Monique MacKinnon

Resilience, Mental Health, Innovation, Leadership and Change Expert

“Unconventional, spontaneous, engaging and a breath of fresh air” is how Monique MacKinnon’s forward-looking clients describe her. — Monique has 30+ years’ experience delivering 1000s of training, speaking and coaching sessions in the largest cities of Canada, the U.S. and U.A.E. Since 2004 she has spoken to conference audiences from mostly (90%) male-dominated industries.

Practical: She invented the Cue Ball Method™: a four-shot process that yields evidence, facts and intel. The CBM™ and her foresight expertise help clients grow their flexibility, fluidity and functioning. She models this by co-creating magical experiences with her clients. She loves flying, big cities, the ocean, and keeping fit too.

Monique’s passion for evolution emerged before graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Physical Education degree. It was fueled by quality employers, including: the Canada School of Public Service; the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute; the Canadian Real Estate Association; Dr. Donald Taylor, Orthodontist; Entrust Datacard; Fitness and Amateur Sport Canada; the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre; the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada; Public Services and Procurement Canada; Recreation Services International; the Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians of Canada; and Strength Tek Fitness Consulting.

Monique is co-author of the Tipping Point to Happiness book and featured in the Times magazine’s ‘The 90s: Setting the Pace for Healthier Living’. She is also a Certified Advanced Technology Manager and WEL-Systems NLP Practitioner.

Topic Presentations

Today’s lightning speed of digital change requires that workforces adapt quickly. Growing personal and interpersonal trust is an effective solution that strengthens relations with stakeholders. According to Steve Jobs: “Caring deeply about what customers want requires intuition and instinct about desires that have not yet formed. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.”

The takeaways are the: definitions for Self-Trust, Soaring and Intuition; 3 stages to Strategic Leader; and 4 steps for developing strategic foresight.

Cool Fact: Finance professionals from the hotel and golf resort industries particularly appreciated this session’s unique and beneficial exercises, including how to improve hotel sleep quality.

How can you expand your capacity, expertise and success, with rapid digital change and uncertainty now being the norm? – Learn how to operate beyond logic and gut feelings. Apply the Eagle Soaring Tool™ (EST). Expanding your emotional consciousness frees you to be a big thinker, gain keen eyesight (and foresight), and efficiently make your best contribution to the company.

The takeaways are the: definitions of Self-Trust, Soaring and Intuition; 4 stages to Bold Visionary: “Soaring Eagle”; and 4-Step EST™.

Cool fact: This session also closes gaps between generations and emerging versus established visionary leaders.

Understand how to strategically prevent and solve Ethics and Compliance (EC) issues and cases before they become full blown, by applying the Cue Ball Method™ (CBM). The CBM™ is ethics risk management in action: a four-shot process that efficiently yields evidence, facts and intel. The CBM™ helps you grow your flexibility, fluidity and functioning while you model ethical mindsets and behaviors and promote balanced EC practices across key functions.

The takeaways are: The Ethics Self-Assessment; The 4-Step CBM™; and cases of the CBM™ in action.

Cool fact: This highly popular topic, which can be equally applied to forensic accounting, attracted the position attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Each person that you meet gives you the opportunity to become more authentically powerful. One key only allows you to get along more easily and enjoyably with others. Are you ready for better relationships and increased self-awareness, mental health and purposefulness? Take the guesswork out of engaging with people with thinking and engagement styles different from yours.

The takeaways are: Identification of your Enneagram type; your unique Secret Relationship Key™ (SRK); and practice using your SRK™.

Cool fact: This unconventional keynote builds interpersonal skills and value on the spot. Department of Justice Canada lawyers and support staff continued using it after receiving it.

Does your career or business integrate the authentic you who also wants to expand her horizons?

This practical session teaches you how to evaluate your priorities and delve deep inside to identify what healthfully and meaningfully lights up your fire: at work and in life. Insightful and rewarding, it'll leave you wanting more!

The takeaways are: What Healthy Passion versus Unhealthy Passion are; The Real Passion Checklist; and how to troubleshoot Internal and external obstacles related to living with passion.

Cool fact: This versatile session generates meaningful dialogue, including with tech product managers.

How can leaders, managers and front-line workers collaborate and negotiate The Gap in, and innovate services?

The key ingredient that closes The Gap and ultimately increases your contribution to the company’s vision and internal and external stakeholders is self-accountability for solutions, decisions, actions, and results. This session teaches you how to leverage your Collaborator Type, Strengths and Vulnerabilities.

The takeaways are: How is self-accountability nurtured? The Collaborator Self-Assessment; and the 6-step Collaborate 2 Innovate™ (C2I) Process and Pocket Reference Guide.

Cool fact: Audience members who are leading their industry recognized the practicality and value of this session and hired me to train and coach their teams.

Monique addresses the important role foresight leadership plays in negotiating and innovating "on the fly” amidst growing uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. She teaches you how to tap into your imagination and intuition to optimize what you bring to the meeting and negotiation ‘table’.

The takeaways are: How to Set Clear Intentions; The 5-step Negotiate on The Fly™ (NoF) Process; The NoF™ Strengths Self-Assessment; and real-life NoF™ examples.

Cool fact: Monique presented this keynote at the prestigious 5-star hotel Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, which Tracy Tudor of the popular Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles TV show visited. The session is especially popular with young entrepreneurs.

Leading Quality Innovation (QI) by example requires self-awareness, commitment and focused action. This highly interactive, hands-on session reveals how you – the project manager, professional or consultant – can make your unique QI Footprint (or Legacy).

The takeaways are: The 4 QI Footprint/Legacy benefits; The QI Footprint Quiz; identification of your unique QI Footprint/Legacy; The 4 steps to optimal QI Consciousness; and a lengthy Q&A period.

Cool fact: This session drew an overflowing crowd of Quality Assurance practitioners and experts from varied industries and companies, including Google, in Boston, Seattle and other tech-oriented American cities.

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Tipping Point to Happiness

"Tipping Point to Happiness (Baico Publishing), the little book with a big message is a “how-to” handbook outlining the steps to take to be personally happy. Once you take the time to retreat within yourself to explore what is within, this action tips you to a state of personal awareness. What you do with this awareness is the key to being happy and is the essence of this book. It is conveniently short and allows you to move from chapter one through eight at an easy pace. You decide where you need to spend more time thinking about what you have just read. "

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