“In order to develop or change an organizational culture of safety, first we must understand and influence change in human behaviour”

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Curtis Weber

Workplace Safety Prevention Expert | Burn Survivor

On July 29th, 1999, Curtis Weber was 17 years old and working as he did everyday as a Construction Laborer on the Saskatchewan prairies.
After a long day at work, he and his crew were attempting to transport a grain bin under a power line with our picker truck. Prior to performing the task, they assessed the risk of moving the bin under an overhead power line. After a brief discussion, they talked about the power line and how it “had the potential to kill somebody”. Just minutes later, it nearly did.

They had to be cautious. They thought they could get the job done safely. As they worked against the elements, he steadied the bin from the high winds while they approached the overhead line. Then the predictable happened. The preventable happened.

As they approached the overhead line, the operator of the crane did not boom down far enough and backed directly into the power line. Curtis immediately became the ground point for the electricity as 14,400 volts of electricity surged through his body three separate times. He was surrounded by steel and as each cycle of 14,400 volts passed through his body, the electricity tried to eject him from the live zone, instead throwing him violently from one end of the steel structure to another as the 2nd and 3rd cycles of 14,400 volts of electricity passed through him.
Curtis Weber was given a 0% chance of survival, his family were told he would not survive his injuries. Instead he has 3rd and 4th degree burns to over 60% of his body and is now a double amputee. Let him tell you his story of triumph over tragedy and share with you how and why he was lucky that day.

Topic Presentations

Bringing a tragic, life-changing, and near fatal experience full circle; this presentation will leave all in attendance motivated and inspired. As part of the keynote address, Curtis takes time to promote the conference theme(s) and also additional guest speakers.

Curtis conducts a comprehensive need assessment to tailor this presentation for each client. Curtis also works with employers to incorporate any key messaging that employer may have in place within their organization, re-enforcing company cultures and messages. Curtis works from his views that in order to change or develop a safety culture, first we must change or influence human behavior. This presentation offers the tools needed to make these changes, with hazard assessment, risk analysis, and a joint-accountability approach to safety management and prevention. Above all, Curtis emphasizes that we must remain accountable to ourselves.


Curtis, injured at 17, has a strong connection with youth. In this presentation, Curtis recounts how he was “just like every other teenager”, and relates to the universal youthful sense of invincibility. Curtis offers tools to overcome bullying, addiction, self-esteem issues and other challenges faced by youth. This presentation has inspired and influenced change in tens of youth thousands across Canada, and instills the courage needed for youth to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices. Let Curtis share this inspiring message at your School, youth event or group of young workers.

Curtis shares his personal story of a near fatal workplace injury that nearly ended his promising young life. While sharing the details of the day that changed his life forever, Curtis creates an undeniable energy and passion for challenging the way people view workplace injuries, and most importantly, what is involved in a successful road to recovery.

Curtis discusses those who were instrumental in his amazing and successful road to his 6-year recovery, including the multiple levels of healthcare he received, his case/claims management team, multiple level/discipline therapy teams and the other healthcare representatives he came across on his path of recovery.

Attendees will learn the personal, social and family contributing factors lead his successful recovery from injury and illness. Please join Curtis in this emotional and inspiring presentation while being reassured and motivated to continue to be the difference in integrating those who face challenges in recovery to go back to healthy and productive lives.

With experience hosting events for thousands of healthcare providers, Curtis leaves his audiences empowered, inspired and with valuable new insights into care management.

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