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Speaker Last Name:

Anders Boulanger

Engagement and Attention Expert

Devon Clunis

Winnipeg Chief of Police, Personal & Professional Life Growth, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Devon & Pearlene Clunis

Personal & Professional Life Growth, Diversity & Inclusion Experts

Pearlene Clunis

Personal & Professional Life Growth, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Elaine Froese

Agriculture, Farming and Succession Planning Expert

Sonia Funk

Nutrition, Health and Wellness Expert

Theo Heineman

Safety Management Systems and Workplace Health and Safety Expert

Deri Latimer

Leadership, Change, Resilience, Mental Health & Wellness Expert

Sylvia Marusyk

Injury Prevention, Occupational Therapist, Stress Management Expert

Amy Oliver

Leadership & Strategy for Healthcare Innovation

Reg Sherren

Journalist - Media Relations, Social Issues and Storytelling Expert

Stephanie Staples

Revitalization & Psychosocial Wellness Expert, for people who are ‘nice for a living’!

Keren Taylor-Hughes

Former CEO - Agile Change Advisor & Transformation Expert

Michael Thompson

Health & Wellness, Leadership Consultant and Coach

Yvonne Thompson

Leadership, Transformation and Workplace Culture Expert

Rob Wozny

Award-winning Storyteller, Trainer and Speaker
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