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Mike Shaw, a University of British Columbia Okanagan alumnus and accomplished coach, comes from a decorated background in freestyle skiing. A severe accident in 2013 forced Mike Shaw to give up the sport and career he loved. Since that fateful day, Mike Shaw has taken what he’s learned from his extraordinary experience and is helping others. Mike Shaw is now aentrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. He’s the Co-founder of Headstartpro Performance Training and a subject matter expert in performance coaching and injury prevention. He’s developed strategies to help people achieve their full potential and excel in the face of adversity. Mike’s story has been documented on Red Bull TV, CBC, NBC, CTV, Global TV, City TV, and YouTube. His TEDx talk has reached thousands of people and continues to help those facing challenging times. In Mike’s keynotes and workshops, he shares a gracious perspective that will motivate you and leave you with an unforgettable learning experience. 

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An inspirationally designed discussion centering around learning outcomes offered in Mike’s bookNever Part of the Plan—your organization’s roadmap to overcoming adversity and maximizing opportunity. 


Our world is changing—and, when struggling with resilience and mental toughness, your mind is a huge determinant for personal and professional success. But, let's face it—in order to achieve prosperity in an ever-morphing society, you must overcome adversity, and the way you handle challenges and hardship can propel you from surviving to thriving. The bottom line?  

It's time to take control.  

In my keynote, I'll share my story about how a life-altering, critical accident transformed my perspective on courage, resilience, and gratitude. Just when I was ready to give up, I learned to channel positivity, changing everything for my future. I tackled obstacles. Conquered failures. Learned the power of a positive mind. In short?  

I changed for the better.  

As an organization, you're most likely experiencing the same difficulties, only on a different level and, perhaps, from a contrasting perspective. But, here's the cool thing—I'm no different than anyone else, whether it's an individual or corporation. If you're struggling? I'll help. If you're unsure? I'll help. If you feel hopeless? I'll help.  

All you have to do is move forward by getting in touch with me. After that? You're on your way! 

Great leaders, like great athletes, exemplify the behavior they expect to see in their teams. Elite athletes consistently achieve peak performances because they are exceptional at overcoming adversity. Are the mindset tools that make athletes successful reserved solely for athletes? 

Absolutely not. 

We can all activate the athlete mindset. We all have it within ourselves to push through hardships to achieve outstanding growth at work, for our families, and in life. 

In a world that’s struggling with uncertainty, mental grit and resilience have never been more important. After months working from home in isolation, we are now forced to adjust to a ‘new normal’ that poses both new challenges and opportunities.  

This workshop delivers practical tools to help your team adapt and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. It lays out a 6-step process to shift your team towards a sustainable culture of resilience and teamwork, future proofing your organization.  

Workshop Benefits: Teambuilding and cohesion after weeks/months working from home. Learn proven mindset tools to enhance resilience. Shift to a more sustainable growth mindset. Capitalize on market opportunities. Have more fun at work. Protect your blind spots and achieve your potential in uncertain times.

In today’s ever-changing work environments, most people view intelligence, skill-level, and commitment as the premier defining factors for whether someone will be successful or not.  

Resilience in the workplace has never been more critical when you consider the array of stressors like pressing deadlines, cutbacks, organizational restructuring, technological advancements, system redundancies, and policy changes.  

Being able to adjust and thrive in the face of adversity or stress is essential for overall success. 

Explore a deep dive into how the four pillars that athletes use to achieve elite performances will take your leadership to an elite level. Great leaders exemplify the behaviour they expect to see in their teams. True.  

The question is, how can you ensure your leadership practices demonstrate a good example for your followers? 

Together, we’ll look at sports for the answer. 

This workshop will prepare, empower, and move you to achieve excellence in leadership akin to the athlete mindset, which isn't reserved for athletes—it’s something we can all activate for prosperity at work and in life. 

In most team environments, from minor league sports to the boardroom, team members are chosen, not pulled together at random. Talent identification is part of the process, but members get selected to join a team based on measurable skills.  

But what happens if you don’t get to pick your team?  

Or, what happens when you join a team and are forced to fit in? 

And, how do you turn your existing team into a high functioning one? 

In this breakout session, participants will learn about three critical areas of team building: culture, cohesion, and vision. Developing these areas with new and existing team members will help you achieve results. 

Resilience in the workplace has never been more critical in safety. When faced with an accident, incident, or potential disaster, safety professionals often view it as a failure for themselves and their organization, which diminishes progress and stifles growth. 

Looking in the rear-view mirror to establish causation is vital—but it can be costly. While it’s essential for learning, determining ‘blame’ negates a good safety mindset and culture. No matter what precautions we take, we must understand that there are human factors at play in every work environment and mistakes are bound to happen. How safety personnel respond to challenges and the steps we take to future-proof our organizations can positively influence culture, save time, money, and most importantly—save lives. 

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NEVER PART OF THE PLAN: A Story of Courage Resilience Gratitude

Mike’s story offers tools to help you overcome your biggest challenges, achieve your potential, and take you to the next level in sports, business, and life.

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