Speaker Last Name:

Susan Aglukark

Performing Artist - First Nation Expert & Indigenous Advocate

Scott Armstrong

Entrepreneur, Productivity and Innovation Expert

Brian Aspinall

TEDx Speaker, Education & Teacher - STEM/STEAM, Technology and Education Innovation Expert

Rachel Baptiste

Business Leadership - Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Alizabeth Calder

Business Leadership, Innovation & Digital Tranformation Thought Leader

Mike Cameron

Mental Health Advocate, Leadership and Change Management Expert

Peter Cardinal

First Nation Economic and Business Innovation

Michelle Cederberg

Change Agent - Peak Performance, Workplace Productivity, Energy at Work, Health and Wellness Expert

Randall Craig

Tech Futures - Digital Visionary, Marketing and Technology Expert

Cindy Crowe

Identity and Purpose Coach, Interconnectedness Expert, Lodgekeeper, Author, and Public Speaker

Alfonso Cuadra

Kidnapping Survivor - Leadership, Tranformation & Resilience Specialist

Carla Cuglietta

Educator, consultant, humanitarian and keynote speaker

Alnoor Damji

Personality Dimensions, Generations at Work, Teamwork, Productivity & Communications Expert

Daniel Francavilla

Creative strategist and mentor making a positive impact

Kevin Gangel

Leadership, Transformation and Communication Expert

Dr. Lynn Gehl

Indigenous and First Nation Expert

Gobinder Gill

Diversity, Inclusion and Multicultural Workforce Expert

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

TEDx Speaker - Compassion-Cultivator & Change Agent

Bob Gray

Sales, Customer Service/Relationships, Health & Wellness, Brain, Memory.

Joseph Grmovsek

White Collar Crime and Rehabilitation Expert

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