James Makokis & Anthony Johnson

Team Ahkameyimok!
The Amazing Race
Two-Spirit Couple

Valerie Cade

Bully Free at Work,
Respect, Leadership, and
Communication Expert

Nikolas Badminton

Award-winning Futurist
Speaker, Trends &
Innovation Expert

Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser

Medical Doctor, Author
Toronto Maple Leaf Senior
Director Player Development

Alvin Law

Attitude, Leadership,
Productivity, Resilience
and Change Expert

Tina Varughese

Inter Generational
Workforce,Cross Cultural
Communication, Diversity
and Inclusion Expert

Alexandre Bilodeau

Two Time Olympic
Gold Medalist, Determination
and Inspiration

Cherry Rose Tan

Tech Visionary &
Thought Leader, Entrepreneur,
Award-winning Educator

Deri Latimer

Leadership, Mental Health
Productivity and
Resilience Expert



Speakers Bureau of Canada is a Canadian motivational speakers bureau representing Canada’s top keynote speakers, professional speakers, and speaker bureau talent to inspire, motivate & educate corporate audiences at corporate events. As a Canadian speakers bureau and talent agency, Speakers Canada specializes in finding Canada’s most inspiring, motivating, and engaging keynote speakers that create mindset shifts for individuals to meet personal challenges and to create more awareness for themselves and their teams in the workplace. Our talented professional speakers and thought leaders offer Canadian organizations a fresh perspective to engage audiences at corporate meetings and empower audiences with new strategies that meet the dynamic needs of each organization and their industry. Our talented bureau agents bring innovative ideas for event planning teams when searching for the perfect speaker to collaborate with event organizers so they can create memorable experiences for each attendee at each corporate event. Speakers Canada’s professional keynote speakers and motivational speakers deliver powerful, engaging and life changing presentations that shift the mindsets of attendees to change the behaviours for the people of the organization. Speakers Bureau Canada’s talent and speakers, are on a mission to leave a positive impact that inspires, engages, and empowers individuals to change their approach to their work and their lives to strengthen the core and direction of business or organization.

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If you are looking for professional speakers for a corporate gathering or looking for motivational keynote speakers for a conference, Speakers Canada helps event planning teams find Canadian guest speakers and public speakers that drive impact through their presentations. As a top motivational speakers bureau in Canada, we carefully select, hire and secure Canada’s most engaging speakers and leading experts that share progressive ideas and have an innovative approach for a specific topic or subject matter. In working with the keynote speaker bureau talent from our agency, event organizers and planning teams access Canadian keynote speakers and professional speakers that collaborate with the leaders of each organization before the event. Through this strategy, Speakers Bureau of Canada’s talent, helps identify key learning outcomes, presents innovative ideas, and offers today’s latest research to inspire, engage and empower each participant to align with organizational goals. Through Speakers Canada’s powerful, impactful, and engaging speakers, organizations can deliver meaningful events that transform individuals to make better business & life decisions. SBC helps event organizers and event planning teams find talented motivational keynote speakers that blend education with motivation and inspiration. We help activate the audience to inspire individuals to take action in their lives for a positive change in the workplace and enhance their ability to perform in their careers.

For over 30 years, the Speakers Bureau of Canada has connected Canadian event professionals and planners to collaborate with Canada’s top motivational speakers, popular speakers for conferences, professional keynote speakers, inspiring guest speakers, engaging speakers, moderators, & event hosts to help organizations find the perfect speaker for the right audience. Whether you are searching for hybrid or virtual keynote speaker for an online seminar or require a keynote speaker to make a live appearance at a meeting, Speaker Bureau Canada are the best at finding, hiring, and securing virtual speakers for virtual events & keynote speakers for conferences in Canada. Our unique and dynamic Canadian speakers blend their firsthand experiences with their areas of expertise while including today’s latest research to keep up with the latest trends on each topic to offer strategic insights and solutions that audiences can implement directly after the session. As Canada’s top keynote speakers bureau, we have the best selection of national keynote speakers in Canada. We take pride in our work as we strive to become the top speakers bureau in Canada. Our reputation is important to us, and we know that each event we are a part of can shift our ability to serve each organization and impact our mission to inspire every Canadian at each conference and corporate meeting. Investing in an external perspective is important, and as a client focused full-service speakers bureau, we find all types of speakers for organizations that invest in their people. SBC and our talented speakers share practical insights that motivate individuals to align current events and the direction of our nation.

As a top professional keynote speakers bureau, Speakers Canada help people search and find great speakers for any topic and can professionally align the content of their presentation to meet the session requirements at each corporate gathering. Our speaker’s presentations deliver practical insights for learning objectives that are specific for each audience for each organization at each event, for each industry in Canada. Speakers Bureau of Canada’s talent matches the perfect speaker with the right audience to engage attendees to inspire breakthroughs that attendees remember at annual general meetings or corporate conferences events in Canada. Speakers Bureau Canada has the large network & collection of Canadian motivational speakers and engaging keynote speakers that are experts on leaving the audience with usable tools they can implement in their lives right after the presentation. As one of the best Speaker Bureaus in Canada, we focus on hiring Canada’s top guest speakers, public speakers, engaging speakers, virtual speakers, leading experts, thought leaders and professional speakers that present custom tailored keynote, workshop and virtual presentations on any topic and event theme. Speakers Canada’s mission and goal is to continue to grow our network of expert motivational speakers and professional speakers so that we can maintain a trusted relationships with event planners, as a strong resource for event organizing teams to search, find and book speakers for corporate audiences in Canada.



