Norm Trainor

Norm Trainor

Toronto, Ontario
President & CEO - Business Strategy & Business Growth Expert
Norm Trainor is President & CEO of one of Canada's top executive leadership consulting firms, sought after for his insights on business growth. Norm Trainor has been the President and CEO of The Covenant Group since 1995. He is a recognized leader in the field of training and development, having worked in the industry for over 45 years. The Covenant Group works with some of the world's largest corporations to build organizational effectiveness from the C-suite down and has client networks across the world.
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Norm Trainor is the CEO and President of The Covenant Group, referred to by many as “The Business Builder.” Norm Trainor formed The Covenant Group (TCG) in 1995, where his team has amassed and diagnosed research on top-performing professionals, distilling that research into The 8 Best Practices & Business Builder concepts.

TCG educates and coaches entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary business tools to enhance their performance and achieve new levels of profit and productivity. Norm Trainor specializes in assisting business leaders in accelerating their business to increase market gains.

Whether working with the leadership team or high-performing salespeople, Norm’s practical tools and well-proven strategies have helped thousands of businesses sustain their growth through radical change and transitions in the market.

TCG works with some of the world’s largest institutions and has client networks across North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. TCG specializes in helping financial services organizations grow market share and increase productivity by improving the practice development capability of their owners, managers, advisors, and agents.

Norm Trainor is an international speaker; the author of the best-selling books, The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople, The Entrepreneurial Journey, and The Business Builder; and has written articles for various leading publications in North America and internationally. Norm was named one of “The 20 Most Innovative People in Insurance” by LifeHealthPro in 2015.

Norm Trainor helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals with crucial strategies, structures, systems, and processes to be more effective in their roles, performance, and efficiency through guidelines for enhancing performance and increasing results in every aspect of your business. Well-known

in the financial industry, Norm Trainor is focused on the approach to performance strategy to grow revenue and profitability through planning, preparing, executing, and measuring. He shows clients how to achieve and sustain peak performance with a unique planning process for the critical areas of business: Financial Services Professionals.




Beyond the Challenge

Kevin and Sandy Dougherty

Episode 28 with Norm Trainor, President and CEO, The Covenant Group

Norm Trainor Topic Presentations

how to build a successful and sustainable business

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  • In building a business, there are Four Cornerstones that represent the foundation of a successful and sustainable business.

    To build the business that is right for you, the following elements must be in place:

    Strategy is the clear plan of action to achieve your objectives. We define strategy as the alignment of outputs/objectives, capabilities and resources and the opportunities and challenges the environment provides. Your Business Plan is the articulation of your strategy. In it, you describe your Model and Methods to build the business. A model is a Theory in Use. It is the conceptualization of how you will build a viable business, assure return on equity and create shareholder value. The methods are what you will do to ensure the success of your business.

    The structure is the system of roles, role relationships and policies that define accountability and authority. There are three questions every entrepreneur has to answer: What role do you want to play?; How big do you want to become?; and based upon the answer to these questions, What is the Required Organization in terms of capabilities and resources to address the first two questions?

    Systems and Processes provide the framework for running the business. “A system is defined as a set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty or solve a problem.” (Source:}. Successful businesses are built upon replicable processes. A process is a pattern or methodology that is distinguishable, repeatable and transferable.

    Financial Management is critical to the ongoing health and vitality of a business. Financial statements are the vital life signs that tell you how the business is doing. There are two basic models for financial statements: 1. Historical & 2. Pro-forma. Historical statements measure what happened and where you’ve been. Pro-forma statements are plans for the future, outlining where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

    With regard to financial projections, there are three fundamental axioms:

    1. The higher the quality of the assumptions, the more valid the forecast.

    2. The more detailed the forecast, the better its analytical value.

    3. The greater the grounding in historical reality, the more reliable the forecast.

    As entrepreneurs, you use the same financial statements for both historical and Pro-forma analysis. The financial statements allow you to assess both the reasonableness of your projections and actual performance vis-à-vis your expectations.

    This assessment requires you to consider all of the following concepts:

    1. Profitability

    A business must earn more than it spends or it won’t be around long enough to see its vision materialize.

    2. Liquidity

    A business must be able to pay its obligations on time or risk losing the resources needed to accomplish its mission.

    3. Finance-ability

    Money is one resource every business needs. Therefore, you must satisfy the requirements of lenders, or risk their withdrawing that all-important resource.

    4. Investment in operational assets

    You must plan for and make available those assets that allow you to operate a business such as accounts receivable, business equipment such as furniture, computers, printers and other operational assets that require an investment.

    Knowing what you need to operate the business allows you to segregate and, perhaps, withdraw non-operational assets to accumulate personal wealth for yourself.

    5. Value creation

    When you move from being an income producer to a business builder, you gradually transfer the income-generating responsibilities from yourself to the business.

    This is how you create value in the business independent of you, personally.

    The Five Financial Levers

    Your business plan aligns your strategy with regard to controlling five financial levers:

    1. Product & Service Mix

    2. Size of Sale

    3. Number of Sales

    4. Seasonality

    5. Cyclicality

    The key is to align the five financial levers with your marketing, sales and service initiatives.

    In our work with entrepreneurs, we integrate the Four Cornerstones to assure the viability of the business.


five financial levers to manage business growth

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  • The most effective way to control the growth trajectory of your business is to align five financial levers with your marketing, sales, and service initiatives.

    The five financial levers are:

    1. Product & Service Mix

    2. Size of Sale

    3. Number of Sales

    4. Seasonality

    5. Cyclicality




The Covenant Group has a proven program that will help us grow. Any company looking to take the next step in its development should be involved in The Business Builder.



I have interacted with other coaches previously, and I find The Covenant Group to be the most value-added by a significant margin. 



Norm, Keita and the team bring an unusual combination of deep industry knowledge and proven business-building fundamentals along with an eye toward innovation and the best practices for driving growth in the new digital economy. They truly care for your success, and it shows in the value they deliver. 



The Covenant Group has helped focus our business development strategy and provide quality leadership advice that has been very useful to me as an entrepreneur. Norm’s wisdom, mentorship and friendship over the years have been truly invaluable. Not only am I certain that we wouldn’t be where we are today without him, but I am also even more certain that VELA’s future wouldn’t be as incredibly bright as it is without his guidance



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The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople
The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople
This book reveals the eight best practices you need to master in order to become a top producer. The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople follows the stories of real sales professionals, relating their experiences and challenges first-hand.
The Entrepreneurial Journey
The Entrepreneurial Journey
This book is written for entrepreneurs, those remarkable individuals who turn their dreams into a business reality.
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