Devon Clunis

Devon Clunis

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Former Winnipeg Chief of Police - Leadership, Workplace Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Expert
"Devon Clunis is Chief of Police (ret.), City of Winnipeg known as a young immigrant who was aware of the deep social inequity faced by many groups in Winnipeg. Devon Clunis experienced the discomforts of poverty & marginalization & always believed that one person can make a difference and his personal and professional life has been about exhibiting that ideal. "
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Devon Clunis is a renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and coach who has made significant contributions to law enforcement and community building. In 2012, he made history as the first Black chief of police in Canada, solidifying his place in the country’s law enforcement landscape. Clunis, originally from Jamaica, immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 11 and embarked on his law enforcement career with the Winnipeg Police Service in 1987. Over the years, he held various roles within the police force, progressing from patrol officer to community relations and chaplain, eventually reaching the position of superintendent.

During his tenure as the chief of the Winnipeg Police from 2012 to 2016, Devon Clunis faced the challenge of transforming a city known for its high crime rates and gang affiliations into a safer and more inclusive community. He spearheaded internal initiatives aimed at redefining the roles of police officers, reconstructing their purpose, and reinventing their systems with a focus on compassion, humanity, and values. Through his compassionate and community-building leadership style, Clunis achieved remarkable outcomes that were recognized as “nothing short of a miracle” by McLean’s Magazine in 2016.

Leading an organization of over 1,900 employees with an annual budget exceeding $263,000,000.00, Clunis navigated complex work environments and fostered a culture of inclusivity, care, and purpose. His success relied on attracting and retaining highly motivated, results-driven individuals who thrived in team-oriented settings. Beyond law enforcement, Clunis extended his impact by engaging in consulting work with the Winnipeg police after his retirement. In January 2017, he further showcased his versatility and creativity by launching his first children’s book, co-authored with his wife Pearlene, titled “The Little Boy From Jamaica,” which garnered significant attention.

In response to the social unrest following the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Clunis’s commitment to fostering peace led him to accept the role of Inspector General of Police for the Province of Ontario. This marked another significant milestone as he became the first to hold this position in Canada. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Devon Clunis embraced his new role and worked diligently to establish the Inspectorate of Policing, contributing to enhanced transparency, accountability, and public trust within the policing services of Ontario. His dedication and leadership were highly praised by Solicitor General Sylvia Jones, who described him as an “exceptional and transformational police leader.”

Beyond his contributions to law enforcement, Devon Clunis, alongside his wife, utilizes their personal stories, professional expertise, and experiences to empower individuals and organizations in areas such as leadership, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Their goal is to guide others toward a more equitable world where everyone feels a sense of belonging. With a humanized approach to the human experience, they engage in meaningful conversations that challenge oppression and strive to bring awareness to these critical issues.

Devon Clunis continues to apply his proven leadership principles across North America, helping individuals and organizations achieve their aspirational goals. His passion for making a difference in the lives of Canadians and promoting dialogue against oppression drives his work. By combining his rich background in law enforcement, transforming workplace cultures, community building, and compassionate leadership, Clunis has become a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for positive change.



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Devon Clunis Topic Presentations

unifying conversations: embracing the power of diversity and creating an equitable future

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Devon Clunis is dedicated to illuminating the path towards “common unity” and excellence in all aspects of our lives. Recognizing that we are more alike than different, Devon challenges the prevailing narratives that fuel a sense of division and seeks to foster understanding and unity.

    In a world where conversations around Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are often difficult and uncomfortable, many feel hesitant to speak up, fearing potential consequences for their personal and professional lives. Devon believes that this fear-driven approach is limiting and disorienting. Instead, he encourages open, safe, and honest discussions that celebrate the diversity of humanity and embrace our uniqueness.