The Speakers Bureau of Canada has inspiring professional speakers and motivational speakers that can deliver keynote, workshop, and virtual presentations on any topic theme for any audience. With a large list of keynote speakers and guest speakers, we hire Canada’s leading experts to create life changing experiences for corporate audiences at each conference event and meeting. Speakers Bureau Canada carefully select the speakers for various locations and topics since our collection of speakers can speak on any topic and are located all over Canada. SBC’s offers Canadians the largest selection of Canada’s top motivational keynote speakers who go through a rigorous processed to be examined by our team for their professional approach and credibility so that we can position them to be accessible for any organizations. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s professional keynote speakers uplift the audience through their storytelling ability and their entertaining speeches. Our engaging & influential speakers continuously update their knowledge and expertise for trending topics that are relevant to each audience member, the organization they work for and the company’s goals. Searching by speaking topic is one of the easier ways to find corporate speakers for your event, since you will already know the topics that resonate with your team, event theme and the purpose of the event. Through combining innovative approach to the speaking industry with our professional speaker’s informative, motivational, and highly engaging presentations, Speakers Canada brings fresh ideas, solutions and strategies to organizations and their audiences. Searching by topic to find speakers that can tailor the content of their presentation to deliver powerful solutions for the learning objectives identified or the session and customized for attendee, their profession and industry.

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In working with talent from our bureau, organizations receive tangible and measurable solutions for their employees for new learning outcomes for their people, or to provide strategies businesses can use as a competitive advantage. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s thought leaders and professional speakers help instill workplace cultures that embrace the learning and development of their people on different topics. By increasing awareness and focusing on the knowledge and performance of each employee, businesses perform and maintain a strong position in their market. Through the thousands of organizations, Speakers Canada has collaborated with thousands some of Canada’s top corporate cultures and associations, on close to a thousand events per year. Many of Canada’s top meeting planners and event coordinators rely on our Canadian speakers bureau to find a speaker that specializes in a specific topic or subject matter to see our list of speakers for their next meeting. Event planning teams are able to review a powerful list of motivational keynote speakers and virtual keynote speakers that are qualified to speak on the topics suggested for the program. Search by topic on our website to find motivating and engaging professional speakers that work with the organization to research the audience, event themes, session requirements to meet the needs of each organization through a customized, tailored, and engaging presentation. Finding a great speaker on a specific topic has its challenges, but by collaborating with Speakers Canada and our process, our expert motivational speakers inspire, engage, empower, and activate your audience so that we can shift in the mindsets for behaviours of the people within each community, organization, or business.

Speakers Canada specializes in offering event planning teams fresh perspectives, for trending topics that deliver progressive ideas and researched content that appeals to corporate audiences. Speakers Bureau Canada is set up to create a wonderful experience and efficient process in working with our speakers and talent who are all experts on the subject matters and topic field categories on our website. We carefully select speakers that are set out to change Canadians by sharing firsthand experiences that inspire, tailored and practical insights that engage, and tangible strategies that empower corporate audiences to achieve company goals. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’ expert motivational speakers also use their educational backgrounds, industry knowledge, areas of expertise to include the latest research within a specific topic theme to create a life changing presentation for each audience member – with useable tools and strategies they can implement right after the event. Through searching by topic, you will find speakers who can deliver life changing and memorable experiences for participants with customized learning outcomes for a specific topic theme. As a Canadian professional speakers bureau, Speakers Canada combines industry-leading knowledge for today’s trending topics with our years of experience in holding thousands of events to offer event planning teams Canada’s largest network of high-quality and proven speaker bureau talent for corporate meetings, gatherings, and staff retreats. We work with Canada’s best keynote speakers and motivational speakers to inspire measurable results that people can implement right after the presentation. Speaker Bureau Canada is committed to providing and seeking out the best speakers in Canada to drive impact each event Canadian event and appearance.

Motivate, educate, and activate your audience by finding speakers by topic and create a list of speakers for us to provide you with speakers fees and availability on your date. Our talented speaker bureau agents can help you identify topic themes that are most requested by similar organizations or audiences to give you ideas for the topics and speakers when planning your event. Searching for a speaker within the Speakers Bureau of Canada’s talent agents, makes it easy to find and shortlist your top speakers and save a list of potential speakers for the right topic. SBC’s professional speakers become a part of the event and the organization before each appearance, so that they can present unique solutions to specific challenges for trending topics. Speakers Canada knows that trending topics often change over time as do solutions within each topic theme. Speakers Canada is committed to recruit Canada’s top talent to our bureau so that we can adapt our unique roster of Canadian motivational speakers to offer solutions unique to Canadian organizations and their needs, based on the initiatives that they require when planning an event with an external speaker. Speakers Bureau of Canada’s expert keynote speakers will often combine knowledge and learning outcomes to address multiple topics within the presentation. Speakers Bureau Canada specializes in finding keynote speakers and talent that empowers and inspires the people of the organization to make better work, business, and life decisions. Through our important and impactful work, we deliver a positive shift for individuals to advance the core and direction of the organization. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s bureau talent and speakers are committed to keeping up with trending topics in order to be able to collaborate with organizations that are focused on creating a positive impact at each event in Canada.




As a Canadian conference speakers bureau and motivational keynote speakers bureau, the Speakers Bureau of Canada has opening and closing keynote speakers, after dinner speakers, funny motivational speakers, and corporate entertainment to make appearances for associations and business at annual conferences and conventions. Speakers Bureau Canada and our agents are experts to help organizations find and hire top inspirational and motivational keynote speakers, workshop speakers, event hosts, emcees, panelists & plenary session speakers to entertain and engage the audiences at corporate conventions and summits. Speakers Canada lists of Canada’s top conference motivational speakers, leading experts and thought leaders makes it easy for you to find and book a guest speaker for your conference event. Speakers Canada strategically positions and hires Canada’s top corporate conference keynote speakers so that we can represent dynamic talent in our bureau that meets the needs for each audience. Speakers Bureau of Canada’s professional speakers and conference speakers are accessible leading up to the event. Our opening keynote speakers and closing keynote speakers specialize in speaking at large conferences and conventions. As each of our speakers travels to each conference location and successfully delivers a powerful keynote presentation, they are well known and sought after by many Canadian organizations to hire them as a keynote speaker at their annual conference event. Speakers Canada helps you find and secure the right speaker for the right audience at the right time to deliver moving, life changing and memorable experiences for audiences. Our conference keynote speakers are the top keynote speakers for conferences and trade shows in Canada and around the world.

