Doug Smith

Mental Performance, Trauma, Recovery and Overcoming Adversity Expert

Doug Smith is a retired NHL player whose career spanned over a decade. Picked 2nd choice overall into the NHL, Doug played for the Los Angeles Kings, Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, and Pittsburgh Penguins.
When his two daughters were both under two years old, Doug’s professional sports career tragically ended in a headfirst collision resulting in a broken neck and spinal cord injury. Doug’s story of recovery and healing is unforgettable, inspiring and helps people to better understand change.
Author of “The Trauma Code” & “Thriving in Transition” Doug Smith is a thought leader on the subject of change and trauma. In his latest book, “The Trauma Code, unlocking your Mental Performance” Doug delves into his personal story of success and provides concrete actions leaders and employees can use immediately to effect positive change in the workplace.
An accomplished keynote speaker & communicator, Doug Smith presents an innovative solution through his teenage NHL story. The solution helps leaders to become more aware of trauma in their workplace in order to maximize human performance around them.
Doug’s clients are able to use this new understanding and messaging to the benefit of their employees and the performance of their organization today. Doug understands the impact of change, the process of recovery and the rebuilding of personal performance because he has been there.

Topic Presentations

After suffering a catastrophic, life-altering, injury while playing professional hockey, former NHLer Doug Smith decided right then and there, that if he survived the impact and physical injuries, he would do better emotionally as a human being. It was in that moment, laying on the ice, that the humble beginnings of System 438 sprang into action.

Doug’s incredible story will leave you, inspired, empowered and more aware. He will explain why and how the impact of emotional trauma combined with the “rate of change” is our ticking time bomb in the workplace today. He will show you how to disarm it. Why and how System 438 can enhance human performance through awareness Trauma can hurt our performance without us being aware it is happening to us.

4 – Awareness: The human species suffers from only 4 types of trauma. 3 types of trauma can be easily seen and felt. One type of trauma we are not well-equipped to see and feel. Doug will show you how to see and feel cumulative emotional trauma, so you can lead with confidence, support using empathy and achieve phenomenal outcomes.

3 – Assessment: What controls us? The subconscious brain controls more than 95% of human functioning. The subconscious brain has only 3 priorities. You will learn what these priorities are.

8 – Performance: Revealed through Doug’s story, you will learn the 8 behaviours and performance fueling actions which he used to feed the 3 priorities of his subconscious brain. Playing the lottery with your emotional performance and the performance of others is not a requirement. There is a systematic approach to better manage emotional state.

Let Doug be your guide to System 438.

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