"In this time of great change, we can’t afford to lose our edge. I believe in getting the right message to the right person at the right moment. The message is simple: confusion into clarity, philosophy into practice, and ideas into action.” - Hamza Khan

Hamza Khan

Leadership, Generational Workforce and Productivity Expert

Born in New York and raised in Toronto, Hamza Khan is a multi-award-winning marketer, accomplished entrepreneur, and dynamic keynote speaker. He’s the Managing Director of Student Life Network, Canada’s most comprehensive resource hub dedicated to helping and empowering millions of students across the country. He has worked with leading institutions and forward-thinking brands such as the PepsiCo, Restaurants Canada, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Hootsuite, Trivago, The University of Toronto, Royal Bank of Canada, and The Carlsberg Group.

Hamza Khan is a terrific presenter and he has made waves as the co-founder of Splash Effect a boutique digital marketing & creative agency, as well as the co-founder of SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company. Prior to this, Khan served as a Digital Community Facilitator at Ryerson University (Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education) where in under two years, he helped establish the institution as a national leader in online student engagement. Through his consulting, writing, teaching and speaking, Khan empowers people and businesses to transform ideas into action. Khan has spoken to more than 15,000 people (ranging from high school students to senior executives) across more than 100 events, 20 cities, and 8 countries. In 2017, he self-published his first book The Burnout Gamble.

Hamza Khan has a Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, a Business Certificate from the Rotman School of Management, and a Student Affairs and Services Certificate from Seneca College. He is a faculty member at Seneca College and Ryerson University, teaching courses on digital marketing and social media. Hamza Khan is also two-time TEDx speaker and is regularly invited by leading organizations and businesses to speak on subjects such as: how to build digital communities, the impact of personal branding, how to master productivity, navigating the multigenerational workforce, building resilience, and more. His strategical insights are easily applied and propel individuals, teams and organizations to better deal with today’s fast paced business environments.

Topic Presentations

It is often claimed that millennial's are fundamentally incompatible with traditional management practices. This session explores strategies for managing the next generation, as well as ways in which the next generation can thrive in a multi-generational workplace.

Managing millennial's and knowledge workers the way we used to manage traditional factory workers can be disastrous. Speaking through his own experience of being managed and alternatively as a manager, Hamza Khan makes the case that millennial's must be lead, instead of managed and given autonomy to complete their tasks, so they may grow and reach their full potential.

Attendees of this talk will:

  1. Become informed of various new attitudes and practices that younger generations bring to the workplace.

  2. Unlearn various stereotypes about one another.

  3. Appreciate the power of dialogue and mentorship to foster collaboration within a multi-generational workplace.

According to a recent survey by Ernst & Young, one third of full-time workers globally say that managing work-life has become increasingly difficult. Workers in the United States, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, India and the United Kingdom revealed that they are working longer and harder than ever before, leaving very little time for much else.

One could argue that we’re living in the age of workplace stress, largely due to the changing role of work in our lives. When work and life blend into each other, how can you begin to achieve an equilibrium that supports your physical, emotional and mental health? Perhaps it’s time to resist the binary construction (or fallacy) that is work-life and consider a new framework altogether. This talk explores the transition from overachiever to high performer.

Attendees of this talk will:

  1. Recognize “The 12 stages of Burnout” (and which ones they’re going through).

  2. Understand the negative consequences of stress on themselves and others.

  3. Learn how to prevent burnout and achieve more using a simple 6-step solution, “The D.R.A.G.O.N. Method.”

Ideas themselves aren’t worth much – it’s the ability to execute that matters. In this dynamic masterclass, you will receive the action-oriented insights that you didn’t get in school, highlighting real-world best practices for making ideas happen. You will be exposed to proven productivity hacks and best-practices from some of the most successful and productive people on the planet. Ideas are easy, but doing stuff is hard. With the right tools and practices, you’ll be able to consistently turn your ideas into reality.

Attendees of this talk will:

  1. Become familiar with “The Performance Point” model and identify the foundational elements needed to unlock peak performance.

  2. Discover how to break through productive plateaus.

  3. Learn how to develop sustainable habits to optimize and sustain breakthrough productivity.

The unsettling premise of “Amusing Ourselves To Death: Public Discourse In The Age of Show Business” by Neil Postman is that Aldous Huxley, not George Orwell, was correct about the future of our world. Today, social media and digital technology form a complex “digital layer” seamlessly integrated into our physical reality. The social web and the devices we use to access it are profoundly influencing our society, and fundamentally changing human perception and understanding.

This flourishing culture of interconnectedness and hyper-sharing is not without alarming dystopian undertones. Huxley predicted that the very technologies people would come to adore, would ultimately undo their capacity to think. With more than 73% of students claiming they cannot study without technology, and with further research connecting social networking activity to dopamine responses - a critical understanding of these paradigm shifts is crucial to higher education professionals seeking to educate and enable the students of tomorrow.

Attendees of this talk will:

  1. Learn about the various threats and opportunities presented by rapid digital transformation.

  2. Gain the vocabulary needed to articulate the various personal and organizational challenges posted by social media & digital technology.

  3. Be challenged to enhance their media literacy and promote “digital wellness.”

Have you ever wondered if your digital identity is affecting your chances of landing a job? Would you like to learn how to build an online brand that is appealing to employers? It’s been said that your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room and this session explores the ways in which individuals can begin to understand their personal narrative and communicate it through social media. Stories are the fundamental unit of human understanding.

Some brands continue to make the mistake of taking their audiences for granted, instead treating them with genuine care. This session explores how brands can utilize social media to humanize themselves and tell authentic and compelling stories. It examines how to use utility, information, amusement, and inspiration as “magic ingredients” to earn the attention, trust, and ultimately the loyalty of online audiences.

Attendees of this talk will:

  1. Appreciate the value of intentional branding and storytelling (as a fundamental unit of human understanding).

  2. Learn the “brand perception gap” framework and identify areas of development within their own narratives.

  3. Acquire best practices on how to use social media to tell their story online.

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