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Jim Hole is an exclusive Member of the Speakers Bureau of Canada

JimHoleis an exclusive Member ofthe Speakers Bureau of Canada .  Jim is co-owner of The Enjoy Centre in Saint Albert, Alberta. The Enjoy Centre has won numerous awards including the 2015 Venue of the Year, the prestigious (International Horticultural Producer) IHPH Award  for its horticultural and environmental innovations.

The Enjoy Centre is world renowned. It includes large greenhouses, a wellness spa, a garden centre, a convention/wedding space, a restaurant featuring locally produced food, a deli, a kitchen store, a wine store, a bakery, locally produced organic food, a small museum devoted to the Hole family, and direct access to the Lois Hole Provincial Park. It takes advantage of the water it collects, solar energy and it uses old bricks from the historic Molson Building Downtown Edmonton to create passive energy (heated) corridors on its outside. It is located in Saint Albert, Alberta, Canada.