Leisse Wilcox

Leisse Wilcox

Toronto, Ontario
Cancer Survivor, Results-Focused Strategic Life & Business Coach, Best Selling International Author
Leisse Wilcox is a life and success coach who works with women to find clarity in what they want, confidence in who they are & the courage to stay true. Leisse Wilcox is changing the global conversation around self-love and emotional health & believes that the key to greater contentment is found through healing your relationship with yourself.
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Leisse Wilcox is a passionate speaker, 2x best selling international author, cancer survivor, and results-focused strategic life and business coach, who works with purpose-driven leaders and executives who are ready to close the gap between self-worth and net worth.

Everyone is self-sabotaging in some area of their business, especially in their relationship with money: whether it feels like a struggle to make it, keep it, or enjoy it, our relationship with money affects our relationship with family, intimacy, and ourselves.

As an industry expert who turns self-sabotage into success in each of those foundational areas, Leisse combines the best of strategic business coaching and therapeutic life coaching tools to simplify, strategize, and scale sustainably. As an integrity-driven leader, she is living proof of how to realistically build a life-centred career that sustainably reflects your purpose while respecting the constantly changing – and often elusive – balance and blend of life and work.

Leisse Wilcox built her first multiple six figure business while navigating cancer, a complex divorce, the fallout of emotional and financial abuse, and solo parenting three young girls. She has been featured in media including Entrepreneur, Financial Post, Wealth Rocket, Refinery 29, CNN, Elephant Journal, the Toronto Star, CBC, Thrive Global, and more, and resides with her husband and three daughters in a tiny beachfront town.

No stranger to resiliency, reinvention, and staring over at any age, she knows intimately that every relationship we have – in business, life, love, and money – is built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourselves.




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Leisse Wilcox

How Summer Break Devalues Women

Loving Money

Leisse Wilcox

The Toxic Money Stories we Tell Ourselves

Loving Money

Leisse Wilcox

Meet Money, my new boyfriend

Leisse Wilcox Topic Presentations

wealth eq - closing the gap between self-worth and net worth

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Scarcity, self-worth, and sabotage… OH MY!

    In this thought-provoking (and light-hearted) keynote, Leisse will embark on a paradigm-shifting look at our relationship with money, wealth, and mindset.

    We will delve into the stories we tell ourselves about money and the emotions that drive our financial decisions: why we think and act the way we do with what is one of our last remaining “taboo” subjects, and how our feelings about money hold us back or move us forward in our families, lives, and careers.

    Uncover the hidden – and often self-sabotaging history – between self-worth and net worth, wealth EQ, and worthiness, unleashing the secrets to a healthier and more fulfilling financial life.

    This will enlighten, empower, entertain, and enrich the connection with our money, our value, and ourselves.

enough - overcoming burnout and redefining success

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Get ready to step into a world where you are the author of your own success story.

    In this empowering and soul-nourishing keynote, we’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery that tunes out the noise of perfection, productivity, and people-pleasing that often overwhelms our lives, and tunes into navigating the relentless pursuit of more, choosing to cultivate contentment in the present moment – ironically leading to a more fulfilling and productive workplace.

    Together, we’ll challenge the status quo and reject the societal pressure to conform to outdated notions of success (with a wise and playful approach), and embrace the freedom of setting our own pace and priorities, cultivating a human-centered way of learning, living, and working.

    Reclaim your own unique definition of what success and “enough” look (and feel) like in the face of a world obsessed with hustle and grind, and uncover the transformative power of knowing what is truly enough for you as an individual – the antidote to burnout and the key to a more balanced and happier life.

    Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and moved to action as we embrace imperfections, celebrate authenticity, and find joy in the journey of discovering what “enough” truly means for each one of us as we unlock the secrets to a life where you define success on your own terms, creating a sustainable balance between work, wealth, and lifestyle.

embracing the power of emotional intelligence - from soft skills to strong success

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In a world accelerated by automation and technological marvels, we cannot automate relationships.

    Join Leisse Wilcox as, she unravels the mysteries of EQ and how it holds the key to better communication, impactful leadership, reduced burnout, and navigating change with grace and resilience.

    Gone are the days when policies and procedures take precedence over understanding human emotions. Today, the most mentally well, productive, and effective teams are those that possess a clear (and trauma-informed) understanding of emotional intelligence.

    Embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection that will revolutionize the way we work, live, play, lead, and communicate together.

    In this engaging and eye-opening talk, we dive into the transformative realm of workplace Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the not-so-soft skills that have become essential for thriving organizations and fulfilled lives.

    Through a wise, playful, and relatable lens, we’ll explore how to perceive, shift, evaluate, and communicate emotions, not only in ourselves but also in others. Leisse will share practical and easily implemented strategies that create successful, connected teams, fostering a culture where the best parts of each individual can flourish.

    Using a neuro-linguistic, psychological, and playful perspective, we’ll journey into accessing the depths of our potential and unlocking the potential of our employees as humans first.

    Get ready to be inspired, equipped, and entertained as we embrace the power of Emotional Intelligence and witness how it transforms our professional and personal lives.

unshakeable confidence - conquering imposter syndrome for personal and professional success

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Setting yourself up for success begins with fostering unshakeable inner confidence.

