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Speaker Last Name:

Angela Adsit

Indigenous Inclusivity & First Nation Community Development

Nikolas Badminton

Futurist Speaker - Business Innovation, Business Strategy & Industry Trends Expert

Joanna Barclay

Mindful Conscious Leadership Consultant and Organizational Culture Change Expert

Sajel Bellon

TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Trauma, Stress and Wellness Expert

Dr. Nicola Bird

Health and Wellness, Productivity and Self-Transformation Expert

Alizabeth Calder

Business Leadership, Innovation & Digital Tranformation Thought Leader

Geoffrey Cann

Accelerating Digital Adoption in Energy

Tony Chapman

Futurist & Emcee - Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Disruption Expert

Mary Charleson

Marketing, Customer Service and Social Media Expert

Randall Craig

Tech Futures - Digital Visionary, Marketing and Technology Expert

Dennis Cuku

CEO, Inner Peace and Social Enterprise Expert

Nikola Danaylov

Futurist, Strategic Adviser, and Business Expert

Dr. Mark DeVolder

Business Change & Transition Specialist - Leadership, Agility & Disruption Management Expert

Arlene Dickinson

Dragons Den - Serial Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

Rachel Dodds

Communication, Marketing and Public Relations Expert

Steve Donahue

Change & Engagement Expert, Sahara Adventurer, Bestselling Author, Story Guru

Susan Eaton

Geoscientist/ Journalist/ Polar Explorer

Makokis Family

A Full Indigenous Perspective

Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Cyber Bullying, Communication Health & Wellness and Psychology Expert

Gabriel Filippi

Mountaineer - Leadership, Change and Resilience Expert

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