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Speakers Bureau Canada also represents comedians, celebrity speakers and high energy keynote speakers for large conferences and conventions. We can also help organizations find big name speakers and celebrity speakers who can draw attendees, travel to the conference location, and maintain a professional approach leading up to the event. Whether you are searching for a celebrity keynote speaker for a conference or a professional keynote speaker for a convention, Speakers Canada has expert motivational speakers that are experienced presenters at large gatherings. We always encourage our conference speakers to attend the event program and network with attendees to better understand their audience. Speakers Bureau of Canada’s keynote speakers often requested to show up on site early so that they can better understand their audience and adapt their presentations to appeal to each attendee at provincial, national and international conferences. Our engaging motivational speakers, professional keynote speakers and corporate conference speakers are experts at delivering powerful presentations that inspire large audiences. They are experts at connecting and engaging with attendees at conferences so they can motivate, educate, and inspire mindset shifts through relative solutions. No matter what size of your audience, our conference keynote speakers are motivated to help attendees achieve new patterns of thinking for sustainable behavioural changes in their professional and personal lives. Our talented bureau agents can also assist you to find local conference keynote speakers that are close to the conference’s location to cut down on costs or find conference speakers that can travel to the event location. As Canada’s top speakers bureau, Speakers Canada is emerging to become the best place to find Canadian conference speakers and keynote speakers in Canada.

Speakers Bureau Canada has the best selection of Canadian conference speakers in our nation, and we serve every type of organization to meet their requirements. Speakers Bureau of Canada’s thought leaders are the top keynote speakers at engaging audiences at annual general meetings and conventions in Canada. Some of our popular Conference keynote speakers, celebrity speakers and best-selling authors also make themselves available for meet and greet sessions for taking pictures or book signings after their presentations. Working with talent from our bureau is simplified and we only work with professional keynote speakers that are committed to the success of your conference. Our motivational speakers for conferences network with the audience to bring more value to organizations when booked for their conference. They usually attend meals or scheduled meetings so they can meet and greet with audience members or leadership to discuss specific personal or organizational challenges related to the topic themes addressed in their conference keynote presentation. They will also often stay to meet executive leaders or sponsors, as they always want to connect with contributors and participants through networking sessions that drive more impact at each event. With the return of in person conferences in Canada, our top inspirational keynote speakers are motivated to get on the stage to activate the audience, inspire attendees and empower results through their presentations at conferences in Canada. Speakers Bureau Canada and our conference speakers set out to create a memorable experience for each audience at conventions and summits. They bring high energy to help keep conference attendees motivated throughout the day. They are experts and inspiring and empowering individuals to take away solutions with measurable results.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s talented bureau agents will work with you to find keynote speakers that will be the right fit for your audience at any conference, convention, or summit in Canada. Speakers Bureau Canada can guide or support event planning teams throughout the selection and booking process, while giving strategic advice on which keynote speaker will be successful at the different time slots or sessions in the conference program. With years of experience in event planning, and with us having unique insights to trends and innovative approaches to holding a conference or engaging attendees, Speakers Canada becomes a part of your team as an asset to your organization when planning the conference. We share unique insights on which speakers are the best to work with or know which speaker will be the best fit for a specific topic for the audience. Speakers Bureau of Canada’s conference keynote speakers are motivated and excited to speak at each conference we book for them, with the ability to impact a larger audience and engage them to new outcomes. Our keynote speakers are experts at preparing and presenting for each audience and focus on the learning objectives that will be appealing for each attendee. We only collaborate with speakers who conduct themselves in a professional manner and can tailor their content to fit into a large keynote presentation or a small breakout session. Speakers Canada saves you time by maintaining an efficient process in finding and booking the speaker. Speakers Canada is a full-service speakers bureau that guarantees a professional approach in collaborating with a speaker before the event and our team is accessible to the host organization and speaker in support while on site. We help speakers to keep them organized and we help organizations guarantee the results they seek out with their audience at each conference in Canada.



Speakers Bureau of Canada’s inspirational and engaging keynote speakers are strategically set into categories by the different type of speaker they are, while weighing their experience in working within a specific industry or by the type of audiences they are popular or known to speak for. As Canada’s Top Speakers bureau, Speakers Canada provides event professionals with resources to search and find diverse types of industry experts, thought leaders, keynote speakers, guest speakers and virtual speakers within our roster that cater to specific industries. Depending on the speakers background, our search function will set the speaker into distinct categories such as sports keynote speakers, funny speakers, or corporate celebrity speakers. We also designate the speaker into industry related categories based on their background in a specific industry/sector and their success with specific audiences such as economic development, financial, healthcare or government speakers. We also have categories that reflect the speakers speaking style (informative vs motivating) or the type of presentation format they are great at such as inspirational speakers, workshop speakers or opening/closing keynote speakers. Speaker Bureau Canada helps you find speakers that will be of interest to you and the committee so that you can have a list of types of speakers that will be a good fit for the event and your audience. Find a training facilitator or workshop speaker for learning and development, an after-dinner speaker for an awards gala or an interactive keynote speaker for a business meeting. Speaker Bureau Canada is the best place to search and find speakers that appeal to different professions and that can inspire, engage, and empower attendees in the audience within each industry.

