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Andrea Holwegner Won The Peanut Bureau of Canada Award For Her Recipe Of a Cocoa Bar

Andrea Holwegner won The Peanut Bureau of Canada Award for her recipe of a Cocoa Bar. She is one of a handful of registered dieticians in Canada that is a great public speaker. She also won a prestigious Award given by the Dieticians of Canada for excellence in public instruction about nutrition and consumer education. She is a frequent expert presenter for CBC and CTV.

Her presentations are always humourous and chalk full of great information that go far beyond diets, and nutrition. She inspires audiences to change their lives, their directions and to regain motivation to renew their commitment to become a better person – both in the workplace and at home. Andrea is also a distinguished Member of the Chatelaine Magazine Health Advisory Board and an active Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Calgary Chapter.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada is proud to represent Andrea Holwegner. She has an important message for Canadians and people world-wide. She is an effective presenter and she gets accolades from our clients wherever we advance her.

By Roger Breault,

President of the Speakers Bureau of Canada

June 2nd, 2017