Peter Brown

Expert Master of Ceremonies and Awards Host

Peter Brown has always had one foot in two different worlds. By day, he’s spent two decades as an award-winning radio host, celebrated for his intellectual curiosity, thorough research and intelligent questions. By night, he’s a quick-witted comic improviser. As an Emcee, Peter Brown brings the best of both. An experienced producer, Peter works closely with clients to get a clear sense of their goals. He develops a sharp, clear script. When it comes time to deliver, he’s a master of reading the room. And his quick wit and inclusive humour keep things on track no matter what happens. In fact Peter’s clients often say his spontaneous “saves” are highlights of their event.

Brown’s career started after he studied at the University of Saskatchewan where he had the opportunity to do graduate work in English at the University of Cambridge. This involved long hours poring over 17th century manuscripts, and in his spare time doing comedy sketches. Those years led to both a Master’s Degree in Literature and a comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe that was featured on BBC Radio. After returning to Canada, Peter Brown became a producer and host for CBC. This is where Brown’s career took off as he got to develop his skills on multiple platforms. He got to interview Prime Ministers, premiers, scientists, artists, athletes, business leaders, and “ordinary” people doing remarkable things. He worked hard to craft interviews that were well-researched, challenging and revealing. There were serious days too, and moments of grief and tragedy.

Peter Brown also had the opportunity to create moments of entertainment and fun. When former listeners talk to him now, they mention memorable moments of spontaneity and adaptability when conversations and interviews went off the rails or took an unexpected tangent. Peter Brown hosted CBC Edmonton’s afternoon radio show Radio Active, where his intelligence and humour won him a loyal audienceHe also hosted music and culture shows, and for seven seasons led the creative team on the award-winning comedy program The Irrelevant Show and is the only person to appear on both The Debaters and Ideas.

Peter is most proud of heading the creative and production teams on The Irrelevant Show as it was a great combination of science and art. His job was to tune a complicated production machine in the service of some cleverly observed sketches and occasional goofy jokes. There was nothing more satisfying than turning a phone conversation in November into a fully-produced radio sketch that was heard across the country in January.

As a comedian Peter Brown has written for many TV sketches and programs. He regularly performs with Edmonton’s improvised comedy soap opera “Die Nasty” among other shows. That rare combination of skills makes him a sought-after Emcee, with clients who bring him back year after year. Peter Brown thrives on creating a strong, clear plan, and also shines if the plan ever falls apart: his quick-witted humour keeps events on track, and creates memorable moments of fun and connection.

Peter Brown is no longer with CBC and has committed himself to Podcasting, Improv Shows, Playwriting and Keynote Presentations and Hosting Conferences/Events. He is passionate in bringing his skills and interests to any project, organization or cause. He excels in combining research and production skills with an element of performance. He is an expert at adapting to challenging situations, being in the moment, and reacting spontaneously. A lot of it boils down to the same path: asking the right questions, developing a solid plan, executing the details, and making people laugh along the way.

Topic Presentations

You can hire a broadcaster to give your event professional polish, you can hire a comic to make it light-hearted and entertaining, or you can hire Peter Brown and get both. Peter brings a rare combination of skills to emceeing events and conferences.

ASKING YOU THE RIGHT QUESTIONS:  The same qualities that made Peter an outstanding CBC radio host and producer – his thorough research, intelligence and clarity as a communicator – make him an exceptional emcee for any function. Well in advance of your event, Peter will talk to you about your organization, what you’re hoping to achieve and what role he can play in helping you reach those goals. As an experienced producer and host, Peter knows what questions to ask to define the “bullseye” of your event. And if you’re looking for suggestions about structure, writing, tone or lineup, you’re talking to the right person.

BRINGING YOUR EVENT TO LIFE: Peter also has a great track record as a comedy performer and improviser. He’ll help you build a strong script, but he’ll also have the presence of mind to roll with surprises. So when a panelist is running late, or a last-second introduction or announcement is needed, or when things go totally off the rails, Peter will deliver with clarity and confidence, and often turn what could be an awkward situation into a moment of shared humour. Whatever’s happening in the room, he’ll react with gentle, inclusive humour and find moments of fun without detracting from the business at hand.

THE WHOLE PACKAGE: It all adds up to a well-organized presentation that’s clear, calm, accessible and entertaining. That’s why Peter’s clients bring him back year after year – they know they can trust him to make their event run smoothly, to roll with the punches and to strike the perfect balance between serious information and humour.


The Irrelevant Show was one of CBC Radio’s most successful comedy programs. It drew an audience of more than 750,000 listeners per week, won multiple Canadian Comedy Awards and sold out theatres across Canada. The Irrelevant Show’s award-winning musical team, led by Peter Brown and resident composer/pianist Jan Randall, wrote more than 50 songs for national broadcast. These were often highlights of their live shows and they received countless requests for copies and even sheet music. As they have demonstrated during their years on CBC, they know how to craft comedy that’s light-hearted and inclusive – if they sing or do an improv skit about an individual in your organization, they’ll definitely want a copy to play for their family later on.