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Searching SBC’s roster by speaker type to find industry experts will produce different results in your planning, however, most of the engaging speakers with have in the speaker types section are our most booked speakers for that specific industry or audience. Our types of speakers can offer audiences a unique experience and a wide range of expertise since they have a unique way of delivering presentations, are experts in their fields or are leading authorities on the specific subject matter. Speakers Bureau of Canada’s national roster of speakers, workshop presenters, and training facilitators are Canada’s most popular types of virtual speakers & professional speakers enable event planning teams to find speakers that will be successful with the attendees and their industry. Narrow your search by using the speaker type categories and discover motivational keynote speakers & leading experts who present informative, entertaining, and engaging presentations. By searching for a speaker by type, Speakers Canada will showcase the different skill sets of each speaker to find the best speakers for annual general meetings and conferences in Canada. By having diverse types of speakers on our roster, Speakers Bureau Canada helps event organizers find a speaker that the audience will be successful with their audience have instant credibility with each attendee and find the perfect speaker at each event. Speakers Bureau Canada has a large network of Canadian industry speakers and expert motivational speakers who can use their background experience, insider knowledge and unique skill sets to draft a customized presentation for each audience and attendee. Finding a type of speaker is an efficient way to search for a speaker, and we offer organizers the best types of speakers in Canada for different audiences, event themes, presentation formats and types of events.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s bureau talent and professional guest speakers come in all diverse types such as inspirational keynote speakers, workshop facilitators, training seminar leaders, panelists, moderators, and emcee/hosts are leading experts, corporate consultants, entertainers, and we curate our roster to bring Canadians engaging types of speakers that will change the mindsets of individuals in any organization. Searching by your organizations industry or the types of speakers that are popular with the types of professionals at the event, will narrow your search to find diverse types of guest speakers for any in person or virtual appearance at corporate meetings and gatherings. Speaker types are a wonderful way to search for the perfect speaker and by finding a speaker type within your industry or that aligns with the professions or skill sets with attendees, you will be able to offer your audience a fresh perspective for new ideas and progressive solutions that spark new ways of thinking and create mindset shifts for your organization. Our speaker type categories position our speakers in a simplified way to find a popular speaker for your audience or find an industry expert that is a leading authority in your industry. They help organizations find training and workshop facilitators that can assist new leaders and managers to develop their teams, or help employees grow their understanding of a specific topic that is critical for them to master in their field or for the company. Speakers Bureau Canada helps you find the professional motivational speakers for different Canadian industries. Speakers Canada offers event planners the easiest ways to find speakers for events, and our speaker type categories bring you the most innovative way to narrow your speaker search. Speakers Bureau Canada is on a mission to continue our growth and become the best place to find a speaker for your event in Canada.

By searching our types of speakers and browsing industry experts and professional speakers in each category, event planners are able to narrow their search to find and book a speaker that resonates with the audience. The Speakers Bureau of Canada helps event professionals who are looking for innovative ideas for speakers and that will entertain and impact the attendees. Speakers Canada specializes in offering organizing teams lists of speakers that are experts at influencing the audience and that will deliver a powerful presentation to their audience. Finding a speaker by the type of speaker they are for each industry or audience, will give you access to Canada’s top professional speakers and engaging motivational speakers that use their background experience or education to inspire the audience. They use their personal journey and deliver presentations that include lessons learned through their story to engage the audience. By combining motivation with educational tools, our talent is able to inspire each audience member and offer relevant insights that empower individuals. Speakers Bureau Canada offers training facilitators and influential speakers who research innovative and progressive solutions to help employees manage their approach to their work and personal lives. The types of professional virtual, keynote and motivational speakers we represent are Canadian industry experts that motivate and educate the audience to inspire unique results. The type of speaker you select depends on what you want the audience to learn and how session participants learn, which will also determine how the speaker will motivate, educate, and engage the audience. We have Canada’s top selection of types of speakers who will deliver dynamic and unique presentations to different audiences at several types of corporate events in Canada.




The Speakers Bureau of Canada is also a virtual speakers bureau that represents Canada’s top virtual speakers and professional virtual keynote speakers for virtual conferences and online meetings. Search our engaging webinar speakers and interactive virtual speakers in the virtual speakers section on our website to find top Canadian virtual speakers for corporate online meetings. Speakers Bureau Canada offers virtual event planners Canada’s top virtual keynote speakers and webinar speakers for hybrid conferences and virtual events. Our motivational webinar speakers and virtual speakers are some of the most popular virtual speakers for online meetings and virtual events in Canada. Whether you are holding a virtual meeting for your employees or inviting online attendees from separate locations around North America, our Canadian virtual speakers deliver interactive virtual presentations and provide practical solutions that participants can use right after the event. They can create memorable online meetings for virtual team building for virtual participants that are able to attend the event from their home. Virtual presentations are different from in person events, and our high energy virtual speakers can give strategic advice while entertaining virtual attendees in a motivational way. When searching to find guest speakers for an online zoom, MS teams, or go to meeting event, it is important that you find an experienced virtual speaker who is familiar with the platform and the webinar technology so they can be successful in a virtual setting. Speakers Canada’s engaging virtual speakers set out to entertain the audience through the content they have developed and the tips and tricks they have learned to deliver a successful virtual keynote presentation that inspires, engages, and empowers the virtual audience to make a successful online event.

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Only a certain number of our motivational speakers were successful in transitioning to become a virtual speaker, and if they did not shift with the times at an early stage, they may not be as experienced or as successful in delivering an impactful virtual presentation. As virtual events became the primary way to inspire large audiences at distinct locations over the pandemic, and with organizations needing to hold events for employees, virtual events became a strong resource for organizations to inspire, motivate and educate their employees in uncertain times. As times shifted, so did Speakers Canada and our speakers. We started to work with our speakers to better understand the ins and outs of holding a successful virtual event. With guidance from our most trusted speakers, trial and error and a dedicated commitment to understanding which speakers are successful in a virtual environment, Speakers Canada emerged as a leading speakers bureau in Canada for virtual events. As the times shifted to online events, speakers had to adapt and innovate their speaking in order to meet the demand to engage virtually attendees. Our expert keynote speakers and professional speakers were able to use their years of experience as professional speakers to become experts at delivering impactful and engaging virtual presentations for online seminars and virtual meetings. Speakers Bureau Canada was able to adapt our process and work with a select number of virtual keynote speakers to meet the demand in our industry for short notice bookings. Through disruption in the speaking industry, we were able to create an agile team, and through innovation, and with the support of our strong relationships, we were able to maintain the speaker bureau quality for virtual speakers and their audiences.

