Avijit Arya

Avijit Arya

Vancouver, British Columbia
Internet & Social Media Marketing Strategist & Small Business Expert
Avijit Arya is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Social Media/Digital Marketing Expert. Streetcar racer turned hotelier & social media influencer. He is named amongst the top 25 influencers by Influencive ranked as one of the top 100 digital icons of the region by Impact Magazine and credited to create 100 million dollar revenues for his clients. Avijit Arya (also goes by Avi Arya) is the founder of Internet Moguls, an International Digital Marketing Service Agency for hotels, restaurants, travel companies, airlines etc. and offers end-to-end digital marketing solutions.
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Avijit Arya was a streetcar racer turned hotelier, now a social media marketer and the founder of the Internet Moguls. Internet Moguls is an International Digital Marketing Service Agency for hotels, restaurants, travel companies, airlines etc. and offers end-to-end digital marketing solutions. He is named amongst the top 25 influencers by Influencive, ranked as one of the top 100 digital icons of the region by Impact Magazine and credited to create 100 million dollar revenues for his clients.

Avi Arya was born and brought up in New Delhi, India, and when he was 18 years old, all he wanted to do was to race street cars. His father used to go to bed, and from under his pillow, he used to take his car keys and race with people. He made some money on the side, and as an 18-year-old, he declared himself a business person!

Avijit Arya wanted to go to the UK to pursue his streetcar racing passion professionally. But, one day everything changed when he got a call from his father saying that he lost a lot of money in his hotel business and so they had to sell the house and cars, and there was no way his father could send him overseas. His father asked him to join his family business the next day or find his own way. So, without any other option, Avi decided to join his father’s hotel business and started learning everything he needed.

One day, an international tourist came and paid the double amount of Indian rupees. Avijit Arya thought to himself, what if he was able to have the 27 rooms of the hotel to accommodate international tourists? He would double his income and become a star in his dad’s eyes.

When Avi Arya discovered how productive the internet could be for our business, it changed everything and then there was no looking back. He got his very first client on 15th December 2003. Many customers came to their hotel for the next two years to stay. They were the first ever non-branded hotel in India to go live on the internet. His Dad took 40 years to build his first hotel, but after Avi Arya discovered the internet, He built 4 more hotels within 4 years.

Finally, Avijit Arya founded his own very first company called the Internet Moguls in 2009, with a team of 4. Now they have 225+ people working with 700 clients in 10+ countries. Avi now shares his knowledge about Social Media, Digital Marketing and Revenue Generation.

From streetcar racing to driving digital revenues for the top 600 hospitality companies across 10 countries, Avi Arya – as he is endearingly known in the circle – has helped build and grow many businesses through a journey of almost two decades. He is one of the first few entrepreneurs who adopted the digital medium during its early days.

In an era when not many people were aware of the scope of the internet,  Avi Arya was already sending out short video replies to his clients overseas, despite feeble internet speed. They were a total hit and led to a massive query conversion at a rate of almost 90%. This is when he began to realize and actualize the importance of Digital Media.

Avi Arya is also the creator of a YouTube show and a podcast called the ‘AskAviArya’, where He talks to and interviews people from different industries about growing businesses using digital platforms.

His ultimate mission in starting this show was to talk and give away the secrets and strategies for attaining success through digital marketing. Avijit Arya believes in sharing his knowledge and experience by creating simple micro-videos on how one can leverage the internet to make one’s first or next 10 million.

Avijit Arya has been invited to share his story and expertise with thousands worldwide – London, Dubai, the USA, Canada, and India.

The notable events where Avijit Arya delivered keynote speeches and been part of panels are Social Media Camp in Canada, Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, National Summit on Small Business Digital Marketing in San Diego, and Social Media Mastery Conference in Vancouver where he also won the best speaker award, Hotel and Restaurant Association Conference in Pune, India, Convergence India – International Exhibition and Conference, The Review of Tourism Laws in India, TEDx SGGSCC.

His extensive travels have allowed him to meet, interview and learn from top influencers worldwide. Some of the notable influencers he had the privilege to interview are, Albert Preciado, Billy Gene, Brad Lea, Chris Preston, Dan Lok, Dennis Yu, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Mark Lack, Pat Flynn, Patrick Bet-David, Rand Fishkin, Ritesh Agarwal, Tim Han and the list goes on…

Avijit Arya has finished a mission with his two daughters – Raya and Avianna; it was a Daddy-Daughter venture where they published a book called the ‘Internet Moguls of the World’, the first-ever coffee table internet experts’ book with a physical and an e-book version. This will be followed by a mega online summit inviting over 15000 people, featuring top internet influencers, then a podcast and finally a school for children & adults of all ages to learn internet marketing and work together.

His daughters created personalized micro-videos to invite top experts of the world to be a part of this Book, and guess what? By just creating micro-videos through a Smartphone, they managed to get top experts like Pat Flynn, Patrick Bet-David, Steve J Larsen, Miss Malini, Rand Fishkin, Brad Lea, Amy Porterfield, Billy Gene, John Lee Dumas, Stu McLaren and 40 more of them inside and on the cover of ‘Internet Moguls of the World’.