    Whether you’re part of a team or leading one, Leisse reveals how inner confidence helps establish healthy boundaries, enhances decision making, fosters collaboration, improves communication, and empowers you to achieve goals effectively with your colleagues, teams, partners, and families.

    In this empowering and transformative keynote, strategic life and business coach Leisse Wilcox shines a light on the often pervasive feelings of Imposter Syndrome that impact our daily lives, both personally and professionally.

    Understanding that feelings of not enough, not fitting in, or not belonging decimate our decision-making and hinder our progress, Leisse equips you and your teams with the tools to regain confidence and face challenges with courage. You’ll learn how to banish the fear of failure and feel more assured in your abilities, leaving the stress and overwhelm of “this was due yesterday” timelines behind.

    Designed for left and right brain thinkers alike – including C suite, management, high achievers, creative thinkers, and team members, Leisse shares actionable and game-changing strategies to combat Imposter Syndrome head-on.

    Through a wise and relatable approach, Leisse emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and celebrating your natural talents. This talk empowers you to navigate and ameliorate your communication skills, finances, and mindset, unlocking your full potential both in and out of the workplace.

    Get ready to leave with a renewed sense of self-assurance as well as the conviction to take leaps without hesitation. Armed with Leisse’s practical strategies, you’ll confidently overcome Imposter Syndrome and the self-sabotage of staying small, while embracing your true capabilities to propel yourself and your teams towards unparalleled success and fulfillment.

from adversity to empowerment - cultivating resilience in the face of change

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Get ready to embrace the art of resilience, finding strength and growth in the face of change.

    Wisdom and character are sculpted through the crucible of adversity; challenges that we encounter become earned assets with massive value when acknowledged, discussed, and integrated, revealing profound meaning and lessons.

    In this empowering and transformative keynote, join strategic life and business coach Leisse Wilcox to explore the remarkable gifts of overcoming resilience and adapting to even the most adverse circumstances of change.

    Using a wise, relatable, and trauma-informed approach, Leisse shows us that resilience is not just a quality within a select few: it dwells in each of us, waiting to be tapped into.

    A resilient team enables profound growth and tenacity even amidst great disruptions. The ability to adapt and respond to the current moment is at the core of resilience, and knowing how to harness it empowers us to navigate changing circumstances with grace and confidence.

    Leisse delves into the power of presence, teaching us tune out and tune into our emotional states, vulnerabilties, and activation trigger points. She reveals how, in moments of difficult emotions, our impulse might be to avoid, distract, numb, or lash out – but true resilience lies in galvanizing our strengths as an interdependent part of a community that emapthizes with and respects the context and culture of our colleagues.

    This will equip you and your teams with actionable and game-changing strategies to tackle challenge and change head-on. Learn how to use challenges as opportunities to cultivate resilience both personally and professionally, uncovering the secrets of leveraging adversity as a means of empowerment, fundamentally transforming your experience at work, home, and play.

    Leisse’s insightful guidance will empower you to navigate the twists and turns of life with courage, wisdom, and adaptability. So, fasten your seat belts as we embark on a transformative journey that will forever change how you perceive and respond to adversity.


Life-changing experience! I had a life-changing experience which was a direct result of working with Leisse. Prior to my engagement with Leisse, I knew how I wanted to feel, but I was unable to step out of my current mindset and move forward to obtain that desired feeling.



Shifting my perspective changed my outcome. After working with this incredible coach, I feel much more clear in my values and boundaries. Leisse has taught me that adjusting my perspective on people and situations in my life shifts my feelings and creates my desired outcomes. I feel very blessed that I was given the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman.


Business Owner

Paradigm-shifting. Leisse was absolutely paradigm-shifting. She captivates with a combination of brilliant analogies and questions that allowed me to immediately start to understand and trace the origin of my issues. It felt like a year of therapy in 1hr.


Fashion CEO

Startling. Working with Leisse was startling. I began with a lot of nervous energy, and she quickly took me to a very calm and clear place. I literally got to see my past and future unfold (trust me, it was intense). I also picked up practical tips and tricks.


Fintech CMO

Articles & Media

Posthaste: Here's who Canadians are turning to for financial advice amid rising costs

Financial Post

Wilcox, who focuses on helping women make better financial decisions, said she has noticed an increase in followers and engagement over the past year. Although there can be good advice on social media, people need to be highly critical of what they’re viewing, O’Leary said.

How to survive and thrive financially after becoming single

Toronto Star

When Leisse Wilcox got married, she happily delegated household finances to her husband. “Wilfully oblivious” she calls her former self. But everything changed when her 14-year relationship ended in 2015, and the Cobourg stay-at-home mother of three suddenly had to navigate money matters.


Tamara Taggart

TELUS Talks | What we can learn from facing our fears, with Leisse Wilcox


Alone: The Truth + Beauty of Belonging
Alone: The Truth + Beauty of Belonging
This book is a love letter to anyone and everyone who's ever felt the slow burning sting of being alone and wondered what the hell to do about it. The relationship we have with our Self is the foundation upon which all other relationships are built, so why are we so afraid of being alone?
To Call Myself Beloved: A Story of Hope, Healing and Coming Home
To Call Myself Beloved: A Story of Hope, Healing and Coming Home
To Call Myself Beloved: A Story of Hope, Healing, and Coming Home offers the permission you've been looking for to simply be yourself and accept that with courage, pride, and grace. It really is that simple, even if it is that complicated.
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