    Devon and his team create safe spaces where diverse perspectives can be shared and understood. They facilitate challenging conversations that promote learning and growth. By unifying rather than dividing, they aim to create a future that is genuinely equitable, diverse, and inclusive. Devon Clunis bring the audience on a transformative journey towards understanding and embracing diversity. Together, let’s break down barriers, foster unity, and shape a future where everyone’s voices are heard and valued.

embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion: compassion, empathy, and celebrating our differences for a better future

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Devon Clunis is dedicated to fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion by emphasizing the values of compassion, empathy, and the celebration of our differences. In a world where these conversations are crucial, Devon guides individuals and organizations in creating a more inclusive and harmonious society. Recognizing the significance of compassion and empathy, Devon encourages individuals to understand and empathize with the experiences of others. He emphasizes the power of embracing our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and identities as a source of strength and enrichment for society as a whole.

    With a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion, Devon inspires meaningful action and dialogue rooted in compassion and empathy. He believes that by nurturing a genuine appreciation for our differences, we can build bridges of understanding and create a future where everyone feels valued and included. Together, let’s foster inclusive communities, challenge biases, and build a society that embraces the unique richness that each individual brings. By cultivating compassion and empathy, we can create a world where equity, diversity, and inclusion are cherished, and everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

people centric leadership

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In this enlightening presentation, Devon shares his expertise and insights on creating a culture of inclusivity, care, and purpose within organizations. Drawing from his illustrious career as the first Black chief of police in Canada and his role as Inspector General of Policing for the Province of Ontario, Devon reveals the key principles and strategies of people-first leadership that drive individual and collective excellence. Through inspiring stories and practical examples, he demonstrates how focusing on the well-being and growth of individuals can foster a sense of belonging, ignite motivation, and cultivate a high-performing team environment. Discover the art of empathetic and servant leadership that empowers individuals to reach their full potential while driving organizational goals forward.

    With his extensive experience leading large-scale organizations, Devon offers invaluable insights on attracting and retaining highly motivated, results-driven individuals. Learn how to navigate complex work environments, build cohesive teams, and promote a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Devon’s approach to people-centric leadership is rooted in authenticity, trust, and genuine care for the individuals under your leadership. Whether you are a seasoned leader looking to refine your leadership style or an aspiring leader seeking to make a positive impact, this presentation will provide you with practical strategies to create a people-centric organization. Devon Clunis will guide you on a transformative journey, equipping you with the tools and mindset necessary to inspire excellence, drive collaboration, and achieve exceptional results through a people-first approach.

reshaping the workforce: building value-centric organizations

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Embark on a thought-provoking journey with keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, Devon Clunis, as he explores the transformative power of reshaping the workforce to prioritize values. In this engaging presentation, Devon shares his insights and experiences, offering practical strategies for fostering a culture centered around values within organizations. Drawing from his distinguished career as the first Black chief of police in Canada and his role as Inspector General of Policing for the Province of Ontario, Devon empowers you to align your organization’s values and inspire meaningful change.

    Discover the profound impact of placing values at the forefront, revolutionizing your organization’s culture, and enhancing employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. Through captivating stories and real-world examples, Devon demonstrates how cultivating a workforce driven by shared values leads to increased cohesion, purpose-driven work, and a strong sense of organizational identity. Learn effective methods to attract and retain talented individuals who align with your organization’s values, propelling success through their unwavering dedication and commitment.

    Delve into the crucial role of leadership in shaping a values-centric organization, gaining valuable insights on modelling and reinforcing core values. Explore strategies for fostering an environment of trust, integrity, and accountability, where values guide decision-making and promote collaboration. Witness the impact of value-driven approaches on organizational outcomes, customer satisfaction, and long-term success. Whether you are an organizational leader seeking to reshape your workforce or an individual striving to forge a values-centric career path, this presentation equips you with the tools and inspiration needed to prioritize values. Allow Devon Clunis to guide you through the process of building a value-driven organization, providing practical steps to align your workforce, empower employees, and drive positive change. Embrace the transformative potential of values-centered leadership and unlock new levels of organizational success.

the diverse workforce advantage: harnessing the power of inclusion for organizational success

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In today’s rapidly evolving world, organizations that embrace diversity and foster an inclusive work environment gain a competitive edge. Join Devon Clunis, a respected keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, as he explores the transformative impact of a diverse workforce and the advantages it brings. Devon highlights how diversity goes beyond representation—it encompasses diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds that fuel innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. By harnessing the power of inclusion, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and achieve sustainable success.

