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Wade Sorochan – Mental Health Expert

Wade Sorochan is a well-known radio personality in Edmonton and is recognized as one of the best mental health experts in Alberta. Wade Sorochan was the first broadcaster to use music to enhance a radio talk show and has interviewed numerous celebrities, politicians and everyday people for over 35 years.

Wade Sorochan is recently divorced and is now living by himself. In an effort to combat the loneliness he turned to social media. However, Wade found that social media actually increased his symptoms of anxiety and depression.  He says, “Social media makes him feel less accepted” as a result of all the ideals he is constantly bombarded with. Seeing post on Facebook of his peers in the perfect light and comparing them to himself made Wade Sorochan feel worse about himself and his situation.

This led Wade to write his first book Unsocial Media: Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety. The self-published book explores the emotions attached to social media and emphasizes that only real world communication can satisfy your emotional and social needs.

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Written By Gordon Breault,
Executive Director,
Speakers Bureau of Canada
Dec 22nd, 2016