Speakers Bureau Canada has the best selection of guest speakers for virtual and webinar events, who are proven as experts at delivering virtual presentations. We help organizations find and book virtual speakers for corporate online events and present innovative ideas in how to engage the online participants in a virtual session. Our Canadian virtual speakers and the clients we work with share trending knowledge and expertise on holding a virtual event with a guest speaker, and we are able to collect a wide variety of information to continue to progress the virtual speaking industry. Through our data driven and innovative approach, and by collaborating with virtual speakers who teach us new ways of holding a virtual event or delivering an engaging virtual presentation, Speakers Canada is able to help event planning teams know how to select an engaging virtual speaker and can offer a variety of information and education to event contributors and speakers for online events. Our virtual speakers combine motivation with education to engage virtual attendees. They are mostly high energy virtual speakers using powerful storytelling and humour to entertain audiences online. They heavily invest in their strategy to be successful in a virtual setting, and most importantly they invest in their content so that they can deliver practical solutions that inspire, engage, and empower the audience right after the virtual presentation. Our virtual speakers also make great speakers for hybrid events and can adapt their speaking style to accommodate the audience attending in person or virtually. Search SBC’s virtual speakers to find virtual motivational speakers, online keynote speakers, remote speakers and corporate webinar speakers that bring innovative ideas to engage virtual audiences through their online presentations, pre-recorded sessions for livestream and live broadcast events.

By working with one of our webinar speakers that deliver interactive virtual experiences and engaging virtual presentations, Speakers Canada is helping organizations adapt to new times to support remote workers and organizations who have shifted to the hybrid workplace. Many of our top virtual speakers have invested into researching the latest solutions for remote workers and speak to the needs of what employees are managing when working from home. Speakers Bureau Canada helps organizations maximize their investment by encouraging organizations to collaborate with other departments or similar organizations that can benefit from the virtual speaker and their talk. We help match organizations with the virtual speakers in Canada that will drive impact for online corporate meetings. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s virtual speakers offer recordings at no extra cost if the video is not accessed by the public and is set on an internal channel of the business. Speakers Canada ensures that organizations can record the session to make it available to participants who could not attend on the day of the event. Search our list of professional virtual speakers to find speakers for Zoom and MS Teams meetings. Our Zoom speakers and MS Teams speakers are experts at customizing their content and are familiar with each virtual meeting software platform. Speakers Canada hires authentic professional keynote speakers and funny virtual speakers who can inspire virtual attendees, engage virtual audiences, and empower unique results to meet the challenges and learning objectives of the company. Speakers Canada has the best virtual speakers and top engaging virtual keynote speakers for online corporate gatherings, virtual conferences, and webinar meetings in Canada.



Through innovation and years of experience, the Speakers Bureau of Canada has been able to adapt our search to help organizations find local keynote speakers for their events and narrow their search when searching to find and book a speaker. Finding a local motivational speaker is a fantastic way for the audience to experience a presentation with a speaker who will know the audience demographics and will know the region to be able to reference current events, advise on the venue location and guide organizers as to any local tips for the delegates while they are in the area. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s locations section offers event planning teams the ability to search to find and hire a professional speaker local to the event location. Local attendees will often know of some names of local speakers in the area, giving them the opportunity to connect with them for an in-person meeting before the event. Whether you are planning an annual general meeting, town hall, staff retreat or a conference, using Speakers Bureau Canada to find your speaker will help find local motivational speakers near you that create memorable experiences for the audience since there are many advantages to hosting a local speaker for the event. One of the best ways to cut down on costs when holding an event is to hire a local speaker that is in close proximity to the venue location. Local speakers save on costs and have less risks involved in your planning since the speaker does not have to fly to the location of the event.

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Speakers Canada has Canada’s largest list of motivational speakers and by collaborating with our speaker bureau we help you find a motivational speaker from the region of where the event is being held. Looking for a local speaker is always one of the first options event planning teams should explore when searching to find and book their speakers. Conference locations often change for larger organizations, or maybe you have employees from all across our nation. Hiring local keynote speakers presents the opportunity to save costs and plan events that take place in and around the time at distinct locations. Local speakers also give the audience a firsthand perspective of a speaker from the conference location, which positively impacts the speakers ability to connect with each audience member. SBC’ s local speakers are often speaking to organizations that are from the same city or province, giving them an internal look into specific demographic and geographic challenges for businesses, organizations, and employees. Many of the audience members will resonate well with local speakers, since they will feel like the speaker already knows who they are and what they may be going through. Local speakers are often more accessible at each event since they do not have to take a flight and can give some extra time networking with attendees. Hiring local motivational speaker gives more credibility to them before the event and enables them to motivate, educate and activate the audience during their presentation.

Speakers Bureau Canada helps you to search for a motivational speaker near you mends the right fit for the audience and the needs of the organization. We strategically hire professional speakers at different price points based on their locations. We do not just index speakers who can fly to your location, we focus on how to save you money and shortening your search by offering Canada’s top keynote speakers, categorized by their locations. No matter how small or large your event, Speakers Bureau Canada specializes in supporting Canadian organizations to find a speaker for any topic, within any budget for any audience size. Speakers Canada has grown with this strategy, as not all organizations and not each event has a budget that can afford a celebrity speaker at each event. More importantly, not every event requires a big name to draw attendees. We focus on providing services and lists of qualified speakers for the wide variety of events, for different types of organizations that are held throughout the year. Speakers Bureau Canada hires professional speakers that are experts at engaging audiences to deliver impactful presentations with measurable results. Hiring a speaker from a different location has additional travel expenses which can become costly. Booking a speaker in your city or from the province of the event location helps the audience connect with the speaker at an early stage, as they feel like the speaker is “one of their team members.”

Speakers Bureau Canada helps event planning teams to ease the search to find Canadian keynote speakers by location, making it easy to search and find a local speaker in your city, province, or region. We represent virtual and in person motivational speakers & talent and hiring a speaker from the same city saves you money on travel expenses and accommodations. Local motivational speakers are also to bring extra value to your investment by providing event planning teams with insights on the venue, hotels in the area, good catering companies, great production teams and can guide organizers for any missing logistics involved in planning or delivering the event. Local keynote speakers and motivational speakers are one of the best ways to save costs, and there is a large advantage for event planning teams to first look for a local speaker before considering options from all over Canada. You can also search by region to keep costs down for flights if you want a bigger list of speakers to choose from. Canada’s local motivational speakers and bureau talent offer slightly discounted rates for local events which support all Canadian organizations for each of their events. Canada’s talented keynote speakers, professionals’ speakers and guest speakers are near each major city and can assist you to find a speaker that is local to any venue location in any city, province, region, and all of Canada.




