Nikola Danaylov

Futurist, Strategic Adviser, and Business Expert

Nikola Danaylov is a keynote speaker who helps event planners deliver eye-opening conferences about the dangers and opportunities of new technology so they can stand out with maximum attendance, engagement, and impact. Like Socrates of Athens, Nikola Danaylov is deeply in love with learning but keenly aware that his personal knowledge is always going to be dwarfed by his ignorance. Yet, Nikola is of the strong belief that we can attain profound insights by asking challenging questions in the company of good people, gathered within an open, informal and interactive symposium. Nikola Danaylov hopes to be the midwife, and Singularity Weblog – the setting, where you come to examine the questions, search for your answers, challenge, be challenged and, ultimately, give birth to your own ideas.

It is for this reason that, having spent the past 10 years producing over 1,000 articles and interviewing more than 200 of the world’s best-known experts, Nikola has gifted all his content for free – in the hope of helping you create a better future, better you. In 1998 Nikola moved to Canada where he completed an HBA in Political Science, Philosophy & Economics at the University of Toronto followed by an MA in Political Science at York University. It was at YorkU that Nikola Danaylov became deeply interested in the Technological Singularity and wrote “Hacking Destiny: Critical Security at the Intersection of Human and Machine Intelligence.” In 2011 Nikola went to NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California and completed the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University. 

Nikola Danaylov has spoken at public events on topics ranging from technology, transhumanism and the technological singularity to new media, blogging, and podcasting. He has been profiled in Next Stage Rising Stars Magazine and has been interviewed himself for numerous documentary films, blogs, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers. Nikola’s Singularity.FM interviews have had over 6 million views on iTunes and YouTube and have been featured on international TV networks and other media, such as BBC, MTV, Space, ArteTV, TV Japan, Channel NewsAsia, RTL4, WIRED, the Telegraph, io9, the Huffington Post, ZDNet, BoingBoing, and others. Today Singularity Weblog is the biggest independent blog on related topics. Singularity.FM is the first, most popular and widely recognized podcast interview series in the niche and, according to Prof. Roman Yampolskiy, Nikola has established himself as the “Larry King of the Singularity.” 


Topic Presentations

This high energy, [opening, or closing] keynote session, will perfectly set the stage during [your conference event]. Powerfully delivered by Nikola Danaylov, aka the ‘Larry King of the Singularity’, you will learn why technology is not enough and why the world is transformed by asking questions. Then Nikola will help you see what are the main questions we have to contend with that will likely determine our destiny – be it individually – as citizens, or collectively – as businesses, nations and as a species, during this most crucial century of our development. What happened to horses when we moved from natural to artificial power? What happens to humanity when we move from natural to artificial intelligence? What happens when your toothbrush is smarter than you? Where do you go? What do you do? What will happen to your business, to your country, to our civilization and to yourself? Are we going to become immortal, live in a utopian abundance and spread throughout the cosmos? Or will humanity fight a dystopian AI Giga-war, become enslaved and ultimately go extinct like the dinosaurs? 

Technology is the new religion, Silicon Valley is the new chosen land and entrepreneurs are the new chosen people. They promise a future that is better than we think – a techno-heaven of abundance and, naturally, immortality. And we are all believers now. But are we the masters, or are we the tools of our tools? Are we exhibiting religious fetishism for technological objects? Are we creating personality- cults around techno-prophets? Are we falling for new techno-religions? Is power in the hands of those behind, or those in front of the screen?

Synopsis: What is leadership? Why stories are the most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal? Why good stories are uncomfortable? This provocative keynote will provide an unorthodox take on leadership as uncomfortable, unreasonable and politically incorrect. It aims to challenge aspiring leaders to think differently and make them ask themselves: What [uncomfortable] story do I want to tell? 

For generations, humanity stared at the vastness of the oceans and wondered, “What if?” Today, having explored the curves of the Earth, we now stare at endless stars and wonder, “What if?” Our technology has brought us to the make-or-break moment in human history. We can either grow complacent, and go extinct like the dinosaurs, or spread throughout the cosmos, as Carl Sagan dreamed of. What if your toothbrush becomes smarter than you? What happens to your business, your country, your planet and yourself? What if your car doesn’t need a driver anymore? What if we don’t need to age and die? What if machines are smarter than us? What if, instead of fear of the future – you see opportunity, instead of an end – you see a beginning, instead of loss – you see profit, and instead of death – you see life? What if you and your organization get future-primed? For many years Nikola Danaylov has been interviewing the future and motivating people all over the world to embrace rather than fear it. “Conversations with the Future” was born from those interviews and Nik’s unceasing need to explore “What If” with some of the most forward-thinking visionaries in the world today. 

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