Sharon Mallon

Sharon Mallon

Edmonton, Alberta
Cancer Survivor | Mental Health Advocate | Resiliency | Storyteller | Handling Adversity | Author
Sharon Mallon was a radio personality who had won awards. After 35 years of working as a reporter, news director, talk show host, and co-host of the morning show, she resigned in 2013. Long before "reality TV," she broadcast "reality radio"! With her personal stories and opinions on current events, Sharon was considered as a skilled storyteller who delighted audiences for years. She is the author of her book, "The Gift of Adultery" which tells her story about adultery and the divorce that she suffered and how her family and friends help her.
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Sharon Mallon is an award-winning Radio Broadcaster. During her accomplished 35-year career she worked as a Reporter, News Director, Talk Show Host, Em-cee and Morning Show Co-Host. She interviewed high-level politicians, authors, sports stars and some of the most famous entertainers on the planet.

She broadcast live from cities across Canada and the United States to Abbey Road Studio in London, England.  Sharon Mallon delivered ‘reality radio’ long before ‘reality TV’ took over television. For decades she regaled radio audiences with stories of life.  She is still regarded today as one of the most skilled and engaging storytellers ever on Edmonton radio.

Just as she was about to retire, she suffered a personal, publicly humiliating blow.  It was debilitating. She’d been blindsided.  She was inconsolable. Sharon Mallon was so profoundly affected by heartbreak, she wrote a book called ‘The Gift of Adultery’.  Within months over 2000 copies were sold.

Only one year after suffering this personal tragedy, she was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer which would eventually become a terminal illness.  Five years later, Doctors believe it was that disease which caused her to lose ‘permanent sight’ in her right eye.

Upon learning she’d been diagnosed with Blood Cancer, Sharon Mallon opted to make the most of her time.  She travelled the world and joined four Boards in Edmonton; The Edmonton Police Foundation, Compassion House, Pilgrims Hospice Society and Events Edmonton.  She also volunteered as a Patient Visitor at the Cross Cancer Institute.

Today, after a life-saving Bone Marrow Transplant in 2021 and years of painstaking, anguishing mental work, Sharon Mallon is healthier than she has ever been, both physically AND mentally.  Doctors have stated her recovery from the transplant is in the top 5 percentile.  Among other things, medical staff have credited her attitude for her remarkable comeback.

Sharon Mallon has blogged about her post-retirement journey on FACEBOOK. She has a following of several thousand who regularly recognize her for inspiring, motivating and encouraging them.

Her story of how she survived heartbreak AND cancer is a powerful tale of how one can overcome adversity. She explains how gratitude is the cornerstone of her well-being.  Most importantly, Sharon Mallon details her tools for recovery and the lessons learned.  These are skill sets which are literally available to every one of us. Her message is especially powerful and moving, based solely on experience. She has ‘walked the walk’.

Who would benefit from hearing Sharon Mallon speak?  Literally, ANYONE who is struggling!  Anyone who is experiencing grief, loss, fear, adversity, unforeseen circumstances, self-doubt, or lack of motivation and for anyone who needs….hope.



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Sharon Mallon Topic Presentations

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  • In this presentation Sharon Mallon will explain how we can experience extraordinary growth during periods of adversity; that it is in fact during challenging times, we are presented with our greatest opportunities to develop resiliency, strength and courage. Her story tells of how she suffered three life-altering tragedies; all back to back.  Her story will surprise many to know that emotional pain is as, and in some cases, more destructive than physical pain.

    Sharon Mallon also shares very personal details of her journey from the depths of despair to how she lives her life today.  Her description of the devastation she felt is so explicit, it has brought audience members to tears.  Why?  Her story is so relatable, so relevant, so timely and so engaging, it can’t help but illicit the rawest of emotions.  It’s how she recovered though that is the ‘jewel’ in this message.  Her never give up attitude, her determination to plow through the pain, and ultimately her ability to ‘let go’ will leave audiences believing that if ‘she can do it, they too can do it’.

how i turned a bone marrow transplant into a cruise

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  • There isn’t a cancer patient on the planet who ‘doesn’t’ need to hear a story of survival.

    Few would think of any kind of transplant as a walk in the park, but it’s exactly how Sharon Mallon approached this life-saving procedure.  She literally chose to look at it as a ‘vacation’; in fact, her favourite type of holiday—a cruise. How she did it is the theme of this presentation; from the day of diagnosis to the day, Sharon Mallon learned a transplant was her only option for survival, to how she lives her life today.  It illustrates the tenacity of the human spirit. It focuses on the power of adaptability.

    Her story is teachable insofar as she explains the tools she used to not only survive but to recover in the top fifth percentile. Most importantly she’ll detail the ‘one tool’, that got her through the procedure and subsequent recovery. The simplicity of that tool is often surprising to audiences. While the strategy she used was indeed straightforward and practical, it’s ‘how’ she got to that point that is the ‘treasure’ in this presentation.

    No two cancers are the same, BUT the approach we use to battle each diagnosis ‘can’ be the same. Cancer is only ‘one’ part of our life; it’s not our entire life and what we do when we’re diagnosed ‘can’ have a profound effect on the outcome.

