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As we know not all organizations can afford one of our speakers, we always try to be as resourceful as possible. We have deep roots in the non-profit sector and fully understand the unique financial pressures organizations face. We are committed to assisting organizations like yours navigate budgetary constraints to find the best fit.

Speaker Fees & Reduced Rates 

  • SBC Negotiation: We often find ourselves negotiating discounted fees from our speakers.
  • Pricing Overview: Our in-person speaking fees range from $3,000 to $25,000 and $2,500 to $20,000 for virtual engagements. The average rate is between $5,000 and $7,500.
  • Customized Rates: Our speakers can sometimes offer discounted rates based on specific factors such as organization type, audience size, and more.
  • Virtual Speakers/Local Speakers/Small Audiences/Non-Profits: Many are willing to cut their standard fees by up to 50% – 75%.
  • Virtual Benefits: Virtual platforms allow an expanded geographical reach, access a recording and often open doors for additional collaborative funding/engagement for an event.
  • Time Commitment: Rates are often calculated based on the comprehensive time spent on preparation, customization, and delivery, not just the time on stage, based on the total time it will take for the speaker to commit to each event.
  • Travel Expenses: It is recommended if available to apply the costs of the speaker’s travel expenses to a separate budget within the organization.

Speakers Bureau of Canada Operations & Speaker Pricing

  • SBC’s role: We know our speakers well and we advocate on behalf of organizations to negotiate rates of our speakers. We hire speakers who are flexible with their rates.
  • SBC Pricing: Speakers Bureau of Canada does not set the rates of each speaker. Our services are at no extra cost to the host organization, since we take our commissions from the speaker.
  • Standard Rates: We relay the speakers’ standard rates they are providing to us and each organization whether working with them directly or through SBC.
  • Fee Consistency: Speakers must be consistent with their fees for each request. They will weigh the audience, organization type, event location, event format, research time, customization time etc. and ensure that they are consistent with their fees when working with our bureau, other agencies and each organization.
  • How speakers assess their fees: If it is helpful, you can learn more information regarding how speakers assess their fees, session lengths and different types of presentation formats here.
  • Presentation Time: Whether you book a speaker for 20 minutes – 60 minutes keynote/virtual session or a 90/120-minute workshop session, the fee generally will stay the same. There are rarely any speakers delivering virtual sessions extending past 90 minutes.
  • Professional Standards: We strictly onboard speakers who maintain high professional standards, from research to customization for each specific audience.
  • Speakers Schedules: Speakers are very busy with a wide variety of commitments for speaking, media requests, coaching. Some speakers still work full time, and they spend hours building assets/marketing materials, researching latest trends and their travel between events.

Funding Avenues

  • Roll Over Budgets: If you are holding a lunch and learn session each month, why not combine budgets and apply the budget for a speaker every second or third month? Can you roll over budgets from different projects or programs?
  • Travel Fees: Can you apply the internal budget for employees travel an apply use it to pay for the speakers travel expenses?
  • Multi Department/Branch Collaboration: Pool resources and budget from different departments or branches within the organization to increase funding for the speaker.
  • Cost-Sharing Partnerships: Collaborate with another organization/department that can both benefit from the speaker’s expertise and contribute to the costs.
  • Grants: Various Provincial and Federal grants are available. We strongly advise exploring these avenues.
  • Sponsorship/Multi-Organization Collaboration: Collaborate with a sponsor or complementary organization that can both benefit from the speaker’s expertise and contribute to the costs.

Engaging Leadership for a Higher Budget

  • Internal Budget Strategies: Pool resources from different departments or consider a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to justify the expenditure.
  • Event Reduction = Speaker Quality Improvement: Combine internal budgets for departments and groups to hold a larger event quarterly or annually instead of holding smaller events that take place more frequently.
  • Business Case Presentation: Prepare a succinct presentation outlining the direct and indirect benefits of having a high-quality speaker, including potential ROI.
  • Alignment with Organizational Goals: Demonstrate how the speaker’s expertise aligns closely with the company’s mission and objectives, thus justifying the additional expenditure.
  • Bench Marking: Use industry standards and competitor actions as a rationale for enhancing the event quality and, therefore, the budget.

Resources to find speakers at a lower cost

  • Toastmasters: Your local chapter may have emerging speakers who can speak for the “opportunity” at a discounted rate.
  • Academic Speakers: Local, post-secondary instructors often bring high-level expertise at a lower fee. They may not always be as “motivational” but can contribute at a high level for a low cost.
  • Internal Speaker: Utilize in-house talent for specialized topics; this could provide a zero-cost option.
  • Academic Speakers: Post-secondary instructors often bring high-level expertise at a lower fee.

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