    Through engaging stories and insightful examples, Devon demonstrates how diverse teams drive productivity, enhance decision-making, and foster a culture of learning and adaptability. He explores the value of different viewpoints, cultural competencies, and the ability to connect with diverse customer bases in today’s global marketplace. This presentation provides practical strategies for building a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive organizational culture. Devon Clunis guides you in developing inclusive hiring practices, promoting equitable opportunities for growth and development, and fostering an environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered through an inclusive lens.

culture shifts: leadership in navigating organizational change

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In times of change and transformation, effective leadership is crucial to guide organizations through cultural shifts. Join Devon Clunis, a renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, as he explores the dynamics of leadership in driving and managing organizational change. Devon Clunis illuminates the importance of cultivating a resilient and adaptable organizational culture that embraces change. He shares practical strategies for leaders to effectively communicate the need for change, engage employees at all levels, and foster a shared sense of purpose and commitment.

    This presentation equips leaders with the tools and insights needed to lead successful culture shifts. Devon guides leaders in defining a clear vision, establishing guiding principles, and implementing effective change management strategies. He highlights the importance of leading by example, practicing effective communication, and empowering employees to become change agents. Through inspiring stories and real-world examples, Devon demonstrates the impact of leadership in creating a positive change environment. He explores how leaders can inspire and motivate their teams, navigate resistance, and build a culture of trust and collaboration.

ethical leadership: cultivating a value-driven and caring culture for effective engagement

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Immerse yourself in the world of ethical leadership and learn how to foster a value-driven and caring culture that promotes effective engagement. Join Devon Clunis, a highly regarded keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, as he guides you through this enlightening presentation. Devon Clunis shines a spotlight on the importance of ethical leadership and its profound impact on organizational success. He shares practical strategies for cultivating a culture rooted in integrity, empathy, and shared values. Discover how ethical leadership serves as the foundation for building trust, fostering collaboration, and nurturing a caring environment within your organization. In this presentation, Devon Clunis provides tangible guidance on how to create an environment that encourages open communication, active listening, and empathetic leadership. Learn practical techniques for engaging your team members, inspiring their commitment, and fostering a sense of belonging.

    Discover how a caring culture enhances employee satisfaction, loyalty, and overall organizational performance. Through engaging stories and thought-provoking insights, Devon empowers you to lead with integrity, authenticity, and a genuine concern for the well-being of your team members. He explores the role of values in driving decision-making, resolving ethical dilemmas, and establishing a strong moral compass within your organization. Gain invaluable insights from Devon Clunis to cultivate ethical leadership within your organization, fostering a value-driven and caring culture that ignites effective engagement and nurtures the success of individuals and the organization as a whole on this transformative journey.

practical leadership to navigate complexity

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Discover the keys to effective leadership and achieve your desired outcomes with renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, Devon Clunis. In this engaging and insightful presentation, Devon draws from his extensive experience as the first Black chief of police in Canadian history and his role as Inspector General of Policing for the Province of Ontario. He shares practical leadership principles that have been proven to work in complex social and cultural environments. Devon Clunis guides you through navigating the complexities of today’s world, providing invaluable strategies for success in both personal and professional domains. With a focus on inclusivity, compassion, and community building, Devon offers actionable insights to help you excel as a leader, foster employee and community engagement, and align your vision for excellence.