Speakers Bureau of Canada (SBC) is a full-service Canadian speakers bureau, talent agency and speaker talent bureau that exclusively represents the interests of event professionals, event organizers and meeting planners to find, search, select, hire & book in person and virtual keynote speakers for conferences and events. Whether you are a small business or large international corporation, our national corporate motivational speakers and corporate keynote speakers bring awareness and mindset shifts for corporate audiences at corporate meetings. Speakers Canada is one of Canada’s top talent agencies and has developed strong relationships to become a major resource for all Canadian organizations when searching for a speaker for their event. As a top Canadian speakers’ agency, Speaker Bureau Canada has helped human resource professionals (HR), CEOs, and department leadership teams to find and book speakers for annual general meetings, town halls and corporate gatherings.

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Speakers Bureau Canada has become a major resource for businesses, associations, and government virtual and in person events. Many of the organizations we work with are North American, Canadian, Provincial and Regional Professional Trade Associations or membership organizations for their annual conferences. Our Canadian motivational keynote speakers are popular speakers at association conferences such as Professional Engineers Associations, Accountants Associations, Agriculture Associations and Teachers Conferences, conventions, meetings, and events. No matter which professional association in Canada, Speakers Canada’s conference motivational speakers, virtual conference speakers & conference keynote speakers can attract delegates and engage the members of the organizations with usable tools to advance their careers and professions. Our motivational keynote speakers for conferences are a tremendous success with association audiences and keep the members coming back year after year.

Speakers Bureau Canada has the privilege to serve and help Canadian Municipal, Provincial and Federal government agencies, departments & programs find motivational speakers & virtual keynote speakers for an event. Whether you require a bilingual speaker on mental health or a diversity and inclusion speaker, Speakers Bureau of Canada’s speakers are can meet and exceed government requirements to service public servants since we have keynote speakers, virtual speakers, and bilingual speakers for all types of government departments and government agency virtual events and in person meetings. We work hard to keep an updated roster of talent and speakers that appeal to government organizations to manage transitions and inspire, engage, and empower public workers in the public sector. We help save them costs or increase their budgets to collaborate with similar government agencies or departments to combine their budgets and access a great speaker and talent from our speakers bureau.

With our expansive speaking industry experience and exceptional customer support in searching for engaging motivational keynote speakers in Canada, the Speaker Bureau of Canada’s team has booked speakers for thousands of live, hybrid, and virtual events in Canada. With International, National & Regional audiences from all around the world, Speakers Canada has helped organizations and communities to find the perfect speaker, host, celebrity, or performer since 1999. We are on a mission to inspire, engage and empower Canadians through our speakers. We have emerged as one of Canada’s most trusted resources for Canada’s leading organizations, non profits, corporations, and high-level government departments and agencies. Booking Speakers Canada’s motivational speaker bureau talent will guarantee the success of planning a successful conference, corporate event, and business meeting. We support every organization based on their needs, budget, location, topic themes, or speaker types required for each event in Canada.

Organizations We Have Served

“I am honoured to have been working with the Speakers Bureau of Canada for the last six years. The SBC family care about the work they do and have always been there to support and serve me when booked for different events. They are professional, flexible and easy to liaise between myself and the client, to ensure the success of the event. They are consistent to the industry standards in Canada, with the added bonus of having an authentic passion for what they do.I have recommended several speakers become members of SBC, and some of my most valued colleagues are now on the roster”

Deri Latimer

Conscious Leadership & Wellness Speaker

“We have been dealing with the Speakers Bureau of Alberta (now Canada) for years to provide us with MC’s for our events. They have provided us with both Fred Keating and Peter Brown. Both are excellent. What we enjoyed about working with SBC is that they went ‘the extra mile’ to include a clause in our agreements to give us additional flexibility when needed. SBC is very professional in its approach and the delivery of its service.”


Safety codes council of alberta

“We have been dealing with the Speakers Bureau of Alberta (now Canada) for years to provide us with MC’s for our events. They have provided us with both Fred Keating and Peter Brown. Both are excellent. What we enjoyed about working with SBC is that they went ‘the extra mile’ to include a clause in our agreements to give us additional flexibility when needed. SBC is very professional in its approach and the delivery of its service.”


Safety codes council of alberta


Speakers Bureau of Canada offers 30 years’ of experience in collaborating with event planning teams to find, search & book keynote speakers & guest speakers for conferences & events. As Canada’s speaker bureau & talent agency, we interact and work with many of Canada’s top speakers on a regular basis. We can assist organizations in generating ideas for the topic themes or the speaker types that will bring an innovative approach to the event. As a small business, we have a personal touch for each stage in the planning process in communicating with organizers and our motivational speakers. We care about each speaker with each audience and the success of the event. You can find a speaker on any topic within any budget as we are a one stop shop for organizers to search and book the perfect speaker for the event. 

Our goal is to understand the needs & expectations of the organization before hiring the speaker – Speakers Canada bureau’s team members & offer an elevated level of professionalism & knowledge to find the right speaker for the right audience. We offer full support & high standards for the services we offer from the first time you contact us, up until the event takes place. We know event organizers & event professionals are often tasked with finding a speaker for the event with an already busy schedule. Collaborating with Speakers Canada saves you time by aligning our services and speaker recommendations with what you hope to achieve in hiring a speaker. Our reputation and our relationships depend on the positive outcomes of each event, and we work hard to maintain trust with each organization and our speakers as a reliable resource for searching, finding, and booking speakers for events.


When looking through the list of speakers on our speaker bureau website, keep in mind that our speaker & talent agents align with each organizations unique event planning & speaker selection process. Speakers Bureau Canada offers transparent, open, and timely communications with clients and event planning teams to support meetings and decisions that support each stage of each process. We work for the event planners & organizing event teams around the clock to be able to coordinate with speakers & decision makers so that we can service Canadian organizations from coast to coast. We take pride in our work & understand the key role we play in supporting event organizers or department leaders at each stage of their planning & decision in selecting the speaker. 

