Alexandre Bilodeau

Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Determination and Inspiration

Olympic gold medalist Alexandre Bilodeau first fell in love with freestyle skiing when he watched Jean-Luc Brassard compete in Lillehammer. Following in the footsteps of his idol, he became the top Canadian junior in freestyle at age 14. At age 17, he joined the national freestyle moguls team and went on to an astounding career through sheer hard work. In the 2008-2009 season, he won the world championship in dual moguls, as well as placing first in the World Cup. Nearly one year after his historic medal, he repeated the feat, grabbing the world champion title in the duals event.

Alexandre Bilodeau won the first gold medal on Canadian soil at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver with a spectacular final run. He threw a back double full on the first jump and followed it with an iron cross on the second. Together with the second fastest run of the night he scored 26.75 points to win the gold. With the gold he became the first Canadian to win a Gold Medal in a Canadian-hosted Olympics. After paring down his competition schedule to perfect his technique and concentrate on school, he made a convincing comeback for the 2012-2013 season, winning the World title in Norway and the National championship in Val-St-Côme, Quebec, both in parallel.

In February 2014 he defended his title and won another Gold medal in Sochi, Russia. Alongside his up-and-coming teammate Mikael Kingsbury, Alexandre Bilodeau pulled off a flawless final run and gave Canada its second gold-silver podium result of the games. Bilodeau became the first Canadian in history to win back-to-back gold medals in consecutive winter games. In March 2014 Alexander announced he would retire from competition at the end of the World Cup Season. Once his freestyle career officially comes to an end, Alexandre Bilodeau intends to pursue a career in business. With “dare to dream big” as his watchword, there is every reason to believe he will be just as successful there.

Topic Presentations

What if entrepreneurs, employees and leaders were inspired by the same high performance standard as elite athletes to succeed at the highest levels. Champions come to training with one goal in mind: to be their best. To stand on the top step of the podium, you have to stand out, surpass yourself, train and above all believe in your mental and physical abilities. Much like the business world, athletes don't "just make it" to become successful. Failure a major role in the journey. Without failure there are not lessons to learn, no areas to grow or new focuses developed for improvement. Those who have experienced failure often have an extra edge or a new found energy to build off for their next attempt. It’s when you fall that you learn, improve, refine and adjust. Knowing how to get up and focus in the right area is the key to success.


An Olympic medal is never won alone, it takes a whole team to be on top, and to stay there! Just like the success of a business. No champion can claim to have won an Olympic medal alone. It takes full synergy between athlete, trainers and their supporters to win a gold medal. Respect for the team is essential. Knowing how to surround yourself is knowing how to win. Bilodeau compelled our nation with his inspiring story of determination, and his personal story of the incredible support around him, including his ever smiling brother Frédéric, born with cerebral palsy.

Is managing the uncontrollable possible? Stress kicks in when you give meaning to what you do. This is because you don’t know the outcome of what you care for. Why fight against the stress? Instead find a way to be comfortable within it and focus your energy on the journey. Champions train with one goal in mind: to be the best version of themselves. To be on top, you have to stand out, surpass yourself, train and above all believe in your mental and physical abilities. The outcome will result as the product of your journey.

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