    Learn from Devon’s expertise in leading organizations of over 1,900 employees with multi-million dollar budgets. Gain insights into his innovative approaches to transforming workplace cultures, enhancing transparency, accountability, and public trust, and achieving remarkable outcomes. Devon’s principles are not just theoretical concepts; they are practical tools that can be applied to overcome challenges and drive success. Whether you are a seasoned leader seeking to enhance your skills or an aspiring leader looking to make a positive impact, this presentation will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to lead with excellence. Devon Clunis will empower you to embrace practical leadership principles that work, equipping you to navigate complexity, seize opportunities, and achieve goals.

nurturing learning organizations to cultivate effective leaders

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Unlock the potential for leadership excellence within your organization with Devon Clunis, a renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and coach. In this enlightening presentation, Devon delves into the transformative power of leadership development and the importance of fostering a learning culture. By creating a pipeline of capable leaders, organizations can thrive in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world. Devon Clunis emphasizes the need for organizations to prioritize leadership development as a strategic investment. He shares insights and practical strategies for building learning organizations that empower individuals at all levels to become effective leaders. By creating an environment that values continuous learning and personal growth, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce.

    Through engaging stories and real-world examples, Devon demonstrates the impact of leadership development on organizational success. He explores how nurturing leaders within the organization enhances employee engagement, fosters innovation, and drives sustainable growth. Devon highlights the importance of coaching, mentoring, and providing opportunities for skill development to cultivate a pipeline of capable and confident leaders. This presentation is designed for leaders, HR professionals, and individuals who aspire to lead with impact. Devon Clunis provides practical guidance on designing leadership development programs, identifying and nurturing emerging leaders, and fostering a culture of continuous learning. He shares valuable insights on how to create an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and adaptability, empowering leaders to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

defining purpose: unlocking interpersonal potential

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Unlock the transformative power of purposeful work and purposeful living with Devon Clunis as he explores the profound impact of defining purpose and harnessing interpersonal potential. Discover the significance of aligning your unique purpose with both your personal and professional endeavours, and gain practical strategies and thought-provoking insights to uncover your passions, values, and strengths. By defining your purpose, you can unlock a sense of direction and tap into your true potential, leading to a life of meaning and fulfillment.

    In this engaging presentation, Devon challenges you to reflect on your journey, identify and overcome barriers that hinder personal fulfillment, and develop strategies to overcome them. He provides practical tips for setting meaningful goals, maintaining resilience in the face of challenges, and creating a life that aligns with your values and passions. Through captivating anecdotes and introspective exercises, Devon empowers you to cultivate self-awareness, build meaningful connections, and nurture your interpersonal skills. He demonstrates how embracing authenticity, empathy, and effective communication can enhance your personal relationships, promote professional growth, and improve overall well-being.

    Within each of us lies immense power and effectiveness, often underestimated and in need of a gentle reminder. Devon passionately conveys this empowering truth through his inspirational messages of hope to audiences of all ages in schools, businesses, government, and community gatherings. By joining Devon Clunis on this transformative journey, you will redefine the keys to living a meaningful and purpose-driven life. Discover how to define your purpose, unlock your interpersonal potential, and create a life filled with personal fulfillment.

critical thinking: developing skills for effective decision-making

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Unlock the power of critical thinking with Devon Clunis, a distinguished keynote speaker, consultant, and coach. In this engaging presentation, Devon explores the significance of critical thinking in today’s complex world and offers practical strategies to enhance this essential skill. Drawing from his extensive experience as the first Black chief of police in Canada and his role as Inspector General of Policing for the Province of Ontario, Devon empowers individuals to think critically and make informed decisions in various aspects of life. Discover how critical thinking paired with integrity and strong values, enables you to evaluate information objectively, analyze complex problems, and generate creative solutions. Through captivating stories and thought-provoking examples, Devon illustrates the impact of critical thinking on personal and professional success. Learn to identify biases, recognize logical fallacies, and navigate cognitive biases that may impede sound judgment.