Avijit Arya is a father of two beautiful girls, and 6 dogs, husband of a superwoman, lives primarily in Vancouver, Canada, in the unceded territories of Coast Salish Peoples, and travels extensively to meet his global clients and manage his businesses in India.




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Avijit Arya Topic Presentations

boundless leadership masterclass

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • The Leadership masterclass will help emerging leaders speak to inspire & grow the companies. This talk is for middle and top-level managers and C-suite/Management leaders to make employees buy-in to their vision and become volunteers. As when you are financially invested (like a normal employee), you seek returns but when you are emotionally invested you want to contribute.

    You’ll get to learn:

    • How to make them buy-in to your vision so they become volunteers not employees.
    • How to create a culture in which the team works at their natural best?
    • How to create a trustworthy team that can deliver results rather than being a taskmaster?
    • How to hire smarter people and make them stick with you for a lifetime.

7 social media video secrets for corporations

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • This talk of Avijit Arya. is for Corporations and their management to GET KNOWN, GET LEADS, GET SALES using the power of micro videos.

    You also get a Micro Video Mastery Crash Course along with this program which the recorded version of the training to get delivered.

    This training helps SMEs and corporations to develop a system that allows them to:

    • Create their million $ story and tell it in 1000 short micro videos to 100 X their brand in 1 year.
    • Create a content machine so their messaging reaches out to the masses.
    • Create video SOPs to develop a robust in-house training system for each department.
    • Save money on travel expenses as you can now close clients over video conference calls.

    This system was made after 13 years of running a successful digital marketing agency and having to work with all top-tier hospitality brands.

the family first fearless entrepreneur talk

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • The Fearless Entrepreneurs talk is for entrepreneurs to make sense of the new changing work and how to use social media videos to navigate this world to sell more and work from anywhere.

    This talk comes from Avijit Arya’s book – “The Fearless Family First Entrepreneurs” helps new and seasoned Entrepreneurs train themselves, co-founders and teams to develop a system that allows them to –

    • Create their million $ story and tell it in 1000 short micro videos to 100 X their brand in 1 year.
    • Find their unique micro niche and become a thought leader in that Micro Niche by creating an Online program and then using webinars, FB ads and Google ads to sell these courses to their prospective clients.
    • Work from anywhere on the planet without missing a day of office.
    • Stay close to the family while focusing on your business so both grow and you have a rich, happy and peaceful life.

    This System was Created during the pandemic for our own business & Over 60,000 Entrepreneurs trained and vouched for this system.

digital hospitality training for hoteliers

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Helping hotels to increase Direct Business by 30% in 3 months.

    This talk of Avijit Arya is for GMs, Revenue managers to be able to leverage the power of Digital to drive more direct and recurring business.

    You’ll get to learn

    • How to increase Direct Booking from the official brand website.
    • How to make get DIRECT recurring business even if the client is booking through an OTA initially.
    • How to book more restaurant covers, especially during weekdays.
    • How to get more banquet hall bookings all-round the year.

    This system was created after serving 1500+ clients in 10 countries over 13 years. These talks and workshops are done for over 100 of the world’s best hotel brands & have yielded in over 30 percent growth in leads and sales through digital means.


As co-founders of ResNet World, we feel it is important to strategically align ourselves with individuals and companies that match the drive for success that we practice in our own work environment. Avijit and Internet Moguls have supplied ResNet with exactly that. ResNet World works with  Avijit Arya and Internet Moguls to provide internet marketing services to ResNet World hotel partners. Internet Moguls is able to provide measurable positive results to its client base and I would highly recommend his company to anyone considering taking their services. (side note: If you’re looking for a company/client night out on the town for a few cocktails and a bit of rowdiness –...

Shane Mansell

Co-Founder & Director of Operations
ResNet World

 Avijit Arya is a dynamic, knowledgeable entrepreneur, who has captivated and transformed the way many hotels engage with their customers. Avijit Arya is one of those fearless leaders who are not afraid to experiment, with his clear analytical thinking he converts those experiments into groundbreaking paths that drive digital revenue. We are fortunate to have his continued guidance and support over all our digital marketing endeavours. 


Just when today business requirements are changing so rapidly so is their marketing requirement This book gives you an insight into Digital Marketing, especially for the Hospitality Industry and its changing trends and solutions It has a list of questions from hoteliers that will help you solve most of your queries.  Avijit Arya as we’ve known is a go-to person for any hospitality marketing demands He has put in a great effort to make this guide for hoteliers who want to understand digital marketing thereby increasing the ROI and Online brand reputation for their hotels.


President & Chief Revenue Officer
The Lemon Tree Hotel Company & The Lemon Tree Hotel

 Avijit Arya is an expert marketer with specialist knowledge of Digital Marketing

Ian Cleary

 Avijit Arya is a rising star in the social media industry his training and workshops are packed full of value.

Cam Adair

Speaker at

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Internet Moguls of the World: How the Planet's best Entrepreneurs found their passion and never looked back
Internet Moguls of the World: How the Planet's best Entrepreneurs found their passion and never looked back
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The Fearless Family First Entrepreneurs
The Fearless Family First Entrepreneurs
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