In seven seasons on air, they recorded more than a thousand sketches and songs. So whatever your group or event, they have material that will strike a chord with your audience. They have done numerous sketches about sports, medicine, education, politics and the legal system. Beyond that, many of their greatest hits look at the absurdities of daily life: dating and marriage, business, parents and children, office politics, air travel, etc. They also have lots of material about pop culture – they cover the waterfront from Stuart McLean to Star Wars. Peter Brown and his team customize and tailor material that is relevant with each organization and event theme.

They can also include a customized mini-musical piece to end the event on a high note. It will turn the highlights of your gathering into a funny and entertaining package. Your themes, speakers, and memorable moments will become the subjects of soaring songs, tender ballads, patter tunes and big show-stoppers. A great way to end an event and sum up your programming.

Have you ever had sweaty palms before an important presentation? Dry mouth during a difficult conversation? Struggled to find the right words or frozen up when it is time to be at your best?

Crunch Time and we all know it well.  Peter has felt the nerves kick in and been distracted by the voice of doubt in his head. He has tried to become what he thought people WANTED him to be, rather than showcasing his own strengths and ideas. As a result, he has blown some great opportunities he had, but not without learning some key strategies on how to conduct himself in high pressure situations.

Over the years Peter learned to conquer those moments by re framing them in his mind, and by learning how to ask the right questions on the fly. It is the lessons he was able to implement in his own situations that 'Crunch Time' is all about. He will provide powerful tools to bring your best self to your most important moments, both professional and personal.


  • Convert your nervous energy into performance fuel

  • Hit MUTE on the nagging voice of doubt in your head

  • Generate creative ideas when the pressure’s on

  • Stop trying to be impressive and just be

  • Steer out of the skid if you stumble or freeze

  • Discover the life-changing power of INDIFFERENCE TO OUTCOMES

You know those press releases your organization sends out? Chances are, they’re going straight into the trash.

Every day, local newsrooms receive hundreds of releases. The vast majority get a quick glance and go straight into the trash. And even if your release is discussed in a story meeting, it may well get a “no” within the first few lines. The odds are good that your press releases are part of that 80 to 90 percent, thrown out after someone has read a few lines at most.

Peter Brown can help you break through. As a CBC radio host and producer at both the local and national level, Peter has led thousands of those story meetings. He’s taken part in those discussions about which stories should be covered, and he’s written and edited countless interviews and items. Peter Brown can help you break through. As a CBC radio host and producer at both the local and national level, Peter has been in thousands of those story meetings. He has led those discussions about which stories should be covered, and he’s written and edited countless interviews and items.

Whether you want people to know about your event, your brand, or your new project, Peter will tell you exactly what assignment editors and reporters are looking for, and how to craft a press release (or phone conversation) to spark their interest. Beyond that, he’ll offer strategies that will help the media “see” or “hear” your story as part of their show or publication. And he’ll show you how your exposure in mainstream media can be the spark that launches your social media campaign.

An hour loaded with information and humour, that will help you get your story, your company, or your event, the attention it deserves.



Nothing wears you down like job stress and uncertainty. You’re exhausted. You’re cranky. You’re losing sleep. And worst of all you feel powerless – you have no control over the changes that are coming at you.

That’s where THE HUMOUR QUOTIENT comes in.

In this presentation, Peter shares the many ways laughter can help you cope with stress, change and uncertainty. From known physical benefits, to a deeper connection with colleagues and friends, to a greater feeling of control and perspective, Peter teaches you how to use laughter to make your life better in any situation. Loaded with laughs and great examples, this talk will leave you entertained and prepared to face your own stresses with a smile.

THE HUMOUR QUOTIENT will help you:

• Improve your physical health

• Keep your problems in perspective

• Connect more deeply with colleagues and friends

• Feel less alone as you deal with stress

• Gain a greater sense of control over your outlook and mood

• Become a happier, calmer, more balanced person

• Sleep better at night

Ever had sweaty palms before an important presentation? Dry mouth during a difficult conversation? Frozen up when your boss asked you for “creative” ideas? Welcome to CRUNCH TIME. Peter Brown has been there countless times. Drawing on his wealth of experience as a radio host/ producer, comic and actor, Peter will give you powerful tools to bring your best self to your most important moments, both professional and personal. You’ll walk away from your biggest moments without regret, knowing you left it all on the table.

CRUNCH TIME will help you:

-Convert your nervous energy into performance fuel

-Hit MUTE on the nagging voice of doubt in your head

-Generate creative ideas when the pressure is on

-Stop trying to be impressive and just be

-Steer out of the skid if you stumble or freeze

-Discover the life-changing power of INDIFFERENCE TO OUTCOMES

-Challenge yourself to become a better colleague, friend and family member

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