Bar

Andrea Holwegner won The Peanut Bureau of Canada Award for her recipe of a Cocoa Bar. She is one of a handful of registered dieticians in Canada that is a great public speaker. She also won a prestigious Award given by the Dieticians of Canada for excellence in public instruction about nutrition and consumer education. […]

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Wade Sorochan – Mental Health Expert

Wade Sorochan is a well-known radio personality in Edmonton and is recognized as one of the best mental health experts in Alberta. Wade Sorochan was the first broadcaster to use music to enhance a radio talk show and has interviewed numerous celebrities, politicians and everyday people for over 35 years. Wade Sorochan is recently divorced […]

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Cheryl Bernard: Writing Your Story by being Resilient

Cheryl Bernard is an Olympic medalist, award winning curler, and one of Canada’s most recognizable inspirational sports speakers.She’s since retired from curling, but her athletic accomplishments span 4 Alberta Women’s Championships, TSN Skins finalist, a silver medal in the 2010 Olympics where she proudly represented Canada. Curling wasn’t always the focus of her heart and […]

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Charmaine Hammond: Bouncing Forward – Team Solutions for Resiliency

Through the power of positivity, Charmaine Hammond helps people and teams through tough times, and transforms them back to a happier version of themselves.  That helps them get back to being a positive and function part of the group, no matter what the situation may be through her interactive team solutions presentations. Charmaine Hammond has […]

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Carrie Doll: Engaging Corporate Events

Carrie Doll – Speakers Bureau of Canada In the business world, corporate events are the bread and butter of social networking, business expansion, and team building. Not only do they provide a wealth of opportunity to the organization at hand, they create a huge impact in the industry. That is, if they’re interesting. Far too […]

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Byron Smith - See You At The Top

Byron Smith is an award-winning businessman, accomplished adventurer, and one of Alberta Canada’s leading motivational sports speakers. Byron Smith has scaled the Seven Summits, which are the highest mountains on each continent, and uses that physically challenging experience to craft keynote presentations and stories that detail calculated risk, commitment, and success. Byron Smith also serves […]

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Bruno Wiskel - ABCDEFG: Farming for Growth

Bruno Wiskel is an award-winning farmer, geological consultant, and Canada’s leading agricultural inspirational keynote speaker. Bruno spent 30 years of his career consulting geologists on environmental law. In 1988 he was laid-off from work, so he purchased a half-section of land that spans less than 40 acres 150 km north of Edmonton, and grew his […]

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Getting Back to Nature with Brian Keating

Nature is our most precious asset. No matter what walk of life we choose to take, nature will always serve a guiding light for our spirits and our minds. Brian Keating serves as a reminder of that message. As a person who is deeply passionate about health, science, and the environment—Brian Keating has worked with […]

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Brian Brennan: The Evolution of Personal Interest in Journalism in Today’s Digital Landscape

Brian Brennan is an award-winning journalist, author, traveling musician, civil service worker, broadcaster, worker’s union advocate, and featured keynote speaker. Born in postwar middle-class Dublin Ireland on October 4, 1943, Brian was faced with the classic “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question from his mother. He had an answer ready: […]

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Bob Hooey: Lead By Example

There are very few true go-getters out there now-a-days, but that’s exactly what you get from Bob Hooey. As one of the premiere business keynote speakers, Bob Hooey gets your team out of their comfort zone in favor of “the winners circle.” If you are look for business motivational speakers with drive and a sense […]

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Beckie Scott: Teamwork: The Cure to Adversity

100 kids were introduced to competitive cross-country skiing on Friday, January 20th.  Children from nearby First Nations traveled to Tawatina, Alta for a cross-country ski race hosted by Ski Fit North. Olympian Beckie Scott is the program director at Ski Fit North.  She is a gold medal winner from the 2002 Olympics, 17 time world […]

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Barbara May: Roll with Life’s Punches

Barbara May is an award-winning business coach, educator, team building expert, and one of Northern America’s pioneering team building speakers.  Her diverse career spans 2 decades of experience in education, from school counselor and special education teacher to executive director and sports consultant. Her career arc also includes roles in entertainment, non-profit management, government (serving […]

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Ann Dowsett Johnston: From Policies to Remedies

Ann Dowsett Johnston is an award-winning journalist, author, and an internationally recognized education keynote and workshop speaker on addictions. Her career is as diverse as her passions, spanning from public policy matters to mental health awareness, and education. She’s been an active, prolific voice in publishing circles across Canada. Ann Dowsett Johnston’s signature work in […]

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Andrea Holwegner - Happy, Healthy and Energetic

Andrea Holwegner: Happy, Healthy and Energetic keynote and workshop speaker understands and conveys that good health is the key to success.  Health motivational speakers like Andrea understand the importance of a healthy diet and how to speak to those health-conscious consumers.  From sourcing your healthy food to the useful side of a burgers and fries, […]

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Alvin Law: Start an Attitude Revolution

Alvin Law is a Hall-of-Fame motivational inspirational speaker and attitude expert.  He uses the power of storytelling to challenge and inspire his audiences with real life experiences, adversity and achievements. Alvin is a living, breathing testament to the power of attitude.  He breaks through the self-imposed blockages we’ve all endured, whether it’s about who we […]

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Allan Kehler: Empowering People to Live

Allan Kehler is a prolific keynote speaker and author who aims to empower his audiences to live as opposed to merely exist.  Among one of the more engaging and captivating Canadian keynote and workshop speakers, Allan’s style has allowed him to conduct hundreds of presentations while gaining recognition nationwide. Having spent most of his life […]

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Alice Wheaton - Sales Strategy and Stress - Free Selling

Alice Wheaton is one of the most accomplished Top Line Turnaround experts and keynote speakers for sales and customer service in North America.  Her humble beginnings start in a rural fishing town in Northern Newfoundland gave Alice Wheaton the determination and resourcefulness needed to make an impact.  She took that dedication and drive into a medical […]

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