    Devon Clunis guides you through practical techniques to strengthen your critical thinking abilities. Explore methods for gathering and assessing evidence, effectively questioning assumptions, and considering diverse perspectives. Develop the skills to make reasoned judgments, manage ambiguity, and adapt to changing circumstances. Through interactive exercises and engaging discussions, you will enhance your ability to approach challenges with clarity, precision, and intellectual independence. This session assists organizations to prioritize the critical thinking of their employees, tapping into the leaders within so they can navigate everyday situations more effectively. Devon Clunis empowers you to embrace critical thinking as a transformative skill that enhances problem-solving, innovation, and personal growth.

critical thinking in crisis: navigating challenges

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In times of crisis, the ability to think critically is paramount. Join Devon Clunis, a renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, as he delves into the essential skill of critical thinking during challenging times. In this insightful presentation, Devon draws from his extensive experience as the first Black chief of police in Canada and his role as Inspector General of Policing for the Province of Ontario to provide practical strategies for navigating crises with clarity and sound judgment.

    Explore the importance of critical thinking in crisis situations and discover how it can mitigate risks, inform decision-making, and lead to effective problem-solving. Through engaging anecdotes and real-world examples, Devon illustrates the power of critical thinking in complex and high-pressure environments. Learn to evaluate information objectively, consider multiple perspectives, and make well-informed choices amidst uncertainty. Devon Clunis equips you with practical tools and techniques to enhance your critical thinking skills in times of crisis. Discover strategies for gathering and analyzing data, identifying biases, and recognizing logical fallacies. Uncover the art of making reasoned judgments and adapting swiftly to dynamic circumstances. Through thought-provoking exercises and interactive discussions, you will develop a resilient mindset that thrives in crisis situations.

    Whether you are a leader seeking to navigate crises effectively or an individual looking to enhance your problem-solving abilities, this presentation will provide you with the knowledge and insights to become a critical thinker. Devon Clunis will guide you in developing a proactive approach to crisis management, empowering you to make informed decisions and lead with confidence during turbulent times. Embrace the opportunity in crisis by sharpening your critical thinking skills and emerge stronger from crises. Join Devon Clunis on this enlightening journey and gain the tools needed to navigate challenges with clarity, adaptability, and strategic thinking.

community development: revitalizing connections through meaningful conversations

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In an age where technology reigns supreme, it’s important to remember that the true essence of thriving communities lies in human connections. Join Devon Clunis, a respected keynote speaker, consultant, and coach, as he sheds light on the power of community building and the need for meaningful conversations. In this enlightening presentation, Devon challenges the notion that technology alone can solve all our problems and explores how reconnecting with one another is vital for vibrant communities.

    While technology has brought us unprecedented connectivity, many individuals still experience feelings of disconnection and loneliness. Devon emphasizes the importance of reengaging in community building that fosters genuine human interactions. He highlights the indispensability of meaningful conversations as the cornerstone of rebuilding and strengthening community bonds. By engaging in open and creative dialogues, we can reconnect people to their shared goals and reignite a sense of belonging.

    In this presentation, Devon Clunis encourages us to tap into the wealth of ideas and knowledge residing within our communities. By actively listening to one another, we can uncover hidden potentials and discover the remarkable achievements that can be accomplished collectively. Devon’s insights inspire us to embrace a collaborative approach, where community members actively participate in shaping their shared future. Whether you are a community leader, an advocate for change, or an individual seeking to strengthen community ties, this presentation will ignite your passion for community development. Devon Clunis invites you to embark on a journey of revitalization, where meaningful conversations become catalysts for transformative action. Together, let’s create a future where technology and human connections work harmoniously, fostering thriving communities that reflect the aspirations and dreams of their members.