    This presentation offers hope and encouragement to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.  It’s also a gift for family members who are so often struck with such a sense of grief, they sometimes suffer more than the patient. Again, there isn’t a cancer patient on the planet who ‘doesn’t’ need to hear a story of survival.

the resilient mind

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  • There are those among us who are naturally resilient. They have a mindset of resilience. They’re actually able to see how setbacks serve as stepping stones to greatness. They rarely look at challenges as negative; they see them as opportunities. The rest of us? We have to work at developing a resilient mindset. That’s the bad news. The good news is we are all capable of developing such a thinking pattern.

    In this presentation, Sharon will explain the mindset of the resilient. She’ll teach the audience how to develop one. Included are proven strategies for building a resilient mindset. There are five pillars of resiliency, which when explained, will help audiences to understand this pattern of thinking is within their grasp.

    Fortunately, we are all capable of acquiring such a thinking pattern. More than ever, these strategies are critical for our well-being.

    On any given day, millions of people around the world are blindsided.  Millions are hit by circumstances they could have not fathomed.  That we are going to suffer at some point in our life is a given.  It’s why we all need to learn how to develop a resilient mindset insofar as it may well determine for ‘how long’ we suffer.

    Sharon Mallon is qualified to speak on this subject as she experienced three tragedies in her life, not including the death of loved ones.  She’ll explain ‘exactly’ how she built and continues to flex her muscle of ‘resilience’.

Sharon Mallon travels from Edmonton, Alberta & delivers customized and tailored keynote speeches, presentations, workshops and training sessions. on the topics enlisted below. These services are designed for a variety of audiences, industries, and event types and event formats.


Sharon Mallon spoke to the 200+ ladies that attended the 2022 Rural Women’s Conference in Lac La Biche, Alberta. The audience was totally engaged in Sharon’s story of her life and the struggles she encountered. We were moved to laughter by some of the antics and tears by some of the challenges. All audience members were touched by her sincere presentation. It was uplifting to see that hardships can be overcome and challenges met with optimism. Many guests reported that her speech left them with a new outlook on life. One lady reported that she left for home with a change in herself; it being she must always think positively. Another stated they would never forget Sharon’s empowering...

Fran Beniuk

Rural Women’s Conference

I had the pleasure of working with Sharon Mallon for many years at 840 CFCW Radio.  To say she is one of the best storytellers in the business is not a stretch. Sharon’s creative way of keeping you hanging on a story…teasing you almost before she gives you the payoff, was legendary

Jackie Rae Greening

CFCW and New Country 98.1 Program Director; Manager of Operations
Stingray Edmonton

We had the honour of having Sharon Mallon as our host/emcee for the 2017 Pilgrims Hospice Gala. It was a particularly important event as we announced a $3 million lead gift for the Capital Campaign we were launching. Sharon was exceptional in engaging our attendees throughout the evening. Sharon Mallon is well-spoken, entertaining, and enthusiastic and injects relevant personal anecdotes and humour throughout the event. Sharon can be 100% trusted to understand and remain true to key messaging and themes to support the purpose of the event. Her preparation, delivery and attention to detail are evident in all she does.  Sharon comes with my highest recommendation and appreciation for her...

Monica Robson

Pilgrims Hospice Society

Sharon Mallon has the ability to help people feel motivated and empowered to overcome obstacles they may be experiencing in their lives. She speaks from the heart; openly, honestly and with humor describing her personal journey from potentially soul destroying events to a place of peace and gratitude.

Linda Cook

Former CEO
Edmonton Public Library

Articles & Media

Sharon Mallon – The Gift of Adultery

Edmonton Woman's Show

Sharon Mallon is a newly minted author, and retired broadcaster. For close to 35 years she regaled listeners with anecdotes of her life. In March of 2014, her life imploded. She learned the ‘love of her life’ was leaving her for his mistress of 9 months. She was shocked and inconsolable. Within...

Retired broadcaster's book signing a homecoming

Lakeland Today

With unflagging enthusiasm, Sharon Mallon signs books and shares personal moments with the steady stream of people visiting the St. Paul Co-op last Friday, waiting to get their copies of The Gift of Adultery signed. With unflagging enthusiasm, Sharon Mallon signs books and shares personal moments...

Danny Hooper: Sharon Mallon retires from CFCW

Edmonton Sun

The rough and rugged road to recovery Friday was a big day for Sharon Mallon, my friend and former co-host of the CFCW Morning Show. Shortly before 9 a.m. she bid a final farewell to her faithful listeners, and ended a broadcast career that has spanned more than three decades. Sharon and I...

Edmonton author visits Bonnyville in celebration of Indie Author Day

Lakeland Today

Former radio personality and independent author Sharon Mallon was in Bonnyville over the Thanksgiving weekend to speak about her book, The Gift of Adultery. Former radio personality and independent author Sharon Mallon was in Bonnyville over the Thanksgiving weekend to speak about her book, The...

Global News


True Blue Gala


The Gift of Adultery
The Gift of Adultery
What would you do if the man/woman you loved the most in the world, the one you trusted with your life, the one you believed was the most honourable, respectable person you knew, betrayed you? I assure you, this is NOT something you ever want to deal with in real life. Unfortunately, adultery is...
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