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Charmaine Hammond: Bouncing Forward – Team Solutions for Resiliency

Through the power of positivity, Charmaine Hammond helps people and teams through tough times, and transforms them back to a happier version of themselves.  That helps them get back to being a positive and function part of the group, no matter what the situation may be through her interactive team solutions presentations.

Charmaine Hammond has over two decades of speaker experience, and for many, is the one of the elite female team building speakers.  Her Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis & Management helps Charmaine Hammond get to the root of problems quickly and effectively.  There she can help your team move past their fears, and get back to what really matters, working together.

With multiple degrees and multiple awards, Charmaine Hammond comes equipped to help your team through any time of strife. Her resilience and team solution presentations  will inspire and teach your audience on how to Bounce Forward together through a synergistic approach. Her stories and ideas help wounded teams bounce back strong, and even stand stronger than before.

You get a wealth of knowledge when you higher keynote motivational speakers like Charmaine Hammond.  18 years of business ownership, multiple degrees, a spot as a community development specialist for municipal governments and non-profit organizations, and two decades of speaking experience make sure your team walk away uplifted and motivated and practical team solutions to bring your organization to the next level.

Team Solutions for Resilience is an attribute that you can learn, and Charmaine Hammond is the keynote business speaker that can teach it.  After surviving a near death sailing accident, Charmaine discovered the secrets to resilience and surviving life, business, and the challenges of each day.

Follow Charmaine Hammond as she takes you on a journey and outlines the five lessons she learned on the day that almost took her life.  No matter who you are, workplaces, teams, professional and business success, you can learn a thing or two from Charmaine Hammond about building resilience in your team.  Let your team enjoy the speeches that over 200,000 people worldwide have experienced.

Bounce Forward and chart your course to resilience with Charmaine Hammond, and get your give your team the gift of resilience.  The ability to take a challenge and turn it into a goal, and take the work impossible out of your team vocabulary.

Take a bit of time to learn more about Charmaine Hammond and her many team solutions and leadership oriented keynote and workshop speeches. You can find all of her information on her profile at the Speakers Bureau of Canada. Charmaine is an industry expert on teamwork, team building and resiliency.

Learn about her awards winning presentations, industry recognition’s, degrees, certifications, and get a more personal feel for her uplifting style and presentation.  View breakdowns and read previews for her keynote speeches and workshops.

Whether you are looking for an impactful speech about leadership, or trying to get through a major conflict, Charmaine Hammond will lead you to practical solutions for Respect, teamwork, and conflict resolution and are the cornerstone of her impactful and uplifting work.

Minimizing conflict helps you produce results and increase productivity. Let Charmaine bring team solutions to your organization through her interactive sessions.

By Roger Breault,
President, Speakers Bureau of Canada,
Jan 6th, 2017