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Devon Clunis keynote speaker is an expert presenter and has a wide range of experience speaking to a wide variety of audiences and organizations. Devon Clunis delivers keynotes, workshops & training sessions. They may also host or emcee events. Hire Devon Clunis from Winnipeg, Manitoba for your event to inspire the audience to take action and make change in their work and their lives. Your workplace will benefit from our keynote speaker and their keynote talks and speeches will shift the mindsets or behaviours for the audience members in Canada. 

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Are you looking to hire Devon Clunis for your event? Devon Clunis Winnipeg, Manitoba is a dynamic and engaging speaker that offers audiences researched content paired with expertise and a dynamic speaking ability. Devon Clunis is also a Canadian corporate consultant and coach and facilitates workshops and training sessions for a corporate audience. Devon Clunis is an expert keynote presenter and speaks on wide variety of topics. Hiring a great speaker for your event is important and working with a thought leader like Devon Clunis from Speakers Canada’s roster will engage audiences into the content of the presentation to bring awareness and a fresh perspective for their approach to their work and their lives. Book Devon Clunis to educate, motivate and activate the audience through an interactive and entertaining presentation at corporate meetings and gatherings.

Known as a popular key note speaker in Canada, Devon Clunis creates life changing experiences for the participants with practical insights and strategic advice they can implement right after the session. Working with a one our leading expert speaker like Devon Clunis from Winnipeg, Manitoba offers organizations a fresh perspective to assist the people of the organization. No matter if it is a government, association, or business crowd, Devon Clunis is a perfect speaker for your event. Through unique practical insights for trending topics and years experience speaking to different organizations, Devon Clunis focuses on changing individuals to make better decisions at work and their lives. No matter if you are holding an in person or virtual event, having an influential speaker such as Devon Clunis will engage, motivate, and activate the audience to make a change in their lives and inspire action for results to meet organizational goals. Your workforce will benefit from Devon Clunis’s presentations and speeches, with measurable results set to shift the people of the organization and core direction of the company. Book Devon Clunis speaker for your annual general meeting, conference, summit, or convention in Canada.

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Devon Clunis is an expert professional key note speaker with a lot of experience speaking and delivering engaging talks to organizations and audiences in Canada. Each of Speaker Bureau Canada’s talent have different ways to assess their fees, and Devon Clunis speaker fee ranges depending on the size of the audience, event format (in person or virtual), event location, and if the organization booking them is a non profit, association, government department/government agency or business/corporation. The speakers we work with are flexible with their fees, and it is important for us to learn more about your event before we approach them, as it is our role to work for you, and to help you find a speaker within budget. 

Please contact Speakers Bureau of Canada and provide us with your event details so that we can contact Devon Clunis to check availability or confirm the pricing and associated costs to hire a great speaker like Devon Clunis for your event. As Devon Clunis's agent and as a Canadian top speaker bureau and talent agency for speakers, we are able to propose each event opportunity from each host organization’s behalf to try to help you get in touch with Devon Clunis and confirm them for your in person or online meeting/event. We can also provide and advise on the booking process and potentially negotiate their fee. Speakers Canada is a client focused speaker agency, and we work for you in finding good speakers for your team meetings and booking processes.

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When SBC receives a request to book Devon Clunis we provide you with their speaker fees, travel costs and check their schedules. We work closely with the host organization’s event planning team and the speaker to handle the logistics and to relay or negotiate associated costs. Our talented team members then will work with our talent directly or their agent/manager/assistant to confirm the Canadian speaker fee and travel expenses, so that event planning teams can receive an official quote for the speaker appearing at the event. Speaker fees and travel costs vary per speaker and our role is to contact Devon Clunis about your event, after we have connected with the event organizers to learn all the event details and/or conference program. Each booking request is unique since session durations and audience sizes can vary which may affect the speaker’s fees. If you are looking to hire Devon Clunis, we recommend filling out the booking request form so a booking agent from Speakers Bureau Canada can get in touch with our talent to help you coordinate with your team to engage the speaker for a successful event.

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