Cherry Rose Tan

Tech Visionary; Mental Health, Resilience, and Trauma Expert

A fifth-generation entrepreneur, Cherry Rose lives and breathes what it means to create companies that matter. With 12 years of expertise in psychology, she has guided thousands through the trenches of mental health. A mentor for the Inc. Founders Project, she coaches CEOs on emotional resilience and moonshot leadership.

As the CEO of #realtalk, the mental health movement for the tech industry, she speaks on stages around the world. With 70+ champions across North America, CEOs pledge their most vulnerable stories.

A mental health authority, she has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and more. She teaches at the Schulich School of Business.

Topic Presentations

Are you surviving or thriving? In 2019, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as a global crisis, and a gateway for depression, anxiety, and illness.  

How do we solve burnout in our high-performing society? In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is critical. A tech CEO, Cherry Rose Tan shares her journey from burnout to thriving. Discover the causes, not the symptoms of burnout, and the tactical secrets to sustaining high performance. It is time to burn bright, not out. 

How do we confront our greatest fears? Rock bottoms such as failure, pain, and loss are common in business and life, yet we hide or judge these emotions.  

What does it take to navigate this confronting yet needed conversation? A trauma survivor and a serial entrepreneur, Cherry Rose Tan shares her moments of hitting rock bottom. With two decades of lived experience and learned expertise, Tan reveals her actionable approach for getting back up after the toughest of times. Excellence lies at the end of darkness. 

How will people remember you? Cherry Rose Tan was faced with this question, when her only sibling passed away. With a 14-year journey of herself and her brother as sibling entrepreneurs, Tan shares her greatest lessons from disrupting industries and mobilizing leaders worldwide. In this age of innovation, create a flourishing and resilient future for yourself and your organization.  

Uncover how to operate from conviction, not motivation, and why audacity is your greatest advantage in an ever-changing world. 

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