Speakers Bureau Canada has qualified industry experts that meet speaking industry standards – Take out the risks in planning & holding an event with a speaker by working with a top Canadian talent bureau like the Speakers Bureau of Canada. We streamline each stage of your planning process in selecting and collaborating with the speaker. Our event coordinators and speaker agents can advise on best practices, provide recommendations for the best keynote speakers or virtual speakers, and manage the expectations to meet speaking industry standards to for a smooth process leading up to each event. Our talent and bureau agents are experts at helping event organizers find speakers for events and enable and efficient process in sourcing out and booking speakers for each event.


Our representatives are experts at keeping up with conference events, podcasts, creative content, previous presentations & event formats such as in person, virtual or hybrid events. As we book engaging Canadian speakers for a wide variety of organizations, we collect, research and share speaking industry trends for presentation topics, event formats and have unique insights into which speakers will be the best fit for each audience. We continuously search for the top talent and motivational speakers to add to our roster to offer Canadian audiences a fresh perspective for all types of Canadian events, organizations, and audiences. We also find unique speakers & thought leaders that keep up with the latest research on different topics so that when working with one of our speakers we can provide audiences with progressive, relevant, and practical insights that work for today’s fast paced business operations. 

The Speakers Bureau of Canada is able to share current ideas and guide event organizing teams to maximize their investment for each opportunity when hiring a keynote speaker or virtual speaker. We connect you with any speaker at an early stage, to ensure that planning teams are able to get a full understanding of the approach to the content, iron out any logistics and most importantly, make sure that the speaker you work with is the right fit for the audience and will meet the session requirements. We keep up to date with trending speakers, new speakers, and industry experts to find Canada’s top talent and speakers to hire them to our bureau We are on a mission to impact every Canadian through our inspirational speakers that motivate, educate, and inspire mindset shifts and behavioural changes that organizations require, which we believe plays a role in shifting the direction of our nation.



We only collaborate with qualified experts so that we can offer clients a proven list of talent & speakers for any topic or presentation format. Our Keynote Speaker Bureau offers meeting planners & event organizing teams a credible resource of Canada’s most successful speakers & proven talent for different topics. Our motivational speakers have a fresh perspective to inspire audiences to make the changes that are required for the future of the organization. We continuously transform & adapt our roster of speakers to meet the unique needs for each organization & the current events in Canada. Our keynote speakers, virtual speakers, workshop facilitators, training seminar leaders, event hosts/emcee’s, moderators & panelists are some of Canada’s most unique individuals that inspire positive impact for results that audiences can implement at work and in their lives. 

As a Canadian speaker bureau, we have stuck to the roots of current events, industry trends & hire speakers that speak to the needs of each audience. We carefully curated a unique roster of Canadian speakers & talent for events for any topic or event theme. Through this work, we continue to work with leading motivational keynote speakers that address audiences of all sizes at conferences & conventions in Canada. Through their powerful storytelling, authentic presentation style, appropriate humor, ability to research to understand the organizational challenges and the professional approach leading up to each event, our motivational speakers engage the audience to draw them so that they can emphasize the learning objectives and outcomes within the presentation. Furthermore, our motivational speakers in Canada understand the current events, geographic locations, and organizational needs of Canadian organizations.


We work hard to educate & motivate each audience at each event through the speaker. Many agencies only book speakers for a one-hour keynote, or work with speakers from all over North America. Our focus is to connect Canadian audiences with Canada’s top speakers & bureau talent. Our motivational keynote speakers share Canadian perspectives that resonate with the current trends & events in our country. The Speakers Bureau of Canada’s team and speakers understand the regional differences within Canada. Our focus is on hiring Canadian talent and to represent speakers from Canada that appeal to all audiences for any topic within budget no matter what size the audience or organization. 

The Speakers Bureau of Canada offers you engaging speakers, emerging talent, qualified experts, interactive webinar speakers & high-level keynote speakers to be able to support each organization, each audience at each event. Our speakers represent the diversity of Canadians & speak to the needs of each Canadian at virtual/webinars or in person keynote or conference events. Speakers Canada’s speakers offer the value that organizations require when they hire a speaker, and each professional speaker will deliver a tailored presentation for each audience. Our speakers can also deliver follow-up webinars, board meetings, round table discussions and breakout sessions to give your audience members life changing and long-lasting impact.


Originating as a small family business and now a small team set out to continue our path to emerge as Canada’s top place to find speakers & experts, Speakers Bureau of Canada continues to grow our team and our reach within the corporate speaking industry. Our speakers understand the cultural differences of Canadians in each province which enables the audience to feel like the presentation is being delivered by someone they trust and have an established connection with at each conference or event

We collaborate with some of Canada’s leading talent, emerging speakers, industry experts & conference speakers that have the unique ability to combine their experience, personal journey, areas of expertise & maintain a professional approach to deliver powerful keynote presentations that inspire the audience for the unique results that individuals and organizations require in today’s business world. We represent and showcase one of the largest networks of Canadian professional keynote speakers, guest speakers & public speakers.

In collaborating with Speakers Canada, we offer event planners & organizing teams’ opportunities to receive a list of qualified experts & engaging speakers for an event. As one of Canada’s most popular national speaker bureaus, Speakers Bureau Canada has been in a large stage of growth as we work hard to continue to expand our network and curate a speaker roster to offer a fresh perspective that his from Canada for Canadians. We have emerged as a major resource for event planners in finding great keynote speakers and virtual speakers for corporate conferences, events, and meetings.


We hire speakers that combine an external perspective with the internal objectives for each audience and organization. Keynote speakers & motivational speakers in Canada that use their personal journey, education, experience, areas of expertise, high level of professionalism & powerful presentation ability to share practical insights that speak to inspire the results each organization has planned for to create a shift in their people or culture through an external perspective. We can access the highest level of sports celebrity speakers, public figures or Canadian icons and we also have Canada’s top selection of upcoming speakers, consultant speakers and professional speakers for conferences and events. 

Our speakers offer tailored experiences for the audience at each event, and we do not hire a speaker unless they have the capability to customize the content of their presentation. Our Canadian motivational speakers work for and with you leading up to each event. They will incorporate today’s latest research that meets the needs of the organization with an elevated level of knowledge, expertise, and presentation ability to make a great presentation. We work with department heads, leaders, and supervisors to guide them through their speaker selection process, put them in touch with any potential speaker at an early stage and play the role of professional matchmaking between Canadian speakers, audiences, and organizations.


Canadian partnerships & collaboration for eventsAs an emerging and well established motivational speaker bureau in Canada, we have established key relationships with other Canadian talent agencies & speaker bureau’s to be able to access all types of professional speakers & guest speakers for an event. Speakers Bureau Canada has many exclusive speakers that we offer clients and bureau partners for their events. As some of our industry partners focus on speakers at the $20,000 + price points, Speakers Canada can contact Canadian speaker bureau partners and their speakers to learn the speaker fees or check availability of a speaker outside of our network. We have built our roster from the “ground up” per say and are working to continue to build our roster to represent unique speakers that are not on every bureau. We are continuing to establish strong relationships with other talent agencies in Canada while at the same time searching for new speakers that can deliver inspiring results for each audience at conferences & events. 

International partnerships & speaking industry trendsWe are a member of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus’ (IASB). IASB offers Speakers Canada the opportunity to sample motivational talks and speeches from some of the most in demand speakers. Through our membership, we network, collaborate & partner with speaker bureau’s & talent agencies from all around the world to access a network of over 7,500 speakers to collaborate for event opportunities with each other’s speakers. 

How do I book a famous speaker or get a celebrity to talk at an event? Need big name keynote speakers for a big corporate conference or event? No problem. Speakers Canada can find you any speaker for any event no matter how popular the speaker or how hard they are to get in touch with if they are a celebrity. We network with the world’s leading celebrity talent & sports agents to give us access to Canada’s trending speakers & the world’s top celebrity keynote speakers, political speakers, famous speakers, influencers, Sports speakers, Actors, Celebrity speakers & icons around the world. We access insights on the latest trends within the events industry & hottest keynote speakers, so that we can continue our role in bringing the most recent knowledge & education that draw a large audience & impact organizations for each large conferences & trade shows in Canada.


No matter what type of event you are planning for, Speakers Canada has been able to curate a roster of professional speakers that are expert presenters for virtual events and in person conferences. We are always hiring and finding Canada’s leading talent & speakers that deliver practical insights to motivate, educate and engage the audience to make the change in their lives and at work. 

Whether you are hiring a virtual speaker, motivational speaker, or guest speaker, we are able to offer a list of qualified experts that are trending within different topics or with specific audiences. Our virtual keynote speakers are engaging, our motivational speakers are entertaining, and our guest speakers are informative giving you a wide variety of choices of the approach to the event format and to assist organizations in deciding on how to plan their event.


We play many different roles with our clients such as; supporting them with their speaker research for accredited speakers on every topic within different price points, sourcing out speakers for full programs at events, holding funds on behalf of the client until the event takes place, protecting all parties in our agreements, adhere to industry standards for all processes, streamline processes for a smooth process in working with the speaker and act as a mediator to support speakers and clients in case of any discrepancies. 

We become an extension of your team by getting to know the purpose of the event and what each organization is looking for when hiring the speaker. Most importantly we guarantee a good experience in working with the speaker and the success of the event. We take a small commission from the speaker’s end, as we market them for new opportunities, help them build their marketing materials, manage their schedules etc.


If you are interested in one of our speakers or if you would like us to connect you with a speaker directly, please provide us with your event information, let us know about your audience and if you are looking for a virtual speaker, keynote speaker or workshop speaker. Connecting with one of our talented bureau agents will be the quickest way for us to contact the speaker regarding your event so please email us or if you have time, place a call to us so that we can put you in touch with the speaker to discuss the event details and them speaking at your event. We have one of the largest selections of speakers in Canada, and we can often connect you with one of our speakers within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on quick, timely and efficient communications in support of each organizer throughout their research and decision-making process. 

We are able to put organizations in touch with speakers quickly for events coming up on short notice or that require a decision in a short time frame. We “enable” an accelerated process in researching, finding, and selecting speakers for an event. Collaborating with Speakers Canada brings you an efficient, evaluated and proved process and speaker, which will exceed the expectations of the audience and deliver a powerful life changing keynote or virtual presentation. Our talented bureau agents are here to take your call or request at any time, and we are available for you from first email until after the event. We want to ensure our speaker was a success at your event, and make sure that all the right processes are followed leading up to the event date. It does not matter if you are a corporation, government or association, our mission is to serve each organization for any event in Canada.


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SBC is a top motivational keynote speakers bureau and talent agency in Canada. Let our talented bureau agents find, select, and book the right motivational speaker, keynote speaker, inspirational speaker, engaging speaker, professional guest speaker, virtual speaker, event host or corporate entertainer for your next corporate meeting or Canadian conference. Contact us today to find the top Canadian keynote speakers and conference speakers for business meetings, corporate events & gatherings. Our expert motivational keynote speakers, virtual speakers and professional guest speakers are booked for annual general meetings, virtual meetings, corporate gatherings, conferences, conventions, and summits. Contact us today to find a book a speaker for your business retreat, awards gala, town hall, team building, ceremony, awareness day celebrations in Canada.

After receiving your request, the talented bureau representatives from the Speakers Canada will send you a list of Canada’s top inspirational keynote speakers, thought leaders, subject matter experts and leading authorities as soon as we receive your request. We will provide you with our speaker’s fees, speech topics, areas of expertise, availability, contact and booking information. With our expansive industry experience and exceptional customer support, our team has connected speakers to organizations for thousands of national in person, hybrid, and virtual events in Canada with their perfect speaker, host, celebrity, or performer since 1999. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with your team and become a strong resource for your organization to search, find a book